Swedish-American Jewish Sex Goddess with many adoring fans.

Turn On TropesEdit


Casa de los babysEdit

  • Just saw Casa de los babys, and couldn't help noticing she seems to sweat considerably more than the other women in this movie. Hmm...

Cecil B. DementedEdit

  • In Cecil B. Demented as Raven: Moeish, Perky Goth, satanist, with "Kenneth Anger" tattooed on the nape of her neck, has her tongue in an eyelash curler in one scene (in fact, she seems to have her

    Pictured here, with her tongue in an eyelash curler.

    tongue out a lot in this movie, not that we're complaining), at the end has her hair up in sorta pig-tail things that look like devil horns and red face paint around her eyes, plus that come-hither finger she gives that guy, I so wish I was that guy(no not that guy).
    • Also, in one scene, she's putting make-up on Alicia Witt's cleavage, which is such a fucking zen moment it's unbelievable.

The Dark KnightEdit

  • In the scene where they interrogate that Asian dude whose name escapes me(something Asian and
    The Dark Knight-20-Maggie Gyllenhaal

    ...Sailors fighting in the dance hall...

    badass sounding), she's wearing a suit consisting of a white dress shirt with wide-lapels, a black vest, and tight black slacks, or as I like to call it, the David Bowie suit.


  • S&M is a major plot point of Secretary, so naturally aspects of it are featured quite heavily in the movie. Nonetheless, the movie is not technically porn (and thus I believe belongs here).
    • Let's face it, Maggie Gyllenhaal is Fetish Fuel on legs. But if you want something specific, it's her masturbating, whether it's in a bathroom stall or lying on her stomach. "I'm your...secretary." Oh yeah, and her Kubrick Stare. Also, this troper has a very empathic libido, so seeing the hottest woman alive getting turned on? Yeah...
      • I can agree with you completely on everything you have just said. Everything.
    • Bath scene!!!


Stranger Than FictionEdit



Secretary (5 9) Movie CLIP - I'm Your Secretary (2002) HD04:07

Secretary (5 9) Movie CLIP - I'm Your Secretary (2002) HD

Episode 34 1 2903:48

Episode 34 1 29

Maggie Gyllenhaal HD "Tattoo talk" 21st June 201312:37

Maggie Gyllenhaal HD "Tattoo talk" 21st June 2013

Yay Satan!!00:20

Yay Satan!!

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