Five juvenile delinquents, the storm that granted them powers and the freaks that keep trying to kill them. Not to be confused with the punk rock band.

Please keep spoilers about superhoodie under his subsection


  • She's an in-universe example. Touching her causes uncontrollable sexual lust in the subject.
  • In the first episode, we get a fantastic close-up of her blowing a bottle.
  • How about her outfits? Then again, with a body like that she can make even those red jumpsuits look good.



  • Think of the possibilites of having a lover who can read your mind.


  • He has blue eyes, adorable fluffy hair and pouty lips.
  • In one scene, he strips down to his underwear and spreads sunblock over his milky, milky thighs while giving Kelly a dirty look.


  • He's a hot geek. He's a hot geek who has a miniature Dalek in his bedroom.
  • The way he'll smile sometimes, all happy and coy, makes this fangirl squee.


  • The episode where Alisha discovers who he is. Him, shirtless and taking a shower. Gah.


  • The girl from the last episode of the first season set off this troper's Mind_Control fetish like mad.

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