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What every man secretly desires.

  • Come on, you would do this, admit it. [pause] I mean, I can't be the only one, right? [pause] Right? [pause] You're all in denial.
    • No, no, this troper would join in. Who cares if female-to-male is less common and frowned upon? All I can say is "Looks like fun!".
      • This troper would gladly trade with you, just for the experience.
    • I would definitely do this. And then I would do other stuff women can do that men can't. Like cross and uncross my legs easily.
      • This troper would also join in...And this troper can already cross and uncross his legs easily...
      • So can this troper...
    • This troper has often imagined what it would be like to have boobs.
      • They cause back and shoulder pain and are constantly in the way. And it hurts when people use your chest for a pillow. Next question?
      • Breasts don't cause back pain, poor posture with breasts of any noteworthy size causes backpain.
      • damn...
      • Yes, breasts seem like a pain. Humans would be better off without constantly large mammary glands.
      • just squeezing my tits would get me so horny
      • I think it would be nice if they were on our waists. That way they wouldn't feel quite so heavy
      • Boobs suck. They don't fit in your clothes the right way, and they draw too much attention.
      • Y'know, I'm ambivalent about having boobs to begin with (it isn't like I asked for them) but they're not all bad. You can keep things between them. You can jiggle them when you're bored. You can fill out a corset and heap them up, or you can bandage them down. Downsides— back pain (as noted), stares (as noted), and sweating. Also, ringing cleavage.
      • Don't forget the joy of running, or even being in a car on a bumpy road without a bra and ample breasts. For This Troper it goes from uncomfortable to irritating to painful. Boob bouncing is not fun so wearing a bra is more of a necessity then a choice in appearance. This Troper just wishes she were flat chested though spending some time as a man could be fun.
      • Breasts, incidentally, are the least of it.
      • But they are the most obvious, as it were. Bigger things like menstruation tend to squick males out, when it's part and parcel of the whole thing. And these are just the physical differences. There's looking like a woman, then there's being treated like one.
      • Yeah. It goes hand in hand with the staring issue. Sure it's nice to have men notice you, but some guys (admittedly, not a lot, but some) won't look well-endowed women in the face, they're too busy admiring the view. It's pervy and weird, especially if you're an early bloomer, like I was.
      • This troper is an AA... I feel out of the loop. Boobs are heavy?! People stare at them?! Not for me...
      • Ditto. Suddenly I feel grateful for being a Pettanko...
      • Why must I be cursed! (I can't even tie them down. They're borderline D's, and they HURT.)
      • This troper has gigantomastia. Breast size: 34I. Age: 20.
    • This Male Troper will not stand for this badmouthing of God's greatest creations! *shakes fist*
      • But they're annoying! Depending on proportions, they make it hard to find clothes that fit too... for this troper, either it's tight across the chest and just right in the body, or the chest fits but the body's all baggy. And people stare at them, and they get in the way, and... argh.
      • Am I the only female troper who quite likes her breasts? Other than one being a different size from the other (about half to a full cup size) despite that actually being common if not the norm - still bugs me because the media says elsewise. I fluctuate between a UK D (US C) and UK C (US B) depending on if I've lost or put on weight, so maybe she's just 'nicely sized' thus neither huge or a Pettanko. But I rather like my boobs.
      • Yeah! This troper is female, bi, and wears a D-cup. She loves nice boobs on other people, and is quite proud of her own. Sure, they can be a little sore when she's PMSing, but otherwise, she's quite happy with her breasts.
    • This troper always wondered what it'd be like to be female for a while; mostly for new potential for cosplaying (I could probably pull off a Mikuru cosplay, among other characters)
    • I guess I would like the best of both genders--the sensitivity of the boobs without the back pain, the ease of the male orgasm with the strength and frequency of the female, the female ease of obtaining sexual partners with the male penchant for promiscuity.
  • This troper often wonders what she'd be like if she'd been a he.
    • Just the other way around for this troper.
  • Since reading El Goonish Shive, this troper has become vaguely interested in consequence-free gender-swap. Dammit, technology, catch up with my imagination for once! >:-(
    • I've had almost exactly the same experience! Since reading El Goonish Shive, I've encountered this sort of thing in a few other works of fiction. In The Culture series by Iain M Banks (RIP), citizens of the Culture can switch their sex by flipping a switch in their head, and then the transformation starts and takes a little while. There were also a few episodes of Misfits where one of the main characters gains the ability to switch sexes at will. During this time, he has a lesbian experience. I am totally in denial about the fact that I will never be able to do this, because I want to so badly. :(
  • This troper has a variant on this. After his friends convinced him to dress up as Alice for an Alice In Wonderland theme (It didn't take much convincing) he spent most of the night adjusting and fidgeting with his bra.
  • This troper wrote a fanfiction with a gender bender that took this trope in the opposite direction; a woman switched into a guy's body and immediately decided to check out the equipment. My beta certainly gave me a funny look when he finished reading it. Double Standard indeed.
  • This gay editor would love to be female for a day, just so he could fuck every straight man he's ever crushed on. Um, that might take more than a day. Maybe a week or two.
  • This troper's bizarre shapeshifting dreams occasionally leave him dreaming that he's female. Guess what he does when that happens.
  • This troper is currently transitioning, and goes through the breast-check on a daily basis. They're GROWING!
  • One of my Nakama is a transgirl. She's....hell. There are no words to adequately describe her level of Awesome. I love you Fee!
  • This Troper has always been a woman, but once her boyfriend complimented her on her boobs. She responded by groping herself to tease him.
  • I so wish I could be a woman at will. The periods and stuff like that are Squick, but I'm pretty sure women have the better side of sex...
    • Really? The better sex is pretty much exactly the reason I've always wanted to be a man. Let me tell you, lying there checking your watch every five seconds while he grunts and thrusts away with a few slaps and "yeah, bitch, you like that"s thrown in isn't quite as fun as it may sound.
      • If that's your experience, maybe you just need a better lover...
  • This Troper, when sad, feels like a woman who is being abused a little.
  • Felt like this myself for reasons too complicated to go into...suffice it to say that I'm disgusted with the behavior of many men and have quite the soft side.
  • This troper's husband (who is bisexual) admits that he has often fantasized about this. As have I. *looks around* What? His female self is HOT!
    • Update: he has since admitted to having regular sex dreams about his Rule 63 self. Based on how he describes them, I don't blame him in the slightest.
  • Thid Troper believes becoming female would be fun, for very erotic reasons and wanting to try wearing a skirt.
  • This male troper used to go to Junior Toastmasters. We had an exercise where everyone wrote down a hypothetical question, put it in a hat, and we cycled off drawing questions and speaking about them in front of the audience. This troper, who knew he had a massive transgender fetish even at the tender age of 14, drew the question: "What would your life be like if you'd been born the opposite gender?" Cue ENTIRELY too much description and lots of blushing, though he thankfully avoided the raging stiffie in front of the audience.
  • This female troper gets massively turned on when males are described with female bodily terms, even a silly "someone's got sand in their vagina" will give me a little thrill...also, part of the reason I so frequently rewatch certain episodes of How I Met Your Mother, in which two of the main male characters are constant butts of these kinds of jokes.
  • Really, the only part of this that appeals to me is I'd like to find out what a female orgasm feels like.
  • Sometimes I wish I could be a girl for a few hours just so I could experiment with twerking. It's always been such a turn-on for me, sometimes I wonder if I could do a decent job of it if I had a woman's hips and butt. Doing it in my current male body would just make me feel silly. (Yeah, I know that sounds stupid. Shoot me.)
    • What the hell is twerking?
    • A style of dance that involves vigorously twitching and shaking one's buttocks in a sexually arousing manner.
  • This troper admits that he's always been curious about what it would be like to have breasts. But, in all honesty, if I ever wound up in a female body...I'd check out the backside first. I'm a skinny white boy, but I've been an "ass man" all my life. I want to know what it's like to have a well-endowed butt, and what it's like to be able to show it off as a source of pride. When I have gender-bending fantasies, that's the first place my mind goes.
  • This troper wants the next Doctor to be female; not for its own sake, but because the actor I think would be perfect for the role happens to be female.
  • This troper would like to experience what it is like to be a female for a day. Being the sensitive guy, grown up around women, love shy, and a male lesbian, this trope has often imagined what it is like to walk in a woman shoes (metaphorically speaking). Sometime this troper becomes envious of the female sex and all the privileges they seem to acquire just for being female yet at them same knows it is not as fun as it may seem. Regardless, i would like to see what is like to have long hair (which i would cut anyway to give me a more masculine/butch appearance), be able to put make up on, be able to wear a skirt or skin tight jeans that fit better than my guy jeans and not have to worry about my...private parts...being smothered, of course being able to play with my boobs although the transformation would not automatically change my wardrobe so i would not have a bra, and be able to be one of the girls for a day, but i guess i may want to hang with lesbians since they would be the ones i would relate to the most.

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