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  • The source of most of Zim's fangirls can probably be traced to one moment in the episode "Door To Door", where he uses his long, prehensile, worm-like tongue to lick the screen.
    • Let us not forget that tongue is quite long...
  • The source of Dib's fangirls, however, can probably traced to the episode "Bolognius Maximus", where Dib accidentally licks himself and, in a fit of revelation, approaches his sister and proclaims "Gaz, taste me! I'm delicious!" Some things...
    • It seems that Zim agrees with the above statement.Zim: The Dib? The Dib! I don't care how delicious he is, he's EVIL!
  • There is a suspicious amount of Fan Art depicting Zim wearing the police hat he acquires during the episode "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff". Authority fetish, or merely an appreciation for Nice Hats?
  • Dib using water against Zim in "The Wettening" crosses over into BDSM territory on a few occasions, in particular when he merely opens a tap behind Zim and watches with a growing smirk of satisfaction as he twitches and shudders with every drop that hits the sink. In the same episode, Zim covering himself completely with paste undoubtedly set off somebody's fetish bells.
    • The paste was undoubtedly Fetish Fuel, as it was white and sticky.
    • Dib's domination tendencies don't end there, however. In the first episode, having just met Zim, Dib decides the most appropriate course of action is to handcuff him. With handcuffs that, in his words, render aliens "completely helpless". Handcuffs that he was carrying with him for the slight possibility that he might encounter an alien. This might also be a good time to mention that this troper's xenophilia fetish started about then.
      • Sleep cuffs, to be exact. Oh, the date rape implications.
      • The sleep cuffs are what started this troper's fetish for handcuffs.
    • Judging by the amount of fanfiction on the subject, I'm definitely not the only one who found Dib's obsession with strapping Zim to a table and poking him with lots of sharp objects relevant to my interests.
    • "The Wettening"?
  • Zim's robot Pak-legs function just like Naughty Tentacles, one would assume - only sharper and more painful. Mmm, sadomasochistic Irken-sex. This troper's fetish bells were chiming already.
    • This troper only realized she might be more than a little kinky as a young teen when she wrote a fic during English class featuring (even non-sexual) Pakleg violation. And then it got a little worse with the realization I've also got a huge weakness for human-on-alien experimentation and dissection and that whole deal. Hot damn.
    • And the boat-load of actually Naughty Tentacles. The show had robotic Tentacles EVERYWHERE, including Zims house...
    • Might Dib's hair count as a Naughty Tentacle too?
  • Green Skinned Space Babe vs Badass Longcoat-in-training. Damnit, this troper isn't supposed to have a Shotacon!
  • This Troperess was tuned on from Zim saying "Ow, my Squeedlysplooch!" after being hit with a Dodgeball in Dark Harvest, because the function of what a Squeedlysplooch does wasn't mentioned, and given that cutesy, innocent names are usually given to certian body parts...
  • This show's blurring of the lines between protagonist and antagonist - and making both characters hilarious, adorable Woobies with jerkass/sociopath tendencies is what started this troper's villain fetish. So the next time you hear her go off on Doctor Doom or Agent Smith or Maximillien de Robespierre, you can blame Jhonen Vazquez.
    • Speaking of Robespierre, I blame Invader Zim for sparking my thing for paranoid men who wear glasses. (Possibly those mit craaaazy hair going around rooting out all traces of what they perceive as capital-e Evil. Where available.) Now, these ranks might possibly include the Warden. God help me.
  • This Troper cites good old fashioned Squiggly feelings on everything up there as it *is*, especially blaming the show for making him love Foe Yay so damn much. Case in point? In an episode they voice-recorded but never got to make, Dib gives up paranormal science and Zim subsequently falls to pieces. Dib seems to be enjoying himself... but then confesses he 'feels dead inside'. Mmm-Hmmm!
  • Gaz is the one who got this troper into hot, snarky goth girls. Seriously, there's something sexy about a creepy, sadistic nihilist who can plunge you into a nightmare world from which you cannot wake.
    • This Troper agrees that a hot version of Gaz would be... extremely sexy.
      • Well, no shit. A hot version of anything is, by definition, sexy.
      • Same here. I just wish I could find someone like her. Down to the sadism.
      • Perhaps minus the tendency to engage in bouts of vengeance that would shock even Cartman.
  • Tak- human or alien formed- always gave this troper squiggly feelings. I blame it on the accent.
    • And that adorably malicious/completely frakkin' crazy laugh.
    • This troper finds the scene where she makes another girl apologize to Zim and then eat her eraser strangely interesting. It's not the fact of Mind Control, it's how it's being used.
  • Prof. Membrane. OH MY GOD. And the Badass Labcoat helps. NOM NOM.
    • Don't forget his little squeaky-voiced puppet clone.
  • This troper found Zim's space suit in 'Battle of the Planets' to be very… distracting, along with his bear suit.
    • About that bear suit... I never knew Zim was a Fursuiter
  • Zim was this troper's secret crush for a long time. There's something hot about how sadistic and dark he can be. The fanfiction/fanart didn't help...not that she minds.
    • Oh my god, same here!!! Since I was 14, I've had a crush on him!
    • This troper agrees with the above and must also state that Zim's big red eyes, striped shirt, long boots, gloves, and antennas give her squibbly feelings. He's too cute!
      • In Battle of the Planets, there's a part during Dib and Zim's chase when Dib sneaks up on him while Zim'slaughing, and his widdle antennaes poke up, sorta like a cats ears would. I almost died from the squee. SOOOO CUUUUTE!
  • Like above, only this troper had a thing for the adorkable Dib. For a long time, I wished he was real so we could hunt aliens and whatever sad, poor creatures got in our way.
    • this troper always loved Dib from the moment she saw him sitting on his roof and heard him say "they're coming". his awesome voice helps.
    • Yeah yeah yeah! I concur!
    • I really just want to give Dib a hug. He's so cute!
  • This troper believes that, somewhere, somehow, the idea of an adorably stupid robot who doesn't know the difference between right and wrong and will literally do anything anyone says sets off someone's fetish bells.
    • On the opposite side, I wonder often if I am the only one who finds Duty!GIR extremely...interesting, to say the least. I...I mean...he's sadistic...and evil...and...SQUEE!!!
      • Oh God, you've got me.
    • In a completely non-sexual way, so I'm not sure if it actually counts for Fetish Fuel, blue-eyes GIR set off this troper's misplaced maternal instincts from the instant he uttered the words "I wanna be a mongoose!"
    • He's also friggin hilarious. GIR has many fans because of his adorableness and because of how hilarious he is.
    • Let's not forget his dog costume.
  • I've always loved Zim's voice.
    • Same. It can sound cute, dorky, and/or sadistic and still sound incredibly sexy.
    • I also agree. He sounds so cute, but at the same time insane, which also is a little Adorkable, which leads to him being cute again....
    • I'd always had a thing for Zim, but it wasn't until I found myself attracted to Graymatter as well that I figured out the reason why. (They share a voice actor, if you're wondering.)
    • What about Zim's evil laugh? This Troper thinks it's very sexy.
  • The Tallest. Their bromance, it is epic. And obvious. It's the entire reason I supported Zim, really.
    • Dear God, everything about the Tallest. This Troper has had a crush on both of them since she watched the show as a 12-year old.
    • Same here. I knew I'd love them from the moment of their entrance. So much style.
  • I always get all squee-like whenever GIR exhibits No Sense Of Personal Space towards Zim, what with his tendency to want to hug Zim and all. Gives me warm and fuzzy feelings inside. "Awwww... Somebody needs a HUUUUUUUG..."
  • Pretty much anything involving Dib has become a fetish of mine. The coat, the glasses, the handcuffs, the hair. And let's not forget the SLOW MOTION fetish he has given me thanks to the episode Walk for your Lives. "Well look at him run all slooooow-liiiike..." Indeed.
  • This Troper was more focused on Zim crossdressing, not exactly as the morbidly obese woman, but when his costume fell apart and he decided to keep the hair and make-up for a good chunk of the episode. This is, after all, the same guy who wears a magenta dress with boots up to the legs. Murrh.
  • So am I the only one who's noticed how effeminate Zim is? That's the main thing that really sticks out to me. Oh man, and when all of the fanartists draw him crossdressing and being all woman-ish... good lord, literally the best.
  • How come nobody's mentioned that little sigh/whimper noise that Zim made when he was about to ring Dib's doorbell in Planet Jackers? It made this troper think about what he would sound like doing Something Else...
    • I thought I was the only one who paid specific attention to that glorious sound. Bless your soul. We need more of that sound.
  • Tallest Purple's profuse vomiting at the end of Backseat Drivers From Beyond The Stars proves Emetophilia worthy. Not to mention him stuffing himself with donuts the entire episode. Fetish central, you guys. Fetish central.
  • The characters on the show, mainly Dib and Zim have a habit of looking 100 times sexier when they're glaring or giving the Kubrick stare.
  • The Time Of Dying invader zim video on YouTube features a song about how a person is determined to live and will not die despite life threatening injuries so long as "you're beside me" and that they will "wait here for" their significant other and when the other is with them they feel alive. This is pictured to a video featuring only Dib and Zim.
  • Teenage Dib *gives wolf whistle*

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