• Splash Woman is HOT
    • Her stage music seems to fit this page pretty well.
    • Love her too. Never mind she's a robot mermaid out to kill you.
    • No mention of the Mega Man X Navigators yet? This Troper is shocked.
  • There's just something about Splash Woman that makes this troper keep coming back to draw said Robot Master (in his book, the first sign of *ahem* the hots for a fictional character). Particularly because she's female and, being a robot, can be programmed into doing whatever you want... *drool*
    • While we're on the subject, what about Mega Man himself, specifically his acquired weapons? His arsenal has to cater to at least a few fetishes, I'm sure. And for anyone with a rescuer's fetish: Protoman.
      • How can you talk about the acquired weapons without mentioning the Robot Masters you get them from? To name just one example, Gemini Man can split in two!
      • This troper seconds this statement AND the Gemini Man example because she's pretty sure he's where she got her twin/clone fetish. Not to mention Metal Man is the reason she got her robotics fetish in the first place.
      • This troper THIRDS that statement, and seconds Metal Man being the reason for having a robotics fetish. Pretty sure Metal Man is also where this troper got her "unusual ears" fetish (not that Jupiter from the fifth Gameboy game helped matters.) Also, how do you freaking forget the Stardroids from the fifth Gameboy game? Terra's the whole reason I've got a long hair fetish, and I'm pretty sure that my catboy/catgirl fetish from Pluto.
    • Oh, good! This Troper's not alone. Also, Zero single-handedly gave her her fetish for men with long hair.
    • And on the Subject of Mega Man X: Marino. Just... Mari no.
    • This troper has seen many a comment that Dr. Ciel is one of the hottest video game characters that weren't made to look hot...
  • This troper has the biggest schoolgirl crush on Quick Man! The speedster with the cocky grin and the reputation to match. The Archie comic portrayed him the way this troper's always imagined him to be - that itch, that drive. Just look at this panel! Always looking for some action. Bring an E-tank and don't keep him waiting!
    • (Then, as if he couldn't get any sexier, Battle Network decided to add racing stripes right up his thighs...why so attractive?)
  • I have had a gigantic crush on Megaman X since childhood. That's right, not Zero, X. Now that I'm grown up, I would hit that like the fist of an angry god in every conceivable way. I don't even care how that would work, I'll find a way. Short, cute, compassionate, kind, brainy, and with bright green eyes and an adorable smile. And what I wouldn't give to hear that voice of his screaming. Mmmmmm...
    • Hey, Alia is pretty cute for an android.
  • Roll from the Mega Man cartoon by Ruby-Spears is the only woman who can use her arm as a vacuum and still be hot at the same time.
  • Tron Bonne for the win in every way.
  • Roll Caskett, also from the Legends series. Her voice is particularly endearing.
  • This troper can no longer deny his lust for Mega Man (yes, the original one). The way they draw his abs and shoulders with just the right amount of muscle definition is hot. He's the perfect combination of boyish and manly. Also, there may be something about his costume that I find inherently attractive, probably the way part of it looks like underwear; the kind that shows more leg than men usually do (I like androgynous kind of stuff like that). I was pushed over the edge by this cosplay, which I found myself considerably turned on by for some reason.
  • Ms. Madd from the first Battle Network game. I thought she looked kinda cute seeing as I only saw her sprite and mugshot for dialogue, but when I saw her official artwork... wow. She is just so hot, not to mention being the operator of Color Man, one of my favorite Net Navis. I'm sad that she never reapeared in the other games. I find Meddy.EXE (Hot Nurse!!!) and Tamako attractive as well. And don't EVEN get me started on Hope Stelar from Starforce. *singing* Geo's mom has got it goin' on...
  • Many of the Navis in the Mega Man Battle Network series have outfits that resemble tight bodysuits. This troper knows of at least three people who developed either Perverse Sexual Lust or a case of Stupid Sexy Flanders as a result.
  • Bass, with that tan skin of his. Mmmm...and whenever he kicks, it's almost like a panty shot. And his personality turns me on. And that voice of his...especially in MM8 when he's TALKING TO HIMSELF *explodes and regenerates* And there's his bad point in MM&B. I also found Mega Man cute when I was 11.

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