Note: This page may include mention of abuse and rape. Proceed with caution, si vous plait.

  • This troper gets rather hot under the collar when rape victims describe what happened to them in graphic detail. Afterward, I feel really bad about it.
    • Thank goodness I'm not the only one..
    • Meanwhile, Olivia Benson playing the bad cop makes the rest of us feel dirty in a completely different way.
    • Unless we're busy getting turned on watching the various gorgeous AD As cross-examine perps in court. And then Olivia and Alex/Casey/Kim get into an argument, and... this troper will be in her bunk.
    • The very existence of Olivia Benson is enough to make this troper extremely hot under the collar.
    • Except for the straight women who are too busy watching Elliot Stabler get his shirt torn.
      • Don't forget his many gay fans who are very much enjoying it.
    • Apparently I'm the freak for not finding anything about this show sexually stimulating.
  • In the episode "Demons," Eliot goes undercover as a sexual predator in order to get close to a rapist and stop him if he tries to rape again. In one scene, the rapist kidnaps a girl for the both of them to rape, not realizing that Eliot is a cop. The fact that the unarmed Eliot is forced to play along with terrorizing the girl is just...intense. Couple that with the knowledge that all the while he's trying to protect her and it all makes for a confusingly hot scene.
    • I'm going to hell, aren't I?
      • This troper will meet you there. Troper has never seen aforementioned episode. Troper ran to watch the episode based purely upon the words "Elliot", "rape", "girl", and "blown cover". Oh holy hell - criminal Chris Meloni kink, meet forced-undercover-sex kink. And then there's the bondage. Yowza.
  • TV Tropes Has Ruined My Life, so during the last scene of the Season 10 finale, as Olivia's repeatedly slapping and hitting a Bound And Gagged and bleeding Elliot to trick the perp, all I could think was, "I just know someone, somewhere is getting a sick, sexual thrill out of this..."
    • Errr, that would be this troper. I think the best part was when she ripped off the gag because she "wanted to hear him scream." Eh heh....
  • In the episode "Bound," Dr. Huang demonstrates how strangulation marks change depending on height. He pulls out a rope from his briefcase and tosses it to Det. Stabler, saying "Strangle me?" in a somewhat suggestive manner. Even Olivia grins. He's a psychiatrist; you know he knew exactly how that sounded.
    • This troper agrees on this, but somehow missed Olivia grinning. Now I'm more turned on knowing that she might or might not have found it hot and/or ships Stabler/Huang.
      • This troper is a Huang/Stabler shipper and admits that even though I think Huang is a definite top, the idea of him being strangled, tied down, etc is hot.
  • "Wildlife" is known solely on the basis that it contains that scene of Olivia posing as Elliot's prostitute, and has Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni in their underwear. Y halo thar undercover kink and partnership kink.
  • This troper cannot have been the only one perving after Stupid Sexy Olivia in her butch persona in "PC". Just, the swagger. And the chair-straddling. And the way she's totally flaunting her body in front of the perp.
  • Forget Mischa Barton, "Savior" was all about Lee Tergesen, and the scene where he prays very intently with Elliot in an interrogation room. It was a virtual Valentine to the Oz fans (Tergesen played Beecher, Meloni played Keller, who were lovers), and the forehead-touching and embracing is surprisingly intimate for Elliot, who's borderline-homophobic most of the time.
  • Am I the only one who found it strangely hot when Huang got his head bashed into a wall in "Execution"?
    • HOLY SHIT. Excuse the language, but This Troper was about to post the same question word-for-word. Perhaps it's the fact that B.D. Wong looked especially good in that episode, plus seeing the normally calm and collected Huang get completely taken off guard... yeah, I feel like sort of a bad person, but that was hot.
      • Whew! I'm not the only one! I feel so bad for it, because he's the cute kind of hot, and I don't like cute guys getting hurt, but DAMN! Concussions have never been so sexy.
  • Alex Cabot and her glasses. Plus all the subtle Les Yay between her and Olivia (which the creators actually awknowledged).
  • Olivia in full uniform "Dolls" (and probably some other episodes).
  • Huang talking about how that chemical makes people hot, sweaty, and sexually aroused, in Wet. The episode was the biggest wall-banger in a long time, but hearing him say that, lessened it. And Elliot saying it right back, while looking in George's direction... Yesh yesh yesh.
  • I think it's fair to say that Oliva may be a Fetish Fuel Attendent. Seriously, someone's probably compiled a list of the times where she's wearing a tight shirt and/or worn tight pants for no other logical reason beyond showing off her figure.

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