Incest Yay: Wizards Of Waverly Place Yes, this series has so much Subtext that it has its own page.

  • Although it's not canon, Jalex (Justin and Alex who are brother and sister) is the most popular ship for Wizards of Waverly Place. It may also be a case of Getting Crap Past The Radar.
  • A lot of the undertones can be blamed on the fact that when the show was first being pitched, Justin was intended to be in a group with Harper and Alex as Two Girls And A Guy, and Alex and Justin were meant to be the Slap Slap Kiss couple.
  • Heavily Lampshaded in Family Game Night where Alex and Harper (who has a serious crush on Justin) switch bodies and "Alex" spends the episode being blatantly jealous of Justin's girlfriend and making remarks about how dreamy his eyes are.
    • Don't forget Justin, who attempts to get rid of his clingy girlfriend by flirting with Harper's brain, that is in Alex's body, resulting in Justin grabbing Alex's hip and wiggling his eyebrows at her, muttering seductively "Hey, Harper. Come on in".
    • Or that Alex constantly smiles at him, fluttering her eyes, looks enthusiastically at his hand when he touches her and permanently compliments him, making lovey-dovey faces.
  • This could also be a serious case of UST between the actors that play the characters (which wouldn't be unprecedented).
    • The actors haveareallyclosefriendship◊, so this might have affected their characters' relationship as well.
    • Selena Gomez(Alex Russo) has admitted in a recent interview that she has in fact had a crush on David Henrie(Justin Russo).
  • Or in another episode where Harper and Justin become friends and Alex spends the episode trying to break them up. Apparently she's jealous of Justin spending time with her best friend but it really comes off as Alex being jealous of Harper spending time with him (and the fact that Alex is fully aware of the crush does not help matters).
  • What takes the cake is the episode Justin's Little Sister, in which Alex accidentally wished that everyone forgot who Justin was, so everyone thinks of him as a complete stranger. Cue Alex and Justin's own mother saying that they would make a cute couple. That is definitely Getting Crap Past The Radar.
    • Or Harper(who has a crush on Justin) getting mad at Alex because Justin has already moved to Alex's house, thinking that Alex has convinced him to do that because she tries to become Justin's girlfriend.
    • In the same episode, Justin becomes invisible and he takes off his pajamas, so that he could become completely invisible. While he's in the room with Alex. And despite of the fact that he tells her not to look, she still peeks over her shoulder, before guiltily looking away.
      • Not to mention the fact that the reason Justin told her not to look in the first place is because he noticed Alex's eyes were clearly going south as soon as he took off his pants. She definitely seemed curious...
    • And then, at the end of the episode (while they're still in pajamas), Alex sits on Justin. Granted, he was on his side and it was intended to be rough-housing, but still, she was pretty close to that area, if you catch my drift ...
  • Another line:Justin: (pulling Alex to the side to talk in private) Oh so that's been your plan all along huh? Play with my fragile heart and then crush it?
  • In Fashion Week, Alex, in a mini dress, parades in front of her mirror and Justin walks in, looking as if he checks her out. They argue (as usual), she pushes a tray of food on him and he gets revenge by spinning her around and pressing their bodies together so that he can mess up her dress. Because that's how a brother would get revenge on his little, hot sister, who is dressed in a mini, if you know what I mean.
  • In The Movie, the producers seem to constantly insert incestuous double entendres into the more heartwarming scenes. Or perhaps, they have actually forgotten that Justin and Alex are supposed to be brother and sister... Or they returned to their first idea. (Justin and Alex were originally supposed to be best friends, not brother and sister. The script was changed later).
    • What The Buck hilariously lampshades and points out the subtext in his review.
      • This line breaks the record:

Alex: What are you sorry for? Justin: You're my little sister. I shouldn't be on you as much.

    • Some moments from The Movie left many people baffled and created several controversies and debates within the fandom. The most ambiguous one is the campfire scene between Alex and Justin, which left many fans wondering about the nature of their relationship. The second one is the scene where Justin loses his memory and Alex becomes desperate and begs him not to leave her, to which he replies that he will never do that, even though he doesn't know her, implying that their love is so strong, that even the memory loss can't stand in its way.
    • In reference to the campfire scene, this troper watched the movie, and even though she knew they were brother and sister, she still thought they might kiss.
  • "Quinceanera". Never minding the fact that Justin switched his body with a 30 years old dance instructor, or that Alex switched bodies with her mother, Justin's lines couldn't get any weirder, when he started dancing with his younger sister:Justin: If you were 15 years older, I would ask you to dinner. Mi amor.

Alex: Okay, that's really weird.

    • Or:

Justin: It's time for the big finale. Leap into my arms. (he gets on his knees and spreads his arms) Alex: (smiling) Really? Justin: I've got you, baby.

    • A WoWP staple, whenever their characters switch bodies or they pretend to be someone they're not, Justin and Alex always end up flirting.
  • In the recent episode, Franken Girl, Justin is really eager to make Alex a cheerleader (as revenge, of course) and he is extremely, quite suspiciously happy when she appears dressed as one (*cough* in a very short skirt *cough*) and starts dancing. He even video tapes her and yells enthusiastically: "Yeah, that's my sister!"
    • The camera (his, not the show's) follows her when the titular Frankengirl throws her up in the air and she gets stuck in the ceiling. Um, yeah...
  • In one episode, instead of throwing snarky comments, they growl at each other. Seriously.
  • In general, have you noticed that any time one of them gets a boyfriend/girlfriend, the other starts acting really jealous?
    • Yeah, especially that time when Alex asks Justin and Max what they found out from her journal and Justin answers hotly and fiercely that he knows she has a crush on Dean. And later, he even yells at her to get over him.
    • Or when Alex tries to warn Justin that his girlfriend is a dog and he replies, smug and satisfied, that she doesn't like the fact that he is falling in love.
    • In Max's Secret Girlfriend, Alex snarkily tells Justin that all his girlfriends have been so embarrassing, that they surpassed even their own parents.
    • In another episode Alex mentions that she has never liked any of Justin's girlfriends, but she can make an exception just for Juliet and that's probably because Justin is serious about her, whereas every time Max has a girlfriend she is really happy for him.
    • In the episode where Mason betrays Alex, Justin is the only one from Alex's family who is extremely turned against him and gets angry every time he comes near her. Mason notices this as well:

Mason: I wish you were cool to me like your little brother. Justin: That's where you're right. You and I are not cool. (getting angrily in his face) Now back away from my sister. Alex: (pushing him scared) Justin, it's okay!

Alex: You don't know what goes in my mouth.

  • In a live chat, the creator answers some fan questions and he finds one that doesn't surprise him at all:Todd J. Greenwald: 'Oh my gosh, we got a Jalex question. (Reading) "Are Justin and Alex going to end up together?" (Laugh) They are brother and sister, PEOPLE.
    • Thus he answered with non-denial denial.
    • He got so used to Jalex, that he even joked about it later, stating that if he ever ran out of ideas, he would do a whole season of Jalex-filled episodes.
  • Season 3, episode Dollhouse. Alex is wearing a cute, fifties-style doll dress. She eagerly jumps into Justin's arms. He hugs her so tightly that she cries "Ooh, Justin, you're hurting me!". He makes a 'mmm' sound, sounding really satisfied. In the end, Justin releases her and tells her, "Yeah, I do feel better now, thank you." She smiles. Whoah, innuendo much?
    • Not to mention it happens after she deliberately and explicitly provokes him into a fight, including the line "There's the fight I was looking for!", said happily which leads to the above scene. Because make up...hugging is so much better.
    • That's what Disney calls safe sex, through the radar. Found here, at about 7:40, for those of you who are curious. Try watching with your eyes closed for added effect.
    • What makes it even worse better is that you can clearly see through the dress that Alex is not, in fact, wearing a bra.
  • In the new episode Wizard Vs Werewolves, both the main love interests for each are pretty much Put On A Bus To Hell, and the episode ended with a suggestive exchange between the two.Justin: Are you alright?

Alex: No. He loved me. Justin: And I found her...only to lose her again. Alex: Promise me we'll find normal people. Justin: We're not normal people... (cue adorable headleaning)

Harper: Why are you wearing Justin's clothes? Justin in Alex's body: Because...I'm a dirty little thief.

  • In Western Show, Justin innocently names his horse Scout. What does Alex decide to name her horse (as she's riding it)? Justin.
  • And, on top of all this, Justin and Alex have recently proven in Max's Secret Girlfriend that they have no problem in pretending to be husband and wife and have three kids.
    • To elaborate further, Alex comes up with the plan, asking Justin to pretend to be Max's father and her husband. Justin replies with "Why should I?" Alex pretty much responds by saying "Because all your other girlfriends were embarrassing." To which Justin agrees and goes along with her plan.
      • Also of note, there were no suggestions of anyone else potentially pretending to be Max's parents. Harper was there, she could have happily pretended to be married to Justin; heck, they could have gotten two random people off the street and put spells on them. It's hard to not think the writers do these things just for the Justin/Alex shippers.
  • In Delinquent Justin, Alex announces that she got Justin a present, at which point their parents flee the room in fear, accusing her of doing something destructive. After defending herself, Alex slowly walks up to Justin, muttering the following words in a quiet, seductive tone:"My gift is not something that technically can be wrapped..."
    • Cue everyone's minds going straight to the gutter. This Troper feared they were finally crossing that line, and was scared to see what happened next.

Alex: I guess I was just scared that I really wouldn't have anyone to fight with when you went off to college... Justin: We've had a lot of pretty good fights, huh? I think we've still got a few good ones left in us. (smirking) What do you think? Alex: (smiling) I hope so...

Theresa: (from where she and Jerry have been watching) "You guys are hilarious. Just say you love each other!" Alex and Justin (in unison): "NO, WE DON'T!" (both leap quickly away from one another to opposite sides of the couch)

    • A scene that can be viewed in here, at 7:12.
  • Seen in Alex Russo, Matchmaker? Alex apparently sometimes uses magic to read Justin's thoughts. Can't you just hear the sound of a thousand fanfics being born?Justin: I hate it when you use magic to listen to my thoughts!

-cue Alex's devilish (and satisfied) smile, that she always tends to put on whenever she's riled Justin up-

  • There has been evidence that Justin finds girls similar in appearance to Alex attractive.
    • In Season 1, Justin dates a rebellious girl who looks like she could be Alex's sister. Or twin, even.
      • A magical talking zit even supports the idea, when it tells Alex that Justin goes out with a girl almost as pretty as her.
      • Of special note, after Miranda caught Justin's attention, Alex dyed streaks into her hair exactly the same way Miranda's was. This is one of the earliest signs that Alex does things simply for Justin's attention.
    • In Movies, Alex tries to make a fake ID to get into an R-rated movie with Justin and his new friends. Justin makes a comment about her fake ID just being some construction paper and cut out picture of that new weather girl he just called "hot" earlier in the episode, with the next thing he exclaims being "you went in my room without asking!"... For one, why would Justin already have a picture of her in his room? And two, does she really look that similar to Alex, or was she just using her image for other, more personal reasons? Either way...
      • In Max's Secret Girlfriend, when Alex finally gets the chance to pretend to be Justin's wife, what does she name herself? Diane Sawyer. Famous TV newscaster and former weather girl. This conveniently and cleverly matches Max's 'Tom Sawyer' fake name.
  • In Alex In The Middle, Alex (anonymously) writes love notes to Justin and puts them in his locker. Granted, it was for a prank but aren't there better pranks that don't require writing love notes to your own brother?
  • In a recent episode Back To Max, Maxine says nice and flattering things about Max to a girl he likes in an effort to win her over. It works, but consequently said girl believes Maxine has a crush on Max. The sentence before that, she mentioned they were cousins. Apparently Disney is so focused on Justin and Alex that any other incest innuendo slips right past the radar.
  • In Captain Jim Bob Sherwood, Alex pulls off schemes again just to work with Justin on some comic book. Naturally, they constantly fight over everything, so, when they turn to their parents for advice, Theresa's answer is this:Theresa: You two need to work this out together. Just like your father and I.
    • Then she carries on with something that ticks off Jerry, before they start to bicker just like a usual couple, in the same manner Justin and Alex do, which intends to show the fact that Justin and Alex's relationship is identical to those of married couples. This idea is even accentuated in Max's Secret Girlfriend, when Justin and Alex actually pretend to be married and do bicker like an usual couple.
  • When Harper pretends to be Justin's ex-girlfriend, Juliet, so that she can help him move on, she tells him later the truth, that she is actually Harper who has taken Juliet's form, but Justin automatically assumes that she's actually Alex, implying the fact that it's normal for Alex to pose as her brother's girlfriend.
  • Actually, the episode was intended to hint to the viewer that it was Alex transforming into Juliet, with Harper's reveal being a surprise. Apparently Disney didnt get the memo. Justin: Wait a minute... are you Alex pretending to be Harper pretending to be Juliet? Cause that's just sick!
  • In Part 1 of the "Apartment 13B" arc Alex ask's Justin "Did you just say I complete you?" His denial is so emphatic that he is obviously protesting too much

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