Perhaps the only woman in all of geekdom that is both Fetish Fuel and Fetish Retardant.


Mmm... just imagine what she could do with all those arms...

Sex & violence, the ultimate combination.

Mortal Kombat 9: Apparently, in Kahn's arena, there are other characters outside Kano and Sonya that are chained up... including Kitana. Judging on how Stripperiffic her costume is, as well as how her mouth cover can make it look like a gag... Well..

  • Can I just say how much Sheeva has it going on? She's so... exotic. With those four arms, muscular body, radical hair style and (originally) the most stripperific outfit out of any of the kombatants? Yes, please.
  • Oddly specific but Shang Tsung's win pose in Mortal Kombat 9 where he morphs into his opponent laughs in their voice, especially when used against the female characters. There's a bit of Gender Bender in there but between the pose, the Jiggle Physics that happen for virtually no reason, the evil laughs and the fact every woman in the game is a babe (even Sheeva) who happens to wear very little clothing there's definitely a lot of Evil Is Sexy. Sonya's positively wicked laugh especially is great for this effect.
  • Kano, even more if he's based on Trevor Goddard. He seem just perfect in a rape fetish. Stryker, the badaas good cop and one of the very few human character without special powers or some kind of cybernetic enhensement. He's so good that he didn't even need those to beat the crap out of anyone, not to mention that in MK9, even his regular outro is a fatality!!! Baraka and Reptile are two pretty cool-looking monsters...
    Shang tsung mk2011

    Hooray for youth restoration!

  • Anyone else find the two main sorcerers rather...attractive? I mean seriously, it only applies to youth restored for Shang but Quan on the other hand is always sexy anymore. Goofy appearance in mythologies aside. Don't even get me started on Shangs youth voice, Quans is appealing and all; but damn. But the two together and you've got two sexy sorcerers....mrow.
  • Is it me, or does Mileena constantly sound like someone's going down on her?
  • Some might not mind some nibling from the Mileena Kahnum.


Mortal Kombat 9 - Sexy Kitana vs Mileena Fight (Story Mode) HD03:28

Mortal Kombat 9 - Sexy Kitana vs Mileena Fight (Story Mode) HD

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