Where's she gonna stick that thing?

  • The main character is a cheerleader. It seems tame by comparison to the rest of the page, but there it is.
  • There have also been: mind control, a Freaky Friday (gender opposite), slasher flick homages with shower scenes, mutations, transformations into monkeys, cloning, Kim dressing in a leopard-spotted Cat Girl outfit, Ron's pants falling down a few dozen times, lots of getting tied up, recurring Cat Fights with an athletic adult woman in a neon-green bodysuit, and mud wrestling.
  • Joss Possible is Kim lite and an utterly devoted stalker with a mega crush on first Kim then Ron. Think of the implications.
  • Zita. Hot chick? Check. Cool voice? Check. Into video games and computers? Check. Action girl? Check. Virtual amazon? Check. Into role playing? Check. Likes weird loser guys like Ron? Check. If globe trotting with a hot amazon gets tiring then start jelling over Felix getting with Zita.
  • Although originally pitched with a Girls Need Role Models premise, Ron basically living the ultimate Loser Guyfantasy in the Post Script Season gives it a Magical Girlfriend tone, too.
  • Ron's first love interest Yori◊hits all this troper's buttons at once: Curvy Japanese Ninja Action Girl with Yamato Nadeshiko tendencies and a high grade Zettai Ryouiki who is totally into Ron. He can have pointy-breasted Kim!
    • Ron's reaction upon meeting her suggests she hit all his buttons too.
  • Hey guys! You like girls? You like girls with hot tans? How about busty girls? Athletic girls? Leggy girls? Latino girls? With a hot tan? Guess what...she's named Bonnie Rockwaller, she's all that poured in a tight little cheerleader uniform, and she has sisters! I'll wait for you to pick your jaw up off the floor.
    • When her sisters are introduced they brag about getting all the looks. Uh, what looks? Bonnie's hotter than both of them put together.
      • IIRC they're supposed to be even bigger Jerk Asses than Bonnie, which would explain it.
      • You do remember correctly. This teases a heel face turn for Bonnie. As for bigger jerkasses, well...they were big enough for Kim to feel sympathy, and this was after the theatre scene. Kim still gets that nice play on words dig in "Cap'n Drakken" though, when Bonnie is no less an ass.
  • Shego... just Shego
    • They were quite aware of this, as this◊motivational poster hints.
    • It's called KiGo in the slashfic areas. There's lots of it.
      • That's because Shego and Kim are positively drippingwith Foe Yay. There one episode where Drakken was making a rap song designed to hypnotize people into using his brain control shampoo (amazingly, the plan was actually working), and while investigating the judge of the show he was performing (a Simon Cowell expy), she remarks that he was being way too nice for things to be normal (he was under the effect of said shampoo). Shego then sneaks up on Kim and says "Awww... don't worry, Kimmie. I'm still nasty!" This male troper came dangerously close to uttering a squee.
  • There was also a mood control episode, where Shego and Kim spent most of their screen time being madly in love with Drakken and Ron, respectively. Shego did a lot of crawling around on tables and cat-scratchy motions.
  • Shego is so jellin' right now◊!
  • Kim herself is walking fetish fuel ('specially for us lesbians). Her uniform consists of a skin-tight black shirt, gloves, and a very noticeable midriff...all flowing down into baggy cargo pants. Not to mention she goes around kicking assand saving people.
  • she has lots of panty is in the 4th season's 1st episode and in the season 1-3 opening she shows her panties right at the screen and all of them are really hard not to notcie.
    • Hey, don't take all the credit. Logically speaking, a straight male should be just as attracted as a lesbian, right?Yes.
    • A skin tight super powered battle suit. That is all.
      • Also looking pretty good in the stealth suit from "Rufus In Show"...
      • This troper always thaught there's something in the drawing style which takes a lot of possible Sex-Appeal AWAY.
      • Her downturned mouth can look disturbingly like a Porn Stache . Though I'm sure there are those who like that.
    • The Little Freaking Black Dress◊. I'll be in my bunk.
  • The episode where Shego and Kim bond after Shego's personality is altered is pure fetish fuel for Kigo shippers from start to finish
  • Wannaweep. Ron Stoppable, the only guy in the group, surrounded by hot, nubile cheerleaders in the middle of the woods. If ever I wanted to be him, it was the Wannaweep episodes.
    • Tara having something of a crush on Ron was sorta canon wasn't it? If Kim actually told him, he probably could've scored something from her, especially after saving them all.
  • You are all forgetting Warmonga. She's a hot space babe who will do anything you want if you paint yourself blue. Sweet and implications are expected.
  • For the older fans, Dr Ann Possible is curvier than Kim, taller than Shego, and looks good in a lab coat or cargo pants.
  • Miss Go, Shego with her personality reversed, is very much Fetish Fuel, especially for Kigo fangirls. A twenty three - twenty seven year old without a naughty thought in her head? Living with an eighteen - nineteen year old? Spending a lot of time with said teenager? Not to forget she's a Moe Blob as Miss Go.
  • Evil!Ron in Stop Team Go. When he turned evil the first time, he looked like a ridiculous Dr. Drakken rip-off. The second time? UNF. I almost wonder, was there a slight art shift?
  • Ron from "Grande Size Me". Yeah, you read right
  • Kim laying on her belly with Warmonga looming over her with her weapon (the image above). Kim even groans.
  • Shego ended having her hands and feet bound by Warmonga. And Shego doesn't seem to mind that much, and she was even being all chummy with Warmonga.
  • Also, earlier in the episode, Warmonga carries an unconscious Shego, bridal-style. Then she lifts her up. Seeing a taller, muscular, and stronger woman lifting a lithe girl (with her facing the ceiling) with ease is a turn-on for me. In the close-up you can see Warmonga's hand on Shego's breast, then as she lifted her up, her other hand is on Shego's butt.

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