A fandom and shipping phenomenon, most of them based on LiveJournal. A KinkMeme is where a user (usually anonymously, though the rules on this differ between kink memes) posts both a pairing (or threesome, or more...) and a kink. Another user then anonymously fills this request with either art or fanfic.

While kink memes, true to their name, usually contain plenty of smut, it is usually permissible to request fluff or drama fic with no sex as well.
For tropes commonly found in kink memes, go here. (or someone can put the list back in, I don't know which ones we have on this wiki)

Anime and Manga

  • There's a CLAMP kink meme here.
  • Ao No Exorcist has one called Ao no Kink.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia has one, and it was kind of infamous/controversial for having people requesting Moe anthropomorphized and sometimes sexualized versions of real-life atrocities and tragedies until the mods banned such requests and began policing in more heavily. Can be found here. The meme has moved to dreamwidth recently-  here is the link. It's currently up to twenty five parts and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. It's so active, in fact, that request freezes are implemented every five pages and each request cycle lasts less than a day -- but on the plus side, it usually takes only about a week to get up to 50 new fills and reopen requests. Over 30,000 requests and counting! (Well, as of 2013 it has slowed down from 2011 levels, and it's more like three weeks between freezes, but on the plus side requests are open for several days.)
  • Bleach has gone through at least two different kink memes; Kinky Bleach seems to be the active one now.
  • Bakuman has a small Kink Meme.
  • Code Geass has had several small incarnations, which all eventually gave way to a rather large one that lasted until the mod seemed to abandon it. The current meme is here and includes both random polls and an anonymous discussion post as well as the main porn post.
  • D. Gray-Man: [1]
  • Danganronpa has Kinkyronpa as of 2016.
  • Dragon Ball Z has one too.
  • The Death Note kink meme had slowed down but picked up speed again. It was moved to here due to the mod of the original one having disappeared and subsequent requests and fills not getting updated on to the page. There is also a secondary, less active, Death Note kink meme here.
  • Durarara had one after only 4 episodes of the anime had been aired. Located here. Unique in that it's also extremely active enough to have its own community dedicated to posting daily updates. You can find that here. Even more unique in that one pairing (Shizuo/Izaya) is so often requested and filled that the fandom's started a separate kink meme not for Shizuo/Izaya, but every pairing that isn't Shizuo/Izaya.
  • Gundam 00 has three: season one, season two, and season finale kink memes.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn has a third version located here and a fourth version here.
  • Keroro Gunsou has one.
  • K-On has one, located here.
  • Kuroshitsuji: [2]]
  • There have been at least three different Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro kink memes, with this seemingly the most active at the moment, though the former hasn't completely died yet.
  • Nabari No Ou: [3]
  • Nanbaka just got one recently. [4]
  • Natsume Yuujinchou has a comment meme that, true to the tone of the series is more fluff than kink.
  • Pandora Hearts: Although it seems to be getting less and less active.
  • Perhaps as a way of dealing with the earthquake-and-tsunami induced hiatus, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has obtained one here. It's not all that active, though. Make a request and fill? We promise we won't ask you to make a contract.
  • The Star Driver kink meme went up after only one episode aired.
  • The Tiger And Bunny kink meme had the unusual honor that, in a really short amount of time from its creation, one series of fills have become popular enough to inspire the creation of a RPG fansite based on it.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho has one here.
  • Suzumiya Haruhi has a small kink meme here. It doesn't seem to be that active, unfortunately.



  • Star Trek has its own kink meme. It's... well, it's very long. 15 parts, each of about fifty pages or so. That's a lot of prompts, and an astonishing volume of porn. Astonishingly, the meme appears to invert Sturgeon's Law - 90% of the fic is of above average quality, and at least half of it is really quite amazingly well-written. It's also been responsible, directly or indirectly, for a surprising amount of fic in the STXI fic communities. Due to real life smacking the mod in the face, it is currently closed to further entries. Its successor can be found here.
  • The Inglourious Basterds kink meme gets a special mention, because Eli Roth, one of the actors in that movie, found it. Then promptly linked to it on his Twitter. Then forwarded it to Quentin Tarantino. Amusingly, their reaction amounted to 'wtf, the Bear Jew always tops'. Omar Doom probably reached for the brain bleach, though. And Christoph Waltz's face must be seen to be believed. Note that this didn't really deter the fangirls: the RPF kink meme went up the same day.
  • Even Sherlock Holmes has one. By late January 2010, it was up to three parts for lack of comment space (LiveJournal entry comments max out at 10,000). It's starting to die, but another kink meme sprang up and everyone moved over there, where the insanity continues at breakneck speed. There is a running joke on the meme that Sherlock Holmes star and admitted self-Googler Robert Downey Jr. either knows of its existence or has actually written fanfic for it (!!!). There are indications in interviews that he might know, and is terribly amused by it.
  • The A-Team has one, found here, focusing on both the movie and the original TV show.
  • Inception has had one pretty much since on the day it opened. While it started off slow, with a single post for prompts, the comm pretty much sky rocketed. It's also responsible for some of the best written fanfics and best drawn fanart.
  • There's one for I Am Number Four that can be found here.
  • Sucker Punch has one.
  • Tron has one as well. However, the old one was recently frozen and the kink meme was moved here instead.
  • The Social Network has one located here.
  • X-Men: First Class has spawned two: xmen_firstkink and 1stclass_kink.
  • Fright Night has birthed a kink meme.
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy has one months in advance (based on the book as well).
  • The Dark Knight Saga has one.
  • Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible movie franchise has two running at the same time: MI4kinkmeme and ghotocol-kink.
  • Pacific Rim has one now, here


  • As can only be expected, A Song of Ice and Fire has one here.
  • There is even one for the works of William Shakespeare!
  • The Dresden Files has one, which can be found here and here. It also has a rare pairs meme, here.
  • There is one for the books based in the Forgotten Realms setting. It can be found here.
  • The original Good Omens kink meme is now, for all intents and purposes, defunct. A new one has been started up here.
  • Shocking nobody, there is a Harry Potter kink meme over here, with separate memes for each major pairing.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians has one.
  • The Redwall Anony-mouse Fic Meme can be found here.
  • Temeraire Kink Meme, for anyone who likes a little high fantasy in their Regency England slash stories. Here's Part II of the Temeraire Kink Meme and another (unrelated) Temeraire kink meme. And another one

Live-Action TV

  • Ever wondered why the Supernatural fandom is so notorious? These may have something to do with it: the Supernatural Kink Meme, the original blindfold_spn, and a archive.
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer has one.
  • Here's one for Castle: Castle Kink
  • American Idol has at least three of them.
  • Usually some aspect of the Heroes fandom has a Kink Meme going on. They're surprisingly common.
  • The Star Trek fandom has a meme for the Original Series, one for just TNG, and one for all of the other Trek series.
  • Sherlock also has one. It wasn't originally a kink meme, just just an anonymous fic meme, but it ended up being a kink meme. It's actually pretty good. The delicious archive is here.
  • MASH finally has one up.
  • Doctor Who has one on Livejournal that demonstrates fandom preferences quite well. The fics are divided into four lists: Those involving The Tenth Doctor, those with the Master, the RPF, and... everyone and everything else! There's also another meme, one for Eleven, and one especially for Jack.
  • Here's a Merlin kink meme and its delicious account.
  • iCarly has its own kink meme. There is also a general "Tweendom" one, which covers Disney, Nick and RPF.
  • Don't worry if you think that your favorite Glee side-characters are under appreciated, they get plenty of appreciation at the Glee Kink Meme. It's actually UpToEleven in this fandom with the Fluff Meme, the Angst Meme, the Crack Meme and the Awkward Meme.
  • Primeval has one.
  • Angel has one here.
  • Gossip Girl has one. Well, actually two, but the latter doesn't seem to be too active any more.
  • How I Met Your Mother had one that was more of a Barney Stinson Kink Meme than anything, but it is no longer active. There's another newer one here.
  • Firefly has one here.
  • There's a catchall kink meme for all NBC shows here, though the fandoms that get the most play are overwhelmingly Parks And Recreation and Saturday Night Live.
  • Big Time Rush has one.
  • White Collar has one called Collar Kink. The fandom is famous for their slash and OT3 love, but there's a lot of everyone here.
  • There is a news kink meme here. It's a bit The Daily Show/The Colbert Report-centric, but some prompts for other news stations get filled, too.
  • Parks and Recreation has one here.
  • American Horror Story has one located here.
  • Warehouse 13 has one here.
  • Once Upon A Time has one here.
  • There's one for Being Human and Being Human Remake too here
  • NBC's Hannibal has one over here . Though mostly about the TV adaptation, it accepts fills and prompts for books and movies. 

Video Games

  • Assassin's Creed has one.
  • Mass Effect has one. It is well into its twenty fourth part.
  • As does Dragon Age.
  • And for those who like older BioWare material, there's this one. Covers Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Knights Of The Old Republic, and Jade Empire.
  • Fallout has an active meme here.
  • Possibly the largest known kink meme on the Internet is the Phoenix Wright KinkMeme. It can be found here and is organized by characters/kinks here. It even has a in-character kink meme, which you can find here. Note that the tags on the database are currently not working due to heavy bandwidth usage, severely limiting its usefulness for the time being.
  • Silent Hill has two; one located here which has died, and a brand new one that went up right here.
  • The Resident Evil kink meme is located here!
  • The Dissidia kink meme can be found here for all your Final Fantasy cross-shipping needs.
  • The Strifehart Kink Meme which is exclusively used for the pairing of Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart.
  • Super Smash Bros. used to have one, but it died. However, someone else has created another for the fandom here.
  • The Persona 4 Kink Meme, notable in that it already has six parts. Due to the mod of the original P4 Kink Meme vanishing, and anonymous commenting suddenly being screened, a new kink meme was created here. While nowhere near as long, there's also the kink meme for the other Persona games (though most of the requests are for Persona 3).
  • Not even Psychonauts is safe.
  • The When They Cry-verse has its own Kink Meme, though it's mainly focused on the successor series with only a small bit of the predecessor thrown in. Higurashi itself has had two. Here's one.
  • Pokemon has both a human exclusive and Pokemon (as in Pokemon themselves) meme.
  • Fire Emblem has a sparsely active one here.
  • Even Amnesia: The Dark Descent has a Kink Meme, right here.
  • Penumbra has a rather small one right over here.
  • Mega Man has a sparsely active one here.
  • There's a Portal kink meme over here.
  • Check out The Sims kink meme here.
  • The Ghost Trick kink meme, while small, is still going almost half a year after the game's Western release.
  • Another one has been set up on Dreamwidth here.
  • Harvest Moon has a small one here.
  • The Golden Sun series has a surprisingly active one here.
  • The Touhou Project has one.
  • Prototype has a rather small one here.
  • Deus Ex has one, though it seems to be focused on the most recent game in the series.
  • Warcraft has one here. It's small but growing.
  • Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has a small one. But then again, with that kind of Minimalist Cast, everyone would want every possible pairing eventually.
  • The Legend of Zelda has a kink meme here.
  • SengokuBasara: [5]
  • [6]Skyrim has one as well (there's a small section for other Elder Scrolls games, too).
  • Hatoful Boyfriend has one here.
  • Dishonored has one over here


  • A Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name kink meme can be found here, as well as a regular Prompt Meme here. Sadly, the kink meme itself is dead, as the owner no longer lets new prompts or fills through. Someone make a new one?
  • A Lackadaisy kink meme can be found here. Unfortunately, it is now deleted.
  • MS Paint Adventures has both an active kink meme (more specifically for Homestuck, though there's some Problem Sleuth in there) and a regular prompt meme.
  • Trying Human has one aptly named Trying Smut, with the alternate name of "Alien Dongs." The creator, Emy Bitner, not only linked to the Kink Meme on the official site, but has contributed.
  • Here's one for Romantically Apocalyptic.

Web Original

  • There's a That Guy With The Glasses Kink Meme. It'll make you either cry for humanity, or it'll suck out your life and leave you a fem!dom-loving, abuse-needing, crack-obsessed pr0n addict. A new one has started now that the other one is fairly crowded. It has a sequel, though both of them share accounts.
    • Several TGWTG contributors actually found the kink meme one night on LordKat's livestream. Two hours of pure hilarity ensued, as they looked through the fics, discussed them, and thought up some new ideas (such as Angry Joe's mustache vs. Y Ruler of Time mustache and Joe as a pretty princess, both of which were added to the meme and filled before the end of the night).
    • The Transmission Awesome crew has also admitted they are aware of and browse the kink meme--and did so during one podcast episode (featuring Vange1us). On the same episode, they stated their requests, most of them slightly disturbing.
  • Since the phenomenon is mostly centered on LiveJournal, many roleplaying games have their own kink memes with many a Crossover Ship.
  • Survival Of The Fittest has a relatively new one. It's not incredibly active, but it has IncrediblyLamePun spurts of movement now and then. A rule had to be made about requesting Rosa Fiametta again, due to the sheer number of people, animals, and objects she has been made to have sex with.
  • The Slender Man Mythos has one. Marble Hornets, one of the cornerstones of the Slender Man Mythos, has it's own here.
  • In the wake of the Agents of Cracked finale, a Cracked kink meme appeared.

Western Animation

  • Transformers has The Transformers Anonymous Kink Meme (which was to full to continue at 60 pages and prompted the creation of tfanonkink ). It should be noted that the Transformers fandom has 3 varieties of robot porn: Sticky (having humanlike parts), Spark!Sex (essentially pushing their souls together), and "Plug and Play" (sex through use of USB cables and the like).
  • Thundercats has one for the classic and the 2011 reboot: Thundercats Kink Meme.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has one here. There was another one, but it was apparently deleted some time ago.
  • Not surprisingly, The Legend Of Korra has inspired one well before it's initial broadcast.
  • And of course, this page wouldn't be complete without the Disney Animated Kink Meme.
  • The YoungJustice kink meme.
    • General anon meme here.
    • Bigger and more active general anon meme here.
  • Everypony knew it had to happen: the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic anon meme is up here.
  • The LooneyTunes kink meme is here.
  • The Invader Zim kink meme can be found over here.
  • An Adventure Time meme can be found here.


  • A large list of kink memes is available here, although not all of them are still active.
  • The 2010 Winter Games has a surprisingly active, all Real Person Fic (RPF) kink meme. Fangirl opinion seems to be that men's figure skater Johnny Weir really gets around. For reasons that amount to 'the mod is missing', the figure skating part of the meme relocated to here. And they even picked up their own version of the RDJ RunningGag, joking that Jeremy Abbott knows of the meme and wrote the fic where Stéphane Lambiel turned into a ham (don't ask). The new meme has also become the home of some truly bizarre meta.
  • Not even Formula One is immune. Due to a MIA mod, the kink meme moved to here and expanded to other forms of motorsport.
  • The My Chemical Romance concept album Danger Days has one here.
  • The Muppets have one.
  • Wikileaks has a kink meme.
  • There is one for mythologies here.
  • Here's one for ALL kinds of villains [7].

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