• Jenny is a badass robot designed to look like a cute teenage girl in a tube top and short Magic Skirt complete with an exposed belly and screw-shaped bellybutton.
  • The Green Skinned Space Babe biker chicks with a dom/sub theme, wearing leather, spiked collars, etc.
    • You know Lenny, the leader's pet? He's actually her husband.
  • Queen Vexus herself. Cunning, cruel, badass, and strangely seductive? Check. Curvaceous robot queen? Check. Resorts to disguises quite often? (As a school photographer in "Hostile Makeover", the robot nurse Vee in "Tradeshow Showdown", the flirtatious teenage robot QT2—pronounced "Cutie 2"—in "Designing Women", and the transfer student Vicky in "Queen Bee".) Check. Pseudo-feline appearance? Check. Voiced by Eartha Kitt? Check.Foe Yay-riffic obsession with Jenny? Check.
  • Then there's one-shot villain Little Acorn in the episode "Puppet Bride", who falls in love with Jenny at first sight and tries to force her to become his bride.
    • A robot teenage girl and a amorous male puppet. Oh yes.
    • Not to mention he was able to control some puppets by putting one of Wakeman's inventions on a ring. He has them knock Jenny out and at their "wedding" he tries to put the ring on her finger which will allow him to control her and belong to him forever. He failed though.
  • Sheldon is an adorable nerd with a stalker-ish crush on Jenny.
    • In one episode Sheldon had a crush on a disguised Vexus. Complete with a scene where he imagined them married where we see a pregnant Vexus.
  • Brad had a robotic love interest in a couple of episodes.
    • Not to mention all the Ship Tease moments between Brad and Jenny.
      • If the Fan Fiction is any indication, many female fans have taken a shine to Brad—and especially shipping him with Jenny.
    • In fact, Jenny's had her fair share of crushes on human males throughout the show, or wished to find a human male boyfriend.
  • That one episode where Jenny got her English language CD knocked out of her and got stuck speaking Japanese for a good while. Speak foreign to me, you cute Robot Girl, you. :3
  • The second (upgraded) appearance of the "Raggedy Android" suit, now with serious curves!
    • Not to mention how the suit (which is sentient and evil) manipulates Jenny into doing its bidding (it practically purrs into her ear with its suggestions).
  • Jenny's "inflation" scene.
  • In one episode, Jenny is expelled and has to be home-schooled. Dr Wakeman sets up a fake prom, and pairs Jenny up with XJ-8, her sister.
  • The entirety of "The Great Unwashed". It has Jenny getting Covered In Gunge, the villain trying to make Jenny filthy, Jenny's makeover sequence and the finished product (her normal outfit is painted red with flames), and Brit and Tiff getting Covered In Gunge at the end of the episode while dressed in prom gowns.
  • Let's not forget Brad's near-marriage to the biker chick Tammy. He would've agreed to do it, too, if it wasn't for the clause that would turn him into a domestic slave.
  • In one episode Jenny has to keep saving the world during school, and since she already used the "I have to go to the bathroom" excuse, she leaves a blow-up doll of herself in her chair. She comes back and lets the balloon blow off - and it zooms into Sheldon's desk, who closes it with a smile...
  • The Silver Shell.
  • Jenny shaking her butt.
  • No love for Misty (an Ersatz Teen Titans' Raven ) and the liberal doses of Ho Yay between her and Jenny? I'm ashamed of you, TV Tropes.
  • Should none of the examples on this page convince you of the fetishistic nature of this show, then the Fan Art will surely do the trick. (Every one of the examples discussed on this page has made it into fanart at some point -- plus a few we haven't.) Just Google "XJ-9" or the show's title (or both) and enjoy.
    • It's gotten to a level where Zone - the infamous artist responsible for the Teen Titans flash parody - has given an episode of this show the exact same treatment; specifically, he rearranged sound and voice clips from the actual show into a short flash clip of Jenny in a gangbang with rock monsters. And one of them is voiced by Bruce Campbell.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, XJ-9 in a bikini.
      • Unfortunately, the above example is blocked by deviantArt's "Mature Content" filter unless you're a registered member. Goth XJ-9, however, isn't (and is far more fetish-tastic in nature).
  • The end of the episode "See No Evil" had Jenny getting a fanny pack which looks exactly like a blue and white butt.
  • Brit and Tiff? Sure they can be quite the Jerkasses but they are always seen wearing a new fetishy outfit every-time they make an appearance, and are cousins that seem incredibly close. Also, there was that one episode where they wore dresses made out entirely of diamonds.
  • Mrs. Wakeman? A hot Mad Scientist who wears glasses and proves to be quite the Mama Bear when she kicked the crap out of Vexus that one time...And some of the things she makes for Jenny sometimes ends up putting Jenny in even more embarrassing/fetishtastic situations.
    • And she used to be a swimsuit model! Yeah, it's played for squick and laughs, but still....
  • The episode "Victim of Fashion", if you have a thing for catsuits, cowgirls, Victorian era dresses, bathing suits, and the Notorious B.I.G. Among other things.
  • And for those on the hurt/comfort side of things, Jenny is frequently humiliated at school for one major reason: she tries desperately to fit in where it's impossible to do so. Who wouldn't want to give her a great, big hug?
  • Jenny painting her toenails in "Love 'em or Leash 'em" is the closest we ever get to seeing her feet in the show.

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