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  • Mass Effect. The asari. An all-female alien species that can get pregnant from any other gender of any other species. It gave this troper his alien fetish.
    • This Troper finds the most erotic thing about the asari to be the fact that during sex, they merge nervous systems with their partner, meaning that each one experiences the physical and emotional sensations of the other, as well as their own.
    • Krogan: Reptilian race of badasses, and victims of a genetic bioweapon that removes the ability for 99.9% of female pregnancies to come to term. This does not impact virility, however. Oh. And they have four testicles.
    • Garrus - he's masculine, yet somewhat submissive. And he's an alien.
      • An alien with the most fascinating voice...
      • Also, when he gets hurt, he whimpers. A lot. With that same voice.
      • ...All right, just reading that gave me a borderline orgasm.
    • Tali has a considerable fanbase, despite (or because of) the fact that she is completely covered in a bodysuit and her face cannot be seen at any point through the game. She is the only female crew member who can not be romanced, which is a source of constant angst for some communities. The fact that she's obsessed with machines and has both a cute accent and Hartman Hips probably helps.
      • She can in the sequel. When she "visits" Shepard, she goes into the most adorable embarrassed babble, and lampshades it. When Shepard takes her mask off she pounces him in an aggressive manner, easily as into it Jack or Miranda. Still don't get to see her face, much to some gamers' frustration.
    • There's a scene in the second game where Samara, who is already dressed like a dominatrix, walks up to a wounded asari trying to crawl backwards away from her, straddles her, grabs her by her throat, and goes "Find peace in the embrace of the Goddess". Then she punches her to death. This troper went "So...she's a space drow? Giggidy!"
      • This is also a near-reprise of her introduction scene, where she telekinetically hurls a merc across the room, levitates over to her and then snaps said merc's neck with a twist of her high heeled boot. Ouch.
      • Samara has nothing on her daughter Morinth, a hedonistic vamp with a lust for power and control who manipulates others into having Death by sex with her. Not to mention her skin tight leather armor. Worth it.
    • Dammit, Thane! You and your awesome voice and halfway exposed chest!
    • Several of the ladies have reported having the squigglies for Garrus, especially since the second game includes him as a romance option. No, for female Shep. Pervs.
    • There's a bit in the first game where Garrus basically says that krogan have four testicles. Some fans did some rapid arithmetic on the the testicle/penis ratio on humans, and produced Rule34 as appropriate.
    • Can somebody show this (male, straight) where the hell Mass Effect fanart is?
    • The dress that FemShep wears in Kasumi's loyalty mission....DAMN!
    • It squeaks! The leather Little Black Dress squeaks! And Shepard wears nothing underneath. I'll...yeah.
    • The combat armor that Female Shepard wears has curves in all the right areas, serves to accentuate all of her best.. features and... I'm sorry what was I talking about? ** Promo images of her will leave you scared. Awed. And turned on. ***Pretty much all the outfits in Mass Effect are skin-tight, showing off how remarkably... fit the Mass Effect 'verse is, If You Know What I Mean. Engineer Donnely: Ah, [Tali] can't hear us with her head in that bucket. Don't get me wrong - it's a beautiful bucket. The whole suit is lovely - quite snug in all the right places!
      • Fem!Shep's combat armor in ME3 is so tight in the crotch that, from certain angles, you can see practically everything.
    • Mordin. What, I've always liked smart guys, and his voice completed with Motor Mouth makes this Tropette feel all tingly.
    • That Miranda hasn't been mentioned yet is a travesty. Curve-fitting outfit, luscious Australian accent...and for some reason, the fact that her two front teeth are larger than the others is strangely adorable.
    • Joker. Fulfills every Perma Stubble fetish I've ever had. And Green Eyes fetsh. And Deadpan Snarker fetish. And... screw it, Joker fulfills every fetish that I've ever had, period, and I will be in my bunk until the Reapers come to liquify me.
    • And it's Seth Green. Yes, that Seth Green.
    • Liara T'Soni: Dedicated archeologist, deadly-dangerous biotic, and that velvet-smooth voice. Oh, and when she talks about having all that information at her fingertips, and proceeds to drag her fingertips across the screen while a window follows along? I've never been so jelous of data in my life.
      • She's also just so gosh-darned adorable, with her roundish face and cute green freckles, and her social missteps (telling Shepard she wants to examine him/her in a lab and oops that came out wrong, not always realizing when people are joking) are terribly endearing. Also, her shyness and virginity. All that adorableness combined with deadliness, brilliance, beauty, and that voice...I became a Liara fangirl literally the moment I saw her on screen.
    • This Tropette has always had it bad for older men, but Zaeed is really something. Firstly, badass. Second, the scars...and I bet the one in his face isn't the only one...along with the pleathora of tattoos he must be hiding under that armor. And oh God, that voice! I want that gravelly, husky voice whispering depraved things my ear anytime!
  • Some of the sounds femshep makes when injured this troper finds quite, well, enticing.
    • The hell with her injury sounds. The furious shouts and snarls she makes when pounding on enemies in melee are vastly more inticing. Prr.
    • Hell, almost all of Jennifer Hale's performance. She's one of those rare people who can sound sexy, yet Badass at the exact same time.
    • Her increasing woobieness as of ME2 and ME3 helps for this troper, who just wants to give her Paragon Fem!Shep a big hug. And then other things. Badass + woobie + sexy voice = win. Also, her somewhat butch manner (whether matched or contrasted by her looks is up to you) and there's just something especially enticing about the N7 sweatshirt you get if you get the ME3 deluxe can practically feel how soft it is on her by looking at it.
    • Liara comforting and fussing over her at the end of she recovers from her deep-sea dive/mental invasion/whatever the hell Leviathan did to her. Hurt/comfort anyone?
  • Ashley's Mass Effect 3 redesign. Whose hand should I shake for that?
    • Her Mass effec1/2's design already did it for this editor. Not helped by the massive Michelle Rodriguez vibes he was getting from her.
  • This troper can't be the only one who decked Liara, Tali, Ashley and his Femshep out in Phoenix armour, right?
  • This troper finds Kaidan's blue combat armor sort of hilarious in how sexualized it is, especially for a male character. Seriously, nobody arches their back that much. It doesn't help that his ass glows when he uses biotics, but damn it, this troper is loving every moment of it. Not to mention....that voice. Good gravy.
  • Garrus again, but not just because of his voice, it's because of his behavior. His submissive qualities get turned up during the romance as female Shepard and boy howdy does that roleplay in the Citadel DLC get my brain cells turning...

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