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Science indeed.

For the record: I know that Rule 34 applies to my own show, and no, I haven't read any of the fan fiction. I have seen things I wish to unsee.

–Adam Savage's twitter.

Let's see 'em try to bust Rule Thirty Four. It'd be great.

  • Jamie in a SCUBA suit. Particularly before he has it pulled all the way on. Mmmm-MMMMM! (says this troper...) AND, now there's the episode with the SCUBA-suit-to-tux spy myth. <*Faints*>
  • Seven words: "I always enjoy seeing Adam in pain..."
  • This troper can only imagine the reaction to Kari's "humiliation buffet." She has considered it at length (and does not know why.)
  • The "Slap Some Sense" myth, full-stop. Hitting/bdsm, humiliation/deprivation fetishism, I mean what DOESN'T this cover? "It's like I cut my own switch off the tree to get spanked with!" </Kari giggle>
  • Would you believe it? This troper has found Rule Thirty Four-inspired porn of the Myth Toons, the anthropomorphic cartoon avatars of Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters shown during the Finger in a Barrel myth.
  • Pictured here◊: That episode where Kari gets painted completely silver in a bikini to test a Wizard Of Oz myth, becoming like a redheaded fembot pleasure android sent from heaven. Actually, pretty much anything involving Kari...
    • The best part being that Adam Savage walks in just in time to rattle off some one-liners.
      • Dude, if that's the part you paid attention to, you are seriously misunderstanding the point of this page.
      • Hey, different people get off on different things.
  • This troper concurs with the above, specifically citing Kari being the guinea pig for testing the "Chinese Water Torture" myth.
    • There's a reason she changed into a midriff-baring bodice between the interview and the experiment, and only half of it is that it keeps her anatomy perky while flat on her back.
    • And it's probably no coincidence that they decided to design a medieval rack with medieval shackles rather than a More Controlled Examination Table
    • Though that would just be someone else's Fetish Fuel....
      • That myth was 100% pure fetish fuel for this troper. Not only did we get to see Kari, the goddess of sexy, redheaded geekiness, in a torturing device, she actually cracks and cries at one point. As if that wasn't enough to turn this troper's knees into jelly, the normally goofy Tory instantly goes into protective mode and wants to stop the test at once. Cue this troper's hurt/comfort fetish meter flying off the scale.
    • Preferred it with Tory in the Outtakes episode.
    • Let's go old-school with this - anyone remember Kari running around in that string bikini during the first "shark myths" special? Oh yeah.
    • More recently, Anime Kari from the Kill Bill Coffin Escape myth.
  • Kari changing into a superheroine in a phone booth. I guess heroine is addictive...
    Grant: She did the hair flip! (* imitates* )Tori: She gets my vote.
  • This troper doesn't know why, but the little screams she gives when something bangs, flares up, or explodes, make him smile.
  • Kari blasting a tree in half with a minigun was incredibly sexy. Hell, just seeing her pose on top of the jeep with it was pretty hot.
    • A commercial bumper gives a twofer by projecting this scene onto her own silver-painted midriff.
  • This pic. That is all.
    • For those who didn't see it, Kari gets dressed in a nude suit so they can make a molding of her thighs and butt. They distorted the molding because they needed a very large butt to test the myth, but the overhead distance shots of Kari's butt in that skintight suit made the episode.
  • What about that episode where Kari flashed the fainting goats?
    • I'm pretty sure that was faked... y'know, considering the fact they didn't show anything that definitively proved she was nude. IIRC, all we got was a little shot of her shoulders (and a small bit of her back).
    • It was clearly a gag skit they threw in for laughs, considering Tory's fake-looking reaction.
    • Yeah, but they did dress up in animal costumes for that episode; I can hear the Furries squeeing from here.
      • Ummm...speak for yourself. Not all furries are into that.
  • In the Moon Hoax episode, Kari says to Grant and Tory, "Don't fight, boys, there's plenty of me to go around."
  • Enough disturbing awesome disturbingly awesome Kari fantasies already; the Tree Cannon episode - Surely there's someone out there who enjoyed it for superman Jamie parading around Ye Olde shirtless, hammering hot metal and using big drills on big logs.
    • Actually...yeah.
      • Third the motion :) . Jamie is welcome to take his shirt off anytime.
  • Scottie! She seems older and more Cool Big Sis than Kari. There's just something about a more confident, technically proficient, older woman. And tattoos! And she's not constantly in crutches or holding a parasol! Why'd she leave the show, anyway?
    • She even managed to get Adam to shut up at one point, when they where dismantling the chicken cannon, thanks to a double entendre.
  • As much as this troper misses Scottie, Grant is still cool. Remember when he got dressed in latex? "Don't! Say! Anything!" And his robots. His fixation on building robots is a Running Gag, and there was the one time where Tory asked if he'd ever built or thought about building a female robot.
    • Grant was asked this while attached to a polygraph. He said no. He was lying.
    • Or how about the one with Grant in a harness being dangled from a crane? With the camera at groin level, no less.
    • Grant spouting off a lot of technical jabber with a cool voice can make even guys want him.
    • This Troper didn't know she had a thing for waggling eyebrows...until she saw Grant do it.
  • This troper bets his parietal and occipital lobes that many a Yaoi Fangirl's minds started thinking really dirty thoughts every time Jamie said "I always enjoy seeing Adam in pain."
  • HELLO! Duct tape episode! Jamie STRAPS Adam to a BOARD with DUCT TAPE and then SUSPENDS HIM FROM THE CEILING! <* glee!* >
    • Only made better by Jamie reassuring Adam that it wouldn't hurt a bit, before getting to work.
  • This troper recalls seeing someone claim they'd seen fanart of "Walrus!Jamie buggering SeaOtter!Adam".
  • There was an episode when they tested whether it was possible for lightning to head through your tongue, to the ground. For it, Adam got a tongue barbell. Cue several closeups of Adam's pierced tongue, occasionally with him wiggling at the camera. This troper facepalmed when he thought of who that would appeal to.
    • You mean heterosexual women?
      • Statistically, yes.
  • The multifarious times Tory ends up in pain or generally tormented by his fellow Build Team members. The outtake of him in the Water Torture rig made this troper giggle like an evil little child.
  • One episode involving vodka myths includes a myth about vodka killing foot-odor. The feet used to test said myth are Adam's. The camera crew gets a little ... friendly with them.
  • For Shark Week, the whole crew gets to work on making Buster into a shark-punching machine to test the myth about punching sharks in the nose. In order to find the right hand molds, they go to a... "special" shop to get two hands: one for punching and one for jabbing.
  • The "Son of a Gun" episode is loaded with them. Bullet through the groin. Pregnancy via bullet through the groin. Using live sperm samples to test said myth (and where did they get those, one wonders). Oh, and Adam putting a horse harness (or something) over his head and telling Jamie "I think we've finally found a way to control me!"
  • This troper recently saw the episode testing the myth that driving while stressed burns more gas. Among other delightful tortures Kari puts Grant and Tory through, she also makes them each drink like a liter of energy drinks, making them really have to pee. I rather enjoyed that episode...
  • There were a few moments in the gun special episode that turned this troper on ... especially when Tory was using the machine gun.
  • There was one episode in an early season which showed off where the Mythbusters got the things they used. It involved Jamie at an adult store, looking at a sort of male thong that was made up like a tux - white with buttons and a little black bow. The cashier lady said it was cute, and he did his nervous almost-giggle before telling the camera "Now, I know some of the viewers at home are imagining me in this right now."
    • And he was right.
  • Grant's been the model for an awful lot of body molds. Mostly they involve keeping him very still, and after they're removed the Mythbusters can make perfect casts. If that is not someone's fetish, this troper will do something rash."1. If it exists, it is someone's fetish.""2. If it has even crossed your mind, someone out there has a fetish for it."
    • Yes, it is someone's fetish.
  • Look at all the whimsical living-the-fantasy costuming that comes up when they're doing a themed show. Ninjas! Pirates! Cowboys! Barbarians!
  • And the whole "messy goo" crowd got to see the guys swimming in syrup and sliding around on some kind of animal birthing lubricant.
  • To get this thing back on the Kari track, in the latest episode (I'm watching it right now), she is visibly pregnant, which, y'know, does it. For some people. >_>
    • This Troper will gladly agree with you. Yow.
    • Even people who never fetishized pregnancy before. Or women at all.
    • Made even better in the "Curving Bullets" episode. Kari is six months preganant and holding a .45 cal handgun.
      • I'll be in my bunk and I don't even know why.
    • i only wish they would had tryed some pregnancy myths.
      • I'm gonna have to buy a new bunk after seeing the episodes with preggers Kari.
  • The wicked look of glee on Kari's face as she shocks Tory with a stungun. Pain, meet pleasure...
    • This Troper would really enjoy being Kari at that point...
    • What's really great is when at the end of the experiment Kari talks about what they've learned. Among the things is that she learned she's a sadist. And then Tory threatens to use the stun gun on both Grant and Kari.
  • In the revisit of "Compact Compact" (two semis collide head-to-head, pancaking the compact that was between them) Adam got all excited, turned to Jamie, and said "If I were a different kind of person I'd hug you right now." And then punched Jamie in the shoulder. So he's into pain, too!
    • Can't forget - in the 50 MPH bus thing, the narrator talking about how Jamie is at the top of Adam's "affection chart".
  • In "Lead Balloon," Adam and Jamie had discovered that rubbing adhesive tape over their mustaches dissipated any static charge on them, making them easier to work with. Adam observed that there were probably female viewers at home wishing that they were the tape.
  • This far into a Mythbusters Fetish page, and there's no mention of EXPLOSION FETISHES?! This troper (who will not even try to hide the fact that he has said fetish) declares heresy!
    • You mean you want to put a fuel fetish on the fetish fuel page?
  • The eye-batting Kari in the "tennis ball blow the lock open" segment. I know it's kind of a Victorian-age fetish, but it's about due for a comeback.
  • Tied Up Pirate Wench Kari from the first pirate special.
    • Don't forget Jamie tied up during the first Bond special, and strapped to the blueprint table during the second.
  • Kari in a lab coat and little else, spraying soda all over herself on the Mentos and Coke episode.
    • That was actually a video capture of part of her FHM shoot.
  • Kari pumping up the soda bottles on Bottle Rocket Jetpack episode. Pressure's just about ready to burst...
  • Kari wearing a set of Wolverine claws.
    • This Troper thinks the gothic lolita outfit did more than the claws for most people.
    • Actually, I'll have both.
    • And Scottie blowing fire.
  • The "ancient battery" myth, where they checked the electrical output by... well, getting electrocuted. And tricked Adam into getting a lot more of a... charge.
  • For anyone out there with a urination fetish, you've got the Alaska special with Kari peeing her name in the snow, probably fake, but I'm still gonna bunk. Also, the shark-skin sandpaper. They needed urine to soften the skin, so they get Kari to pee in a jar. Audio of her peeing, and they show the pee afterward.
    • Oh, boy ...
  • Sometimes, it's the simple things. In this case, during the Prison Break (Rope) myth, Kari, wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt. Redhead + Metal = Win. Her husband's a lucky man.
  • That outfit Adam had on when they were jumping into the stunt airbags. Just... those boots, and that coat!
    • Episode name or a pic, please?
      • It was the "Dumpster Diving" episode.
  • This troper really likes how the Build Team laugh their heads off whenever shit blows up, catches on fire, slices a car in half, ect.
  • In the "Driving Drunk vs. On a Cellphone" episode, one of the commercial break bits includes Kari getting handcuffed by a San Rafael cop. This is Fuel for some people. The red bra under a white shirt helped.
    • Her slurred speech after the drunk test was also cute:Kari: I also think I took * ah-ha* out a few cooouuunes! (giggles and makes a silly face)
  • In one of their Shark Week myths, Kari is shown in a bikini. An attractive red-head in a bikini is enough for most people. But no, Kari turns and twists in such a way that you can see she's got a nice little 6-pack going. Dayum.
  • Grant. God in Heaven help me, Grant. What is it about Asian nerds? I mean, really. The look on his face when he gets to build robots should be illegal.
    • He's frackin' adorable when he meets the Bomb Robot. He shyly greets it and then:Grant: Nice actuator you have there.
      • This Troper died and went to heaven right about then. She didn't realize how much of a geeky turn on Grant could be with his robot fascination.
  • The James Bond episode. Kari Cleans Up Nicely with a silver cocktail dress, gloves up to the elbows, and a black fur wrap. She is also packing a shotgun. Oh, and everyone else is wearing tuxedos. I submit this episode as definitve proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
  • There's also this:Adam (Dangling upside-down, caught in a mesh net from the giant "helium raft"): This wins as the strangest position I've ever been in...on this show.Kari: Don't you love how he qualifies it with "on this show"?
  • This Troper recalls a certain line from Paper Crossbow...Adam: From a mechanical standpoint, I'd be happy with two inches of penetration.

Jamie: Generally, I prefer a little more than that.Shudder.

  • From "Vodka Myths", we have Kari washing Adam's feet:Adam: I have to say, I think there are going to be a lot of jealous fans out there that I'm getting my feet washed by you, Kari.
    • You know it, Adam.
      • And some fans are jealous of Kari. >_>
  • I can't remember the episode but there was a part when Adam said something like I betcha a lot of ladies out there would love to be/do X right now, in response to what Jamie was doing. Jamie disagreed and Adam asked the ladies out there to raise their hands if they agreed with him. The narrator then said 'the producers of mythbusters are not responsible for any damaged relationships as a result of raised hands'.
    • That's the "Lead Balloon" episode referenced above. The day after that episode aired, there were a lot of ladies on an MB forum admitting to raised hands (this troper being one of them).
  • This troper is amazed that no one has mentioned the phrase, "Let's egg him on until he hurts himself. That's always fun," and the erotic possibilities of a cute young man who can be persuaded to do almost anything on a dare.
  • In one episode, they tested whether eating poppy seeds could make one test positive for opium. It involved Adam eating a whole poppy seed cake, then remarking at length about how full he was. Those of us in the feederism community (feederism = sexual arousal from overeating and/or weight gain) were very pleased.
  • During the "Fall Guys" myth, Jessi climbing into the mocked up helicopter rig. She's... bendy. And the fact that her top almost came off as a result of the wind has nothing to do with it.
    • Also she's barefoot, and this troper was more interested in this than she thought she would be.
    • What, no mention of Grant and Tory's climbs? Not to mention Grant had a Wardrobe Malfunction of his own...
  • Grant straddling that diving suit. Yes please.
  • While buying stone for the 'rolling stone gathers no moss' saying, Scottie 'snuck up' on Tory in a fake boulder and then sprung and put the fake boulder over the top of them both. I am sure many would not mind replacing Tory in that situation (or replacing Scottie... or just joining both of them...).
    • Kari hula hooping in a belly shirt was just icing on the cake for that show.
  • I can't be the only one who swooned when Kari developed a disturbing appetite for destruction during the second Duct Tape special.
    • Of course you're not! When I saw that look on her face as she tore that car apart, I practically fainted!
    • Could not turn away.
    • That's what inspired me to look up Fetish Fuel/Mythbusters in the first place.
    • After cutting down a tree with a minigun (and setting it on fire in the process!):

That smells good! It smells like destruction!

  • Tori had to try on a bra for a myth about defibrillators. Cue several shots of him trying bras on and Grant alternately laughing and being horrified. All played for comedy, but... Shirtless Tori. OM NOM NOM.
    • On that note, whenever Tori cross-dresses... I'll be in my bunk.
  • Kari occasionally wears a pin-stripe suit with a small black collar * Nosebleed*
  • My sister and I have unashamedly sat for hours watching a marathon under the guise of wanting to watch Discovery Channel, in reality, we are internally drooling over much slashing of Grant and Tori.
  • Kari swearing at the top of her lungs during the No Pain No Gain episode did it for this troper.
  • Kari with a parasol. Yes Kari is pretty much a Fetish Fuel Station Attendant.
  • There's this moment in the Alcatraz episode where Adam's playing with the paddle, and invites Jamie to engage in some prison-style hazing. There's also the penny drop episode when Adam invites Jamie to fire a penny at his rear end, and Adam's subsequent reaction. (Yes, this troper's chosen Fetish Fuel is Spank The Cutie. >.>;)
    • There are some examples of this in the second pilot about the airplane toilet. We see Jamie in the opening credits slapping at the butt casting, and Adam's knowledge of the right casting material, the fact he slaps the test piece of material to make sure it sounds right, and then later comments to Jamie, "I'm looking forward to spanking it"... Oh dear lord.
  • Just went to the website and randomly found this vid. Grant. In handcuffs. Contorting painfully to get the key into them. Yeah.
    • Then there is one of Tori doing it too:Reminds me of last Friday night...
  • Am I the only one who thought that Kari behind that massive rifle in "Bulletproof Phonebook" was a massive turn on?
  • Kari's recent motherhood has made things even better in the chestal area.
    • Kari puts the "Bust" in MythBusters.


Enough lusting, back to busting!

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