• Several people on bondage websites have credited this cartoon for getting them into bondage in their childhood, due to seeing a certain character getting tied up a lot. That's as far as we will go with that.
    • It happened to Gadget a few times too. He was much more casual about it, though — probably not for any fetish reasons, but simply because he knew he could break out of them quite handily with only casual strength.
  • And all the Go Go Gadgets. Extendable, even.
  • And a robot replacement.
  • ...And on that note, just what does he wear under that perpetual trenchcoat? Inquiring pervs want to know.
    • Maybe the same thing as Golden Palpy Society Palpatine?
    • A shirt, tie, and jeans. Perfectly normal and not interesting at all.
    • Trenchcoat within trenchcoat within trenchcoat. . .
      • Trenchcoats all the way down?
  • The teenage Penny in Gadget and the Gadgetinis has a pseudo Bare Your Midriff outfit (where you can see a bit of skin but no bellybutton) and also spends an episode in a swimsuit. What's really worth mentioning is that classic Penny's swimwear is skimpier than teen Penny's. Goddamn.
  • One episode has Gadget being a body guard for a sexy young actress named Lana Lamour whom unbeknownst to him is a villainess working for Dr. Claw, when Gadget first meets her he takes time to admire her body with his gadget binnoculars staring at her breasts for several seconds, and at one point Gadget accidentally knocks her over resulting in a panty shot.
  • The 2015 version gives us Madison Von Trap as seen here. [1]

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