"Something about the way Joan looked at her made Peggy nervous; caused her heart to pound, and her knees to tremble. Thank god she was sitting down..."

Who'd have thought a show taking place in an advertising agency in the early sixties would be so choked with Fetish Fuel?
  • In the second season of AMC's Mad Men, Don Draper has yet another affair... except this time, it has S&M undertones and involves, among other things, him grabbing the woman by her hair in a public hallway and putting his hand somewhere that makes her gasp. And bondage. This troper wants to formally thank the writers for that storyline, no matter where it's going.
  • Elisabeth Moss. I could snog that face for hours.
  • Peggy playing Nude Chicken with a guy. Damn you, basic cable!
  • Apparently, Joan and Peggy are one of the more popular femslash pairings in fandom. To look at them, it's easy to see why.
  • Joan's breasts. Particularly the scenes where she's wearing a low-cut black satin gown and they're not just jiggling but wobbling.
    • And, if certain photos are indeed genuine, she has pink nipples.
  • The bright lipstick: red, pink, coral shades, especially on pale-skinned women like Joan and Betty, and most especially when there are shots of the women putting it on. Belle Jolie lipstick, thank you very much.
  • I never paid much attention to Alexis Bledel, until I saw her on this show, wearing a fur coat, and nothing underneath.
  • Kind of Lolicon-ish, but the scene where Sally discovers masturbation, while watching The Man From UNCLE.


Mad Men--Joan Holloway--Fever03:02

Mad Men--Joan Holloway--Fever

Inside Episode 406 Mad Men Waldorf Stories04:54

Inside Episode 406 Mad Men Waldorf Stories

Peggy plays Nude Chicken(SFW)(Starts at 2:16).

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