Katherine von Drachenberg, from LA Ink

Whether it's the thought of having the endure the pain to get them, the beauty they add to - or take from - someone's appearance, or what the possible meaning behind them is, tattoos and body modifications have an undeniable appeal.

Media often gives certain characters significant markings of different sorts - from small, discrete ones or a single badass piercing to full-body patterns. Then there's scarification, which doesn't show up in media, but involves the cutting or branding of skin to produce a scar pattern. Of course, the fetish fuel possibilites are endless, such as the idea of one character marking or choosing to be marked by another, for starters.

Put any examples of tattoos and body modifications in media which appeal to you in the sections below.

Anime and MangaEdit

Comic BookEdit



Live Action TVEdit

  • The TV show Blindspot; Jaimie Alexander wakes up naked and completely covered in tattoos in a duffle bag in the middle of Grand Central Station.  Need I say more?


Video GamesEdit

  • I'll confess that I feel awfully guilty and conflicted over finding Fenris' lyrium tattoos quite attractive...
  • Jack's full body tattoos from Mass Effect. And better yet, we get to see nearly all of them, all the time.

Web OriginalEdit

  • Pushing Up Roses' two robotic bird tattoos, on her chest. She is also known to have large, colorful, works on her shoulders, and forearms.

Western AnimationEdit

Real LifeEdit

  • Usually tattoos don't do much for this troper, but there's something about Katherine von Drachenberg's that scream 'sexy'.
  • Lady Gaga has some really lovely tattoos. Just saying. The two that stand out the most are the roses on the left side of her waist and the "Born This Way" unicorn on her thigh.
  • Danielle Harris' ass. I repeat: Danielle Harris' ass.
  • I've noticed a lot of Jewish girls with a large number of tattoos(probably related to Catholic girls being very "friendly"). This adds quite a bit to my raging Matzo Fever.
  • Asia Argento has an angel on her stomach, that stops right before her, uh, "carpet".

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