A peculiar sub-species of the Panty Shot where the image is employed for neither comedy nor titillation. Extremely common in old school Western animation and pre-seventies anime, Innocent Panties were used to emphasize childlike youth and innocence. The trope also appeared (less frequently) in live-action TV and cinema, associated with child actors like Shirley Temple, Sybil Jason and Jane Withers. Gradually falling out of fashion throughout the 1970s, remnants of the trope survived into the late eighties, although by that time, genuine instances were comparatively rare in both Western and Japanese media. The convention still turns up occasionally in present day children's cartoons, where it often unleashes a tidal wave of moral panic, (despite the clearly non-sexual nature of the imagery).

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  • Ur examples may be traced back to the late 19th Century, with Richard F. Outcault's Hogan's Alley gag strip (New York World, 1895). By the time American newspapers began running comic strips, the Innocent Panties Bloomers trope was already well-established within the popular culture. Outcault followed up a few years later with Buster Brown, in which various female characters (occasionally) revealed a glimpse of panty beneath their petticoats.
  • Little Lulu, Little Iodine and Nancy all share TropeMaker status for this category. Lulu is probably the best-known of the triumvirate, due to various animated adaptations of the character (see below).
  • Magical Mary-Jane followed in the early 40s (Dell, Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies Comics). While MJ wasn't as prolific a panty-flasher as her predecessors, she was still prone to the occasional wardrobe malfunction.
  • By the late 40s, Lulu's success opened the floodgates on a torrent of high spirited youngsters. Better-known exponents of the trope included:
  • It's worth noting that practically all of Harvey's female characters were prone to recurring southern exposures. The sole exception was Wendy the Good Little Witch, whose floor-length robe rarely rose above the knee, even during flying sequences.
  • After the Comics Code drove crime and horror titles off the newsstands, child-friendly features became increasingly popular during the mid-50s. Oddly enough, while sexual references were expressly forbidden by the CCA, little girl panties were considered acceptable because they were...well, innocent.
  • It's also worth noting that comic book spanking scenes almost always involved a panty shot if the character was a little girl. This seemed to be standard operating procedure across the entire industry, regardless of the genre.
  • In the early days of the Peanuts comic strip, Lucy, Violet and Patty were known to have shown their panties.
  • Margaret in Dennis the Menace used to have the lace (and occasionally the seat) of her panties show until in later years her skirt was lengthened.
  • Retro comic strip Glory Bee has the lead character constantly being turned over her aunt's knee, her skirt lifted and spanked. Other "instances" have she and her friends in awkward positions that make their skirts flip over and they seem to be oblivious to the exposure of their panties.


  • Employed a great deal in Shirley Temple's works.
  • Nine year-old Sybil Jason has her silky white panties displayed during an extremely public (and possibly quite painful) spanking scene in "The Captain's Kid (1936)".
  • The Our Gang shorts subjects "Time Out For Lessons" and "Melodies Old And New" featured numerous panty shots such as this one.
  • Hammer Productions' These are the Damned features a squad of soldiers carrying a group of radiactive school kids (!) back to their underground prison; one of the girls has her skirt scrunched high up over her waist for around eight seconds.
  • Pia Zadora has one in Santa Claus Conquers The Martians when she is told to get on her sleep platform.
  • Charles Bronson 1970 movie Cold Sweat: Joe Martin (Bronson) carries his short-skirted stepdaughter Michelle; her panties are seen for a good couple of minutes.
  • Veruca Salt during her song in the 1971 Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
  • In the 1963 cold war drama, Ladybug Ladybug, Jill (Dianne Higgins) has a white panty shot, as her dress rides up while climbing down from a top bunk bed.
  • The 1944 musical, Meet Me in St. Louis, features "Tootie" Smith (Margaret O'Brien) flashing white panties under her blue dress twice, as she moves in a stagecoach from the back to the front.
  • Cookie from the 1945 comedy, Life With Blondie, has one, when Blondie picks Cookie up and Cookie's dress is hoisted as she does so.

Live Action TVEdit

  • In the debut episode of 1969's My World And Welcome To It (based on the works of James Thurber), Lisa Gerritsen's character Lydia Monroe is being readied for bed by her mother and is seen in her panties for roughly half a minute.
  • Tabitha, Sam's daughter from Bewitched (Screen Gems 1964-1972) had a surprising number of panty shots in later episodes, usually the result of her being picked up by one of her parents or absently holding her skirt up in front of the camera. In episode 8.18 ("Samantha on Thin Ice") Tabitha has multiple southern exposures during an ice skating routine.
  • Cindy Brady's panties are exposed at least twice in first season episodes of The Brady Bunch. A small triangle of Jan Brady's panties can be seen for a few frames in the episode "Her Sister's Shadow" (she's wearing a very short dress and sitting with her hands in her lap; she brings her hands up gesturing as she kvetches to her mother about Marcia).
  • In the PBS series Kidsongs, one of the girls in a song sequence twirls her sun dress up quickly.
  • Rare modern example: although LazyTown character Stephanie's underpants are revealed almost constantly in the early episodes, it doesn't appear to be fanservice, just the result of an active little girl wearing a skirt that is short enough to dance in.
  • On The Cosby Show, Rudy Huxtable (Keisha Knight Pulliam) shows her panties in a couple of instances. In an episode where they hold a funeral for her dead goldfish, Rudy nervously pulls her skirt up to her chin. In the opening titles to season two, she spins around in part of a choreographed sequence and her tropical skirt twirls up.

Western AnimationEdit

  • Over in the West there's Minnie Mouse, whose tiny skirt barely concealed her dainty bloomers. Her dresses have become more modest over time, although it still appears in merchandising based on the classic 1930s design.
  • Although Minnie was probably the Ur Example for this category, Little Lulu was undoubtedly the Trope Maker, starring in 26 theatrical shorts between 1943 and 1948. All subsequent animated adaptions (1963, 1976 and 1995) have also employed Innocent Panties as a defining element of Lulu's character design.
  • Little Audrey replaced Lulu in the late 40s, using the same trope in most of her cartoons (1947-1958), subsequently influencing the house style for both Famous Studios and Harveytoons. As noted elsewhere, the comics were panty city compared to the cartoons.
  • Several of Famous Studios' female characters closely mimicked the "Audrey" design, right down to the micro-mini skirt and the white cotton underwear. Examples include Billie from The Enchanted Square (1947) and Isabel from Land of the Lost Jewels (1950).
  • Even Soviet animation adopted the trope, as seen in 1948's Magic Flower, as well as the 1964 Uncle Styopa The Militsioner.
  • LittleAudrey showed her panties a lot in her theatrical cartoons in the 40s and 50s.
  • Alice from Disney's Alice In Wonderland gets a lot of shots of her white thigh length bloomers throughout the film. There's even a part where she's shrunken in the flower garden and a flower proceeds to pull her skirt up to see her "stems".
  • Little Ogee on Magilla Gorilla. More or less in every episode she appears.
  • In The Amazing Chan And The Chan Clan episode "The White Elephant" (Hanna-Barbera, 1972), Suzie Chan's skirt billows up as she, Tom, Alan and Anne fall feet first through a trap door. Her panties -- same color as her dress except for some lace trim and floral pattern -- can be seen for a couple of frames.
  • An episode of the 1972 cartoon The Roman Holidays has Precocia Holiday in her panties for a scant couple of seconds as her mother puts a formal toga on her.
  • Similar to the newspaper comics, Margaret Wade in Dennis the Menace (1986) regularly showed her white lace panties under her too-short black skirt.
  • In the episode of the animated Punky Brewster series "Any Wish Way You Can", we see Margaux Kramer's panties after she slips on a throw rug. In Louvre Affair, Margaux jumps out of a plane's cockpit; her skirt billows up as she descends, just barely showing anything.
  • Rainbow Brite had a panty shot in "The Mighty Monstromurk Menace Part 2" when she nearly fell off a rainbow while escaping from the evil Pits.
  • The animators gave one to Lisa on The Simpsons. It may have just been that they inadvertently forgot to color it in, but you can see a flash of white under Lisa's skirt as she's climbing over the dividing wall between the "Boy" and "Girl" halves of the school, in the episode where she dresses like a guy to get into the better classes.
  • There's a few others too, including one in the HumanResources Treehouse of Horror story and one in the ep where Lisa puts on some shoes which dance for her when someone claps.
  • There's also "Lisa the Beauty Queen," where Lisa hangs upside down, fully exposing her underwear for a second or so.
  • Another one occurs during a Treehouse of Horrors skit about Principal Skinner killing and eating the students. It happens due to a "camera angle" just as she and Bart fall into a giant blender.
  • Batman villain Baby Doll provides a twisted example - her frilly panties are very visible and she's clearly meant to have this kind of aesthetic (she played the main character in a saccharine 50's-style sitcom), but she's an adult with a child's body, and not really innocent at all.
  • Aren't we overreacting just a wee bit? Baby Doll looks like that because its a stereotype example of a "cute baby girl" outfit. Nothing fanservicey or squicky is meant by it.
  • Rosie and Keiko from Midnight Patrol: Adventures In The Dream Zone. Both have pink panty shots in the intro and Rosie throughout the series.
  • In the 1992 film, Bebe's Kids, a girl skipping rope has her white, lace-trimmed panties exposed after Khalil blasts her across a toy store's aisle with a water gun.

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