That's not the only thing that's rising.

  • Jackie in pyjamas, Jackie in buttercup Scout shorts, Dragon Scout shorts, in boxers, shirtless, certain episodes caught him changing as well.
  • Uh, what about Valmont? Cool demeanor, long white hair, tan skin, classy dresser? Oh, and later he gets glowy red eyes.
    • Not to mention the British accent. And the fact that he winds up on the receiving end of possession. Ohhh yes.
    • This troper was trying to get a good look at the Horse Talisman and had to rewatch episode 9. I....might have paused and rewinded a few times >>
  • Talismans and other powers. I mean, the Sheep Talisman alone - you could seriously mess with people and never get caught. And the Tiger...and even the Rat. They're not the useless ones, you just have to be creative. And Rooster telekinesis to top it all off. Hell, you could do some seriously sick stuff with the Snake Talisman - Hollow Man, anyone? And the Monkey for Furries/Transmorphists...Hell, let's just make an itemized list.
  • Helloooo Viper!
  • T-Girl in "The Amazing T-Troop" with the added power of the ox talisman making her super buff.
  • Jade as Queen of the Shadowkhan: her wild hair, red eyes, blue skin, dramatic robe, and barefeet.
  • Jade as a catgirl. Sexy.
    • Jade as a catgirl? Try Valmont as a catdude! He even purrs. Makes me wanna scratch him behind his ears.
  • Chow has a following of bad boy-loving fangirls, but honestly this troper is attracted to the Enforcers crime trio as a whole. They're adorable, menacing and hilarious all at once. They're so real, and anytime they get special focus I get the happy wiggles. "The Demon Behind" is my favorite episode for many, many reasons, mostly involving Finn's fanny. Oh, and I have a thing for teacher/student relationships (Uncle and Tohru star in the B-plot). That episode is candy for me!
    • One more thing: Uncle is adorably quirky and meltingly hot with magic.
  • Jade growing to giant size. I actually considered refusing to go see The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in my local theater just to stay home and "watch" this episode.
  • There was also the time she turned evil. Jade on her throne, anyone? Though that was, admittedly, after she had taken over Section 13. Then there's the Gargoyle-thing who pretended to be her friend, the running Toy Ship with Paco, Shendu and Valmont sharing a body, El Toro (if you have a wrestling fetish), the chi-vampire with mind-control powers, etc. And that's before you actually get to the talismans and magic.

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