• Yankio

    Yanki J and JewWario, in that order.

    JewWario. I was watching the Kickassia bloopers and, due to his squidgy crying and laughing faces, I added him to my personal nerd harem. Because seriously? Every man on this site is gorgeous and violently out of my league ;_;.
  • JewWario's okay, but this troper actually has an ever-growing crush on Yanki J, of all people. I know, I know, All Girls Want Bad Boys, but it's not even that. It's just...something about him. The accent (Brooklyn? Boston? Who cares, it sounds awesome) doesn't help matters.
    • Osakan. Obviously Osakan.
    • Oh, yeah. The sneer? The suit? The Badass Longcoat? *swoons*
    • An early video has Yanki J sitting on a struggling Jew Wario, tying him up, and wearing a tie. UNF. UNF. UNF.
    • Justin has admitted to Playing To The Fetishes a little in the "Yanki J Plays" videos. "Are you disciplining your fans again?"
      • Not to mention: "I am longer and more interesting." Sure, it's played for laughs, but...yikes.
    • This Troper agrees. Jew Wario may be adorable, but Yanki J? ...damn, just.....damn.
    • During one of his livestreams, someone in the chat mentioned that Yanki J. reminded them of Gene Hunt in his first appearance. Not helping, Chat!
  • On his Ustream chat, JewWario contemplated how one would define a pairing between Yanki J and a female version of himself. In his own words: "I wouldn't mind being a woman. Might spend all day playing with my breasts, though." (Winks at the camera.) Hot damn.
  • JewWario reading erotic fanfiction (including some about himself) aloud on LordKat's UStream chat. Good lordy. He's quite fond of the whole fanfiction thing, in fact...
  • Speaking of fetishes...during one chat session, he shared pictures of himself dressed for a Halloween Party as Jareth from Labyrinth—tights and all. Yes, really.
    • He's also admitted that he regularly visits a club near his hometown on Goth Night, in full regalia: Yanki J's Badass Longcoat, black vinyl Jareth boots, and (until recently) guyliner. . I'll let that image sink in.
    • He's shared pictures of himself crossdressing. Very good pictures. In fact, he looks a little like Spoony's ex-girlfriend Scarlett in them. And worn those high-heeled Jareth boots for the stream. Can we just start calling him Mr. Fanservice now?
      • Pics for ... you know, verification purposes. Yes that's it.
      • Pics?! WHERE?! (Please, god, I have never wanted something so much in my entire life ... please let there be links!)
      • There aren't many, but they're on his Facebook page; just scroll down to the bottom. There are also a few of him dressed as Jareth. You're welcome.
        • ...Is it terrible that I find the Green Lantern pics to be strangely hot (in an adorkable way)?
  • He has big feet. You know what they say about men with big feet....
    • Big socks.
    • He was aimlessly playing with his toes during the June 1, 2012 livestream. It was darling.
    • And he went barefoot in Spoony's "Hotel From Hell" video.
  • Stupid Sexy Girl Jew Wario.
  • He's over forty years old (and the oldest member of TGWTG) but looks much younger. Not sure if that counts as a fetish, but it's certainly gotten the attention of a lot of fans.
  • That fangirlish squeal he gives every time he says "KITTY!" It's just so freakin' adorable! (And having soft spot for animals is always a plus in my book.)
    • During one livestream, Justin was talking about Doctor Who and his love for the companions from the Classic series. Someone in the chat provided a clip from an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures where Sarah Jane teams up with fellow former companion Jo Grant. When Justin saw the clip, he gave the most genuine, honest-to-God SQUEE I've ever heard. It was both heartwarming and a major geeky turn-on.
    • He also squee'd over the prospect of meeting the actress who provides the voice of Fluttershy, his favorite pony. Gaaaahhh so CUTE!
  • Justin actually sang Happy Birthday to this troper on her nineteenth birthday on his livestream. It was the best present I could have ever gotten.
  • Same troper as previous - I have developed a love for this guy. He says the absolute sweetest things on his livestream and it drives me absolutely batshit insane. I bragged to him that I have "a black belt in fangirliness" and he agreed, calling me "so cute" and saying "when we meet, I'll just have to hug you and hug you and HUG YOU!" My heart exploded.
  • That seductive voice he does when he's Jareth or just teasing the hell out of the fangirls. It's glorious.
  • In the ending bits of Suburban Knights, the Chick seems to get into the habit of snuggling up to Jareth/JewWario whenever she can. Tell me I wasn't the only one jealous of her.
  • This shot of him in Lindsay's Sarah Palin wig from Kickassia is incredibly hot in a weird way.....
  • On one stream, Justin took a phone call. While he was on the phone, Sean Fausz, who he had on Skype, began to joke that the call was confirming an order of "27 12-inch black rubber dildos". He told this to Justin once he got off the phone, and Justin's response? "I could make a chair out of a giant throne." Later in the stream, a fan in the chat called him a tease, and he said, "I am a tease, and you love it!" before licking his finger and rubbing it on his chest. Um, holy shit.
  • Male. Sailor. Moon. Just....male Sailor Moon.
  • He's mentioned multiple times on his stream that he owns a kilt, even stressing that he wears it in the "traditional" way. Dear Lord.
  • JDub as "Ichi-Warion" at the start of the Warion Saga.

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