• One episode featured a scene wherein Tala pulls Flash into a room to have heavily implied (and Word Of Godconfirmed) sex with him... While he's in Lex Luthor's body. You can NOT say that didn't inspire any Freaky Friday Flip sex fantasies. (It's also implied very strongly that the reason she turned against Luthor was that she preferred Flash's... finesse. Ooh, burn!)
    Flash: Hey, that's not restful!
    • That and she apparently liked Grodd better. The talking ape. Who she had sex with.
      • Hell, it's implied that Grodd is only attracted to human women at all. He's a walking bestiality joke.
      • "Hot Tala on Grodd Action!"
  • Speaking of JLU, Vixen implied that she and Jon used the Green Lantern Ring for non-regulation purposes.
    • I thought that was just the implication that she wanted him to. Either way...
  • Also, Gorilla Grodd has had at least three separate relationships with human women (well, two human and one chimpanzee-turned-human Hot Amazon). Yes, Gorilla Grodd as in the talking gorilla with psychic powers.
  • The Atom in Wonder Woman's cleavage. Enough Said.
    • There's also something to be said for him inadvertently putting himself and Lex Luthor at the mercy of a relatively massive Amazo.
  • And the rather dominant Katma Tui loudly and publicly berating GL using no-uncertain-terms that indicate his "weapon of choice" isn't all it should be, and neither is his "technique" in using it, probably raised some, uh, eyebrows... To quote the Flash: "Impotence? Um, I'm going over there now".
  • In order to get Harley to turn against the Joker in "Wild Cards," Batman insinuated that the Joker was romantically involved with another woman...or rather, a teenager!
  • And in Batman Beyond, don't forget that Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon states as plainly as possible without drawing Moral Guardians that she and Bruce were more than one kind of partners, at one point. As Terry put it, "Whoa".
    • Hell, it's basically stated in the series proper that it's part of tension between Bruce and Dick.
    • Yet, in a Justice League Christmas episode, Barbara Batgirl Gordon and Supergirl are not at the Kents' for Christmas, as 'they are on a skiing holiday together'.
    • And then there's the episode where Talia al Ghul shows up and gets somewhat intimate with Bruce before we find out that it's Ra's al Ghul's mind in his daughter's body. I'm no homophobe or anything, but that is just wrong.
    • Or...incredibly HOT. You say potatoe, I say tomatoe.
      • Others say Squick.
      • Seconded whole-heartedly... that is just some sick and wrong stuff right there!
      • The characters themselves agree with the Squick. Also a completely hilarious line coming Bruce himself:

Terry: Lady, that's the sickest thing I've ever seen. You're creeping me out.Bruce: YOU? She kissed me!

  • When Metamorpho's girlfriend is first introduced wearing nothing but a towel.
  • The episode "Grudge Match". An episode devoted entirely to female superheroes beating each other up under mind control? That's This Troper's wife's favorite episode of the series (ahh, the joys of being married to a woman who's into women).
    • One of two occasions where Black Canary gets ready for a fight by PEELING OFF HER JACKET. Nothing but bustier, hose and collar — and in the first one, Green Arrow presses her chest first to the floor — to a pretty realistic effect, this troper has to say. I'd have worn out my VCR replaying it, if I still had one — ah, the wonders of scientific advance...
      • I'd dare to point out that in the same scene where Black Canary takes off her jacket, Huntress TAKES OFF HER BELT. That paired with them giving in to their NEED to fight after acting like they were better than that makes for some pretty hot implications.
  • I'm surprised that Cheetah hasn't been mentioned yet. A very shapely, not to mention naked villainess who ought to appeal to the furry crowd, being what appears to be an anthropomorphic cougar, her name be damned.
    • I thank you for not making any of the obvious puns.
    • I wanted to make one about her being stacked but I couldn't think of a way to work cats into that. But yeah, Cheetah is built, seriously built.
      • That scene where she sneaks around the Injustice Gang's hideout on all fours, with lots of shots from behind her... I blame that and Metal Gear Solid 4 for my ass fetish.
    • Cheetah has Batman tied up in restraints, has an innuendo-laden conversation with him about how they both like 'danger' and then they share a french kiss. I'm sure the furry crowd find that more than just appealing...
  • Or how about Giganta's love of...long, long bananas. That she eats slowly. Very slowly. I'll be in my bunk...
    • Shade would seem to agree. Giganta asked him if her size was a problem, he said "Quite the contrary." Then comments as she grows in front of him "This just keeps getting better and better." Though he seems a bit put off when he learns she used to be an ape.
      • Only slightly, based on his shrug-and-a-smile.
      • Shade isn't bad himself neither, I really like his suit... and his pimp cane!
      • In the same episode, the Secret Society absolutely TRASHING Edge's non-metahuman uniformed security guards? Parasite jumping on one and draining him, Killer Frost's creepy face as she thinks about murdering the helpless Edge...I KNOW there's a fetish for normal humans helpless against superbeings.
  • Please don't tell me that I'm the only one with a thing for Wally West? The episode Flash and Substance, when you see him in the labcoat... And that red hair, and green eyes. Then in the episode Divided We Fall... Well, damn! Just... "I feel kinda... funny". Plus, he's sweet, and knows how to crack a joke... Ah, Wally, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... And it really doen't help I keep imagining him in his labcoat, with glasses on... (I know he doesn't wear them, but...)
    • No, you are not. This troper loves her some Wally West, especially since he undergoes Character Developmentbut still maintains his adorable Chivalrous Pervert / Handsome Lech qualities. He's just too cute for words.
    • You're definitely not. This troper's had PSL for The Flash since she was about ten, for all of the reasons you just mentioned.
    • Now, take Wally- put him in his labcoat, working at a desk, and give him a pair of glasses. Oh dear.
    • And did we mention that he's a redhead? This troper never had a thing for redheads—Ron Weasley kinda put her off of them—until she started watching JL regularly. When we see Diana ruffling Wally's gorgeous red hair in Starcrossed, this Troper felt all kinds of squiggly feelings, and all because of the damned red hair.
    • This female toper agree. To quote one of the character of the show, "He's like the whole track team at once!"
  • Anything with Lex. Clancy Brown's voice inspires all kinds of weird damsel in distress fantasies.
    • There are plenty with the same opinion on Batman. Keven Conroy makes cartoons sound damn sexy!
  • Batman's ridiculously innuendo-laden conversation with Cheetah in "Injustice For All". Forget Cheetah: this troper was melting into the floor at how sexy his voice got the longer the two of them kept talking.
  • Speaking of Audio Erotica, this troper admits to finding Batman, Flash, and J'onn's voices all incredibly sexy. She even finds that Hawkgirl has an incredibly swoon-inducing voice. Hawkgirl. And I'm straight. But my favorite voice has to be Flash's. Good lord, the innocent and fun-loving way he talks in that voice makes this troper want to drag him into a closet and do unspeakable things to him.
  • Zatanna. Fishnets, magician tux, and, above all, POWER. Consider this: She can change reality as she pleases. The sexual applications thereof are many...
  • For some inexplicable reason, this troper liked Killer Frost, from raspy voice, to appearance (Pale Skinned Blue Hair?) and costume to axe crazyness.
    • This troper hasn't seen all the episodes of JL/JLU, and the only time he actually saw her was the episode right before the end where she killed her former companions on Grodd's side and was allowed to join Lex's...which is to say, I agree.
  • Hades, God of the Underworld. This troper has a huge fetish for hot evil guys—especially when they have Foe Yaywith female protagonists. Of course, Your Milage May Very, and mine does, when his human face gets burned off. Although, still, John Rhys Meyers!
  • What, no love for the Huntress? Let's see, Dark Action Girl, Sicillian, feisty, assertive, wears a costume that's essentially a bathing suit with thigh-high boots and opera gloves, sultry voice, into phone sex and using the oldNecktie Leash manoeuvre...
    • I know, she looks like a dominatrix.
  • Please don't tell me I'm the only one with a thing for the Question? Please?
    • Nope! You're not the only one. He is a good mix of socially awkward, intelligent and crazy.
      • To quote the man himself; "You're drawn to my eccentric charm." Indeed we are.
    • Plus he has red hair, and is actually rather good-looking without his mask.
    • Audio Erotica something fierce, if I do say so myself.
  • This troper has found herself being more and more turned on by Vigilante, but at least she can explain why. Dark-haired cowboy? Check. Tight white jeans? Check. Southern accent? Check. Voiced by none other than the amazingNathan Fillion? Oh, now it's all starting to make sense. I'll be in my bunk.
  • What? Nobody's said it yet? Supergirl. To be crushed to death by those thighs would be to die the luckiest man on Infinite Earths.
  • Galatea. Simply a clone of Supergirl, except older and a somewhat darker 'tude. The more...mature body, combined with a bob haircut (troper with a weakness for short hair on females that can pull it off speaking) is a deadly combo.
    • And her muscles. Even in the understated style of the Diniverse, her body has great, sexy muscles.
  • Circe. That voice, the attitude, the sexy costume that shows off the great body, combined with reality warping powers- what's not to love? And she did it all in one episode!
    • Hell, this troper has a foot fetish, and that one scene where you get a close up of her feet in those red heels has made me... yeah. Multiple times. But even more than that, Circe's just hot to begin with.
  • No love for Copperhead? I just love the JL version of him, He's snarky and he's pretty hot in my opinion. Maybe it's because of my love for scalies but I find him very attractive. Also, he have a forked tongue and a tail that he seem to be able to control...
  • Shining Knight is a major source of Fetish Fuel for me, between how loyal and steadfast he is and how willing he is to take a beating like that(A source of FF on its own) made me fall in love with the guy...too bad he's straight.

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