• Las Vegas has, in any given episode, a few dozen lingering shots of swimsuit-clad men and women. There was also the time Ed Bagely Jr. played a rich guy who liked to be verbally abused by beautiful women. Sam started, then Delinda took over, then they actually fought over who got to chew him out him, while continuing to abuse him.
  • Another episode had Sam and Mary fighting, and at the end, they meet on a balcony. Sam says her whale suggested they kiss and make up. Then they do.
  • The b-plot of an episode involved Sam tracking down rich clients who had skipped out on their debt with the help of a guy Ed reccomended. He had a rather...aggressive collection method. The third client named is a woman, but Ed tells Sam not to bother with her. Then she shows up at the casino, and Ed kicks her out. Sam calls the guy, they track down the woman, and beat up her chauffeur. Sam slams her head against the interior if the limo a few times, leaving the woman crying in shame and humilation. "Thank you ma'am," Sam says "May I have another?" In her final scene of the episode, she mentions having found a new hobby.
  • Polly, the hairdresser, has an odd idea of what's appropriate for normal conversation, due to being ESL. Her boyfriend apparently likes doing an "Abraham Lincoln" thing with her. It involved him as Lincoln, and her as the slave. Later in the episode she seemed rather insistent on showing Sam that thing with the finger and the V-spot. "It will take two seconds!"
  • There was an episode when a Nascar star is judging a car contest. Someone sends him an unsigned letter, promising to do "things" to him. Mary is left openmouthed at whatever it is, but Delinda admits to doing it. Mary: "I'm not even sure it's physically possible!"
  • For the ladies, there's the time Mike is mistaken for a male stripper named "Hot Chocolate", who looks like James Lesure wearing fake muttonchop sideburns and a hat. Between his endowments and dancing skill, pretty much every single woman who found out propositioned Mike. Mike's solution was to attend a party where HC was performing. Peek A Boo was used.
  • After Delinda's bachelorette party, Mitch, who is paraplegic, wakes up in a bed with two women, no clothes, and wearing a spiked collar. We also see Delinda, Sam, and Mary sharing the same bed, all of them with smiles on their faces.

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