A collection of the most thrilling and kinky bits from the James Bond movie series.


Dr NoEdit

  • Oddly enough, a bikini was fairly new in the sixties for Ursula Andress' Venus De Milo homage.
    • Ursula being forced to disrobe (theoretically), put on a conveyor belt, and scrubbed down.
  • The novel ends with Honey redeeming the "slave-time" she gave Bond, over his protests. She says she bought a sleeping bag for the occasion.

From Russia With LoveEdit

  • Voyeurism. Bond and his Russian lady friend are filmed as they make love.
  • The gypsy camp scene features an extended sequence where two girls strip down and wrestle each other that has absolutely no relevance to the plot of the film. It doesn't need one.
  • Tatiana, wearing nothing but a choker...
  • Some people find the scene where Rosa Klebb checks over Tatiana's body while asserting authority over her compelling.
    • In the novel, Klebb dresses up in lingerie and tries to seduce Tatiana in order to find out whether she's gay. The scene is written as raw Nightmare Fuel for Tatiana.


  • Shirley Eaton as Tilly Masterson getting painted nude in gold paint is not only a Fetish for many viewers but also Goldfinger himself according to Ian Fleming.
    • The first time Bond and the viewers see Jill Masterson.
  • Pussy Galore and her all girl airshow.


  • Thunderball contains a scene that this Troper finds consistently both hilarious, and disconcertingly arousing. When Bond is just prior to saving the day, his nemesis has the Bond girl on his boat, and intends to torture her. She is already bound and he states that he will use his lit cigar as a heat stimulus, and ice cubes as an extreme contrast cold stimulus. The idea is laughable, since such a technique is patently absurd and unnecessarily erotic beyond belief.
    • In the novel (and also possibly in the movie, This Troper cannot remember) the Bond Girl in question was until her Heel Face Turn also the villain's mistress. The erotic nature of the technique is quite likely deliberate.
      • Also in the movie, assuredly.
  • James and Domino are implied to have had sex underwater in their scuba gear.
  • "This bed feels like a cage, all these bars. Do you think I'll be... safe?"
  • Everything about Fiona.

On Her Majestys Secret ServiceEdit

  • It's worth noting that at the time it came out, the competent, action-capable woman was far more of an unusual fetish-figure than it is now.
  • Blofeld's "allergy clinic". Dear God, that clinic. Let's begin with the fact that every single patient is a ridiculously hot babe. And they're all overseen by The Baroness. And Bond (in a kilt!) pretends to be Ambiguously Gay to seduce every single one of them. And for all you Hypno fetishists out there, Blofeld's "treatments" for the ladies have to be seen (and heard!) to be believed.

You Only Live TwiceEdit

  • In general, the film is more dismissive of women than almost any other Bond film, which is its own fetish.
  • There's also the Asian fetish.

Diamonds Are ForeverEdit

The Man With The Golden GunEdit

  • Scaramanga seems to have killed his mistress with a bullet right into her heart and just above her breast to be deliberately arousing. Scaramanga also seems to only make love before killing someone. It may be that his murder of her is deliberately sexual in nature and he's a fairly stereotypical sadist (in fact he admits to loving murder).
  • Scaramanga forces Mary Goodnight into a bikini, supposedly so she can't hide a gun, then makes her attend dinner.

The Spy Who Loved MeEdit

  • Bond visits a contact in Egypt who's an actual sheik living in a huge tent with a harem. He invites him to stay but Bond declines until he sees a submissive concubine in a belly dancer outfit ready to please him. Bond: "When one is in Egypt, one should delve deeply into it's treasures."


  • James Bond and Holly Goodhead are the first two humans to have Zero-G sex."What's 007 doing?"
    "I think he's attempting re-entry, sir."
  • Wasn't there also a remarkably limber Amazon Brigade who smack Bond around a bit?

For Your Eyes OnlyEdit

  • More underwater sex.
  • Bond and Melina, tied up, in the deathtrap, together.
  • Bibi Dahl walking out of Bond's hotel room shower wet and in nothing but a towel, gets under the bed sheets, pulls the towel away, and talks about how sex improves muscle tone.


  • The titular Meaningful Name.
  • One would have to be rather foolish to miss the implications of an island full of beautiful women and no men.
    • Beautiful acrobats.
      • Well in the book, they were a troupe of acrobatic lesbians who happen to steal things (the titular character was also a Lesbian... until Bond got to her)
      • Wrong, wrong, you're getting confused with the book of Goldfinger - Pussy Galore And Her Abrocats ("Goldfinger did not smile".) Octopussy the short story is all about a semi-sympathetic villain and his pet octopus. That simple.

A View To A KillEdit

  • Bond has a Two Person Pool Party with a Russian Agent.
  • Bond enjoys a Shower Of Love.
  • Jenny Flex and her riding crop was unused potential.
    • Oh, come on. She was literally one third of his age. Although come to think of it that's probably a fetish in its own right...
      • That and her really, really tight pants.
      • Two words:  May Day,

The Living DaylightsEdit

  • Bond ends up briefly in a harem.
  • A female KGB assassin is said to dress like a child to fool targets, and kill them with exploding teddy bears.
  • Kara spends her working life straddling a Strad (which, traditionally, is said to be woman-shaped in its own right).

Licence To KillEdit


  • Xenia Onatopp loves to kill male targets by scissor-legging them to death. In fact, she loves killing as a whole, If You Know What I Mean. Xenia also is Too Kinky To Torture when Bond slaps her around in the steam baths.
  • Natalya usually lacks the glasses, but otherwise is a perfect Meganekko.
  • Boris, on the other hand, does not lack the glasses. Your Mileage May Vary, but this troper loves foreign nerds.
  • There's a scene where Alec and Natalya are on a train, and Alec attempts to seduce her. What does he say as he kisses her neck? "You know, James and I shared everything. Absolutely everything."

Tomorrow Never DiesEdit

  • Elliot Carver: "I think we should set an appointment for my wife with the doctor." We already know of his torture techniques, and though we never see the actual torture taking place, we know exactly how she is about to suffer at his cold, sadistic hands. Also, she wears stockings and a garter belt. Come on.

The World Is Not EnoughEdit

  • There's an entire scene of Elektra getting off on Bond being tortured, while straddling him. Almost makes you WANT to be strapped to a garrote, the way she moves and touches.
    • This troper hadn't even considered getting turned on by femdom until this scene.
  • Special mention of the opening credits; the only place you will ever see an oil slick perform a lapdance.
  • There is the whole Stockholm Syndrome and it's inverse Lima Syndrome theme, yum.
  • This troper LOVES Bond's fake Russian accent. Too bad he only uses it in one scene.

Die Another DayEdit

  • If Halle Berry as Jinx Johnson's homage to Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder's "emerging from the ocean" shot in Die Another Day didn't stir something in every male in the theatre (and some of the females), I would be very surprised.
    • And then she later fences to the death with another girl while they both are wearing tank tops.
    • Also, Madonna as fencing instructor. I repeat, Madonna as a fencing instructor. The video is basically four minutes of solid "Giggiddy!"
  • Damn it, villains with anger management issues and very close male friends... and he fences. with Bond. Wearing tank tops. (Take your pick as to whether he's all dorky and British-looking or a needy North Korean kid.)
  • Holy crap, that title sequence. Bond getting tortured, hallucinating babes made out of fire, ice, and electricity... Yowza.
  • Miranda Frost: Classic Hot Chick With A Sword.

Casino RoyaleEdit

  • Casino Royale arguably had more moments for Daniel Craig than all the women in that movie combined, to such a degree that some have called Craig himself this movie's "Bond girl".
  • Probably for all the sadist fangirls, Craig's capture and torture aboard the abandoned ship.
    • 110%. Absolutely bloody fantastic. Le Chiffre himself is a perfect sadist, so having a Ho Yay torture-fest while Bond is tied up is great. The castration? Beyond perfection. Gorgeous.
  • Le Chiffre's henchman Kratt. Shaven-headed, good-looking, sweaty and dangerous. Also, perfectly deferent to his employer. :: fans self ::
  • How about Bond comforting a terrified Vesper under a shower while both are wearing gorgeous dress clothes and a little bit bloody? There is just something for everyone in that scene.
    • The finger-sucking! :: gibbers ::

Quantum Of SolaceEdit

  • Hooboy. Besides a charming redheaded Bond girl shown naked (though dead) and covered in oil and the logical title sequence, and some squicky villain attempted noncon, we're also treated to an emotionally vulnerable Action Girl in a sweaty tank top and Bond himself all craggy and scarred up and bloodied. And delicious. And in much nicer suits. Hell, let's just say Bond's thing for menswear qualifies as Fetish Fuel here, the original Tuxedo And Martini man.
  • Strawberry Fields is the Meaningful Name of this work. And is she hot or what. For this (female, usually straight) troper she's foxiness on stilts.

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