• Tim Roth in Lie To Me. Full stop. But for extra fetishy goodness, the scene in 2x01 when he threatens to rape a girl with multiple personality disorder in order to speak to the "protective" personality, "RJ". From businesslike and composed to "take off your clothes and get on your knees, you filthy slut" in 2.5 seconds. Yowza.
  • Holy mother of god, my brain just orgasmed. Why have I not seen this episode?
  • For some reason, this troper really likes seeing the cocky, self-assured, very in-charge Cal Lightman frightened. Slammed against walls, being forced around at gunpoint, when he flinches away from whoever it is that's threatening him, this troper experiences some interesting tingly feelings.
    • It helps, in this troper's opinion, that Tim Roth is a short guy. Short with a tall attitude...until he's somebody's bitch.
  • In "Beat the Devil", we get yet another experience of watching Cal go from being totally in control of the situation to being somebody else's bitch. In particular, he's planning to lure out a psychopath by using a girl as bait. He's very confident everything will go swimmingly, but when he turns, he sees the killer holding him at gunpoint. Cue deliciously stunned expression, and in the next scene, he's being tortured by waterboarding. Yum.
  • Seriously, someone on the writing staff has a thing for putting Tim Roth in situations where he's being beaten, kicked, threatened, shot, and/or blown up. NO ONE IS COMPLAINING.
  • Cal when he goes all protective and conciliatory when either Emily or Gillian get hurt. There's something ridiculously hot about brash, profane Cal going all sweet and gentle.
  • How about the episode "Secret Santa"? Cal, dirty and sweaty, in tight quarters with a handful of military men, equally dirty and sweaty. At one point in the situation, a guy is tied to a pole, and Cal's practically on top of him, talking exitedly into his ear about the adrenaline rush of war, which they're both way too addicted to. The whole thing is made of Ho Yay and Fetish Fuel.
  • Anyone else want to take Gillian up on her bondage fantasies? Or at least, nudge Cal into helping her out?
    • Oh dear sweet lord in heaven, yes!
  • In episode 2x04 Cal spends most of the episode being threatened by a furious man with a gun who is much taller and physically stronger than he is. Cal's nearly shot several times, shoved around, hit, and put into headlocks by said man, all the while having the gun pointed at him. Cal's just as hot when he's yelling as he is when he's cowering like a kicked puppy.
    • It helps even more that the gunman is played by Garrett Dillahunt. YESPLZ.
  • This troper's begun noticing that, while very confident and rather domineering in day-to-day life, when someone pulls a gun on Cal he immediately flinches and/or puts up his hands. So self-assured ... and yet so easy to turn into a cringing submissive ...
    • Oh, this troper's pet theory is that Cal is a raging submissive. Zoe wore the pants in their marriage, Gillian clearly wears them in their partnership, and all of Cal's Romantic False Leads were strong and ballsy (look at Wallowski, for example, she's a cop). He likes dominant women.

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