• This troper developed extreme squiggly feelings for Marz Gurl when she showed up in the Warrior Video wearing Linkara's oversized jacket.
  • I'm surprised Marz Gurl hasn't shown up more on this page. Jumpsuit? Check. Long brightly dyed hair? Check. Panty power? Check. Holy crap man, she actually tops the Nostalgia Chick for me.
  • She also got a very nice body, to say the least, especially noticeable in the scene at the Arcade in her Arcade Gamer Fubuki review. And she looks damn good while cosplaying.
    • Marz Gurl has gained weight as of 2013, and as you can see 3:30 into Sage's Tenchi Muyo review, it all went to the same area, above and beyond this page's longstanding image.
    • I'm just gonna say it, she has huge boobs.
  • This troper also votes for Marz Gurl.
  • In the Warrior 2-3 review, there apparently exists a combination of Marz Gurl, Insano and Spooning With Spoony. I can't be the only person who wants to see more of that right?
    • You are not alone.
  • Said nice body seems to come with a Sexy Back, as shown in her guest spot here. *drool*
  • Cleavage in Linking Up With Linkara, people. Delicious cleavage where... money is, uh, held... Sorry, I seem to have lost my train of thought.
  • Dressing up as a mix of Dr. Insano and Spooning With Spoony in the Warrior # 2 & 3 review. Considering how crazy and sexually devious that implies her character to be...
    • "Science", indeed.
  • Cosplay? Yes, please. For this straight girl troper who doesn't even play Final Fantasy, sheer guh. The gun in the waistband doesn't hurt.
    • Add Marzgurl cosplaying as Doronjo to this list.[1]
  • Kickassia. Marzgurl as a drill-sergeant. Me in bunk.
  • Long ago, she was kicked out of a convention for cosplaying as one of the guys who did the infamous "Yatta" song. The costume was basically her wearing white underwear with a green fig leaf on the front of her panties. The google searches begin in 3....2....
  • Even Benzaie has a fetish for her! Ok, that actually fits his nature (or at least the one adopted while playing Master Bate), but he went to the point of creating a virtual replicate of her in a hentai game! See for yourself. Let the shipping begin!
    • Even better: Marzgurl not only knows about it? But helps out
  • She plays San from Princess Mononoke in Suburban Knights, a feral woman who wears a wolfskin and speaks only in Japanese.
  • For some reason, I have a fetish for chicks who dye their hair all weird colors.
  • Also her voice, reminiscent of Winona Ryder or Alicia Witt.
  • This troper is having a difficult time remembering the video, but Marzgurl shows off her wonderful FEET in "the pose" at one point. They're very nice.
    • Assuming by "the pose" you mean the shot of feet in lieu of nudity while someone strips, I think that's in the early video where she reinvents herself. Not that the feet themselves weren't nice to look at...
  • Uh, this Troper wants to know what video this the above occurs in. Any help?
    • Actually, "the pose" is the traditional shot of a woman lying down, facing the camera, on her belly, with her feet in the air behind her showing off her soles. As, wonderfully, portrayed in The Goodbye Suede video.
    • The Goodbye Suede video.
  • I'm probably the only one who feels this way but...I love how she looks with short hair. Yeah, the blue hair was cool, but she looks so much more mature with a (mostly) natural-colored bob. (Plus, it really makes her pretty blue eyes stand out.)
  • For me personally, she always gets me with her smile. It's so damn adorable just with the way her top row of teeth protrude out a little.
  • From the Con-G preparation video, a very kissable exposed belly shot.
  • And now in SadPanda's "How to Do a Crossover" video, she looks like she just got out of the shower.
  • Upon her entrance in Part 2 of To Boldly Flee, we get a fair number of shots of her standing in the background with her back turned and showing off her amazing legs. All of that DDR playing has really paid off. Plus, the neon pink tights and short shorts don't hurt either.
  • I give you Marzgurl in the Groove . Three videos of Marzgurl playing DDR, shot mostly from behind. DAT ASS!
  • Did anyone else notice her cleavage in the in her new look in her Dragon's Lair TV Series Review?
    • Her new look is really sexy.
  • Her outfit in the "Final Fantasy XIII Part 1" video.  I knew MarzGurl was "endowed", but I didn't know she was "BBW Porn Star" endowed.
  • Her shirt/jacket in the Troll 4 video, with the heavy duty zipper up the front. Certainly gives one...ideas.

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