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You see these spiky things? Some people wear these for show. I don't.

–Abby, referring to her bracelet, Chimera

Some say NCIS stands for "Naughty Criminalists In Stockings".

  • We have Gibbs and his habit of trapping people in elevators (he does it for private conversations, but the potential for abuse is there). In "Twisted Sister" the camera angle used seems designed to show just how confined a space it is. And when it comes to actual interrogations, he may not be at Jack Bauer levels yet, but he's very... shall we say... assertive. Verbally.
    • Gibbs is a Daddy through and through. He will spank when necessary, but always dry the tears afterward and tell you you're his special girl (or boy).
    • In "Semper Fidelis", Tony and Ziva seem to have inherited Gibbs tendency towards elevator interrogations. They just happen to do it with a hot Secret Service agent Tony had been flirting with since they met.
    • Then there was the time in "Mind Games" when Abby is in her usual Techno Babble mode, when she realizes McGee's not listening. She sarcastically says she's pregnant. With twins. Gibbs. She knows it's wrong, but something about that grey hair... When Tony, in the doorway, says he's going to puke, Abby clarifies she was joking. Except for the hair part; that really is hot.
    • Gibbs also gets the elevator interrogation turned on him once by an old mentor.
  • Something about Kate just screams Catholic Schoolgirl, including the fact she attended a Catholic school - and let's not forget her outfits in the various dream sequences in the Season 3 premiere. Or, for that matter, a certain contest she won during Spring Break 1994 in Panama City.
    • Well, for cryin' out loud, she was played by the uber-sexy Sasha Alexander. Kind of a given, no?
  • Ziva - Bad Ass Action Girl who has admitted to using sex as an interrogation technique.
    • Not to mention few dozen bisexuality hints she dropped in her very first scene, and several times thereafter. She is almost certainly messing with Tony. Almost.
    • And the clothes she wears! Most of the time it's camouflage clothes so then when she changes into a bikini or a fancy dress...whoa...she cleans up nicely.
    • Then there's all the tantalizing hints she drops about her sex life. References to handcuffs are just one of the many times she mentions something to do with sex that makes Tony's pupils dilate.
    • And then there's the several times she seems to be almost coming on to people - normally Tony, but sometimes also McGee. There was a scene in the third season where she was trying to persuade Tony to take the blame for a car accident. He asks what he gets in return. She moves very close to him, places her hands on the opening of his shirt, and breathes into his ear " ...want." Scenes like this continue at least until the end of season five, and not just with Tony.
    • Sex as an interrogation technique? Well, I'd tell her what she wants to know...
      • Seconded, and I'm a straight female!
      • Is it getting warm in here?
    • Then there's all those moments where she drops the business-like facade, and looks truly dangerous and pissed-off. The sudden change from working girl to furious cold-as-ice assassin is both disconcerting and hot.
    • There are some lovely Male Gaze scenes with Ziva. She stretches, she does exercises, she leans over... On one occasion she's looking under desk and even Gibbs can't resist staring at her.
    • And then there's her habit of getting very close to people. She stands barely an inch away from Tony and Gibbs on multiple occasions, so you can literally see both people breathing faster.
      • Likely a cultural excuse. Most nations in the world have a much closer conversation range than Americans do. They like to stand close enough to be able to detect patterns in the breath and such which can indicate lying (probably not consciously).
    • Actually, you know what? Ziva's just so hot that she's fetish fuel even just standing still and quiet.
    • Hell, yes. When I finally realised that I like girls, I simultaneously realised that I had unconsciously been perving on Ziva for years.
  • Abby likes to get busy in a coffin and was once called a vampire by Ziva. (Not to mention the (actually fairly non-fetishy, except in an ordinary daywear sort of way) Goth gear, the pigtails, the copious tattoos on that deliciously pale skin◊, and the episode where she dressed up like Marilyn Monroe...)
    • Not to mention the episode "Forced Entry" wherein Abby wears glasses and a schoolgirl's uniform.
    • Heck, she wears stuff reminiscent of school uniforms a lot it seems, and flaunts it. Also her BIG BOOTS. They're so... big. And boot-like.
    • Her habit of hugs. It's cute, and hot, at the same time!
    • One episode had an ex-boyfriend stalking her, and she handcuffs him to a bookcase. He's loose in a few seconds, due to still having the key from when they were dating. Later in that episode, she dresses in a white business suit and Sexy Nerd Glasses. And wields a Tazer on an assailant, legs spread wide, standing inside a van as he looks up at her from the pavement. "AND DON'T LOOK UP MY SKIRT!" Same episode, she's walking around McGee's apartment in a T-Shirt and BLACK PANTIES!! *drool* *drool*
    • Any time Abby drops the Goth and Cleans Up for court? *pant* *pant* *pant*
      • Abby's stalker boyfriend was pretty hot himself— obsessive and creepy, yes, but that's hot. She bought him a straightjacket. For undisclosed purposes. Wowza.
    • This troper's parents noticed hints of an Abby and McGee in the first season. Many times Abby implies in a very straightforward manner that they slept together.
      • Yup, Abby/McGee was canon during the first season. They've broken up since then, but that doesn't stop the writers from continuing to tease us!
      • Who's with me on wishing the writers would get them back together, even if only for awhile?
    • What, no one else is attracted to the hyperactive happiness?
    • How could you not mention her tattoos? Especially the full back one of the cross?
    • In one episode, Abby uses rollerblades to try and save time moving around the building. This troper can't be the only one who found that...strangely enticing.
    • The Mexican trip, where Abby is getting ready for bed without her usual makeup etc and looking smoking hot while arguing with McGee. This troper had to actually pause the show and get a cold drink before continuing.
  • McGee, with his technobabble and lips that could rival Jensen Ackles.
    • Really? This troper is a straight guy, and thought it would be the fact that he's kinda...cuddly.
      • He IS cuddly. He's also adorable. This troper considers him the best part of the show.
      • Am I the only one who gets kinda hot and bothered when McGee drops the technobabble and gets forceful? Interrogating that jock, hanging up a video-link on an elected official, telling Abby to stay in the apartment and even threatening to tie her damn Timothy, you can order me around anytime you like.
      • No, you're not the only one. Sean Murray doing anything is sexy, but when he gets forceful... SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Um. The rest of you talking about the Team here will hate me for this, but... um... Ari. Damnit... Rudolf Martin tricked me!
    • Trust me, I've noticed. It's something to do with that drawl. If I were gay...
      • Rudolf Martin's voice is enough to reduce this troper to a drooling puddle of squiggly feelings. There's something incredibly sexy about that first scene with him, too— where he slips out of a body bag. And the later mentions of him always being seen with a girl on his arm. He's like an evil, sadistic James Bond.
    • Don't worry, he's is fine. It doesn't help that he seems capable of having UST with anything in his field of vision.
      • Ari/feral!Tony (see below) is nosebleed-elicitingly hot to contemplate. Squiggly!
    • To be fair, even Caitlin seemed pretty entranced by the guy... "It was his eyes..."
    • Well, I would certainly attempt to stab him to get closer.
  • The episode "Kill Ari, Part 1" deliberately played with this, when the team is having Dead Person Conversations with the late Kate. Ducky imagines her talking to him from the slab, Gibbs keeps seeing her taking poker-faced to him with a bullet hole in her head, reminding him of his mortality and that of his team. McGee opens a file cabinet and finds her dead body inside, asking why he hasn't been down to the morgue to see her. This is contrasted with the visions of Tony, Abby(!), and McGee, which are, respectively, a Sexy Schoolwoman (complete with an imaginary vent wind exposing her panties), a goth, a spy, and a dominatrix. That's not a typo; McGee has two. Here's a link.
  • Jenny Shepard; attractive older woman in a position of authority who knows how to wield a gun. With a penchant for tight sweaters and skirts. And she's a redhead.
  • Hot Marines. Full stop. And Gibbs often has to comfort them...
  • Anytime Tony gets that serious, protective, sad look- almost always with regards to Ziva. Definitely.
  • This troper, being a McGee fan, usually doesn't look at Tony too much, but he definitely earned her approval during the episode "Chained". She thinks the stubbly escaped convict look suits him very well. Plus him dragging another guy around via handcuffs...Ho Yay!
    • I saw that episode and the menacing/blatant Ho Yay vibes it had and I immediately went online to look for fic. NO FIC. What has the world come to? Tony being all stubbly and semi-violent suits him very, very well.
      • No fic? Wow, Rule Thirty Four has finally failed.
      • Impossible, have you looked every where?
      • Absolutely everywhere. Twice.
      • We need to invoke Rule Thirty Five.
    • Is this troper the only one who thinks that Tony is incredibly hot whenever he drops the Jerk Jock Obfuscating Stupidity and goes all serious and intense?
      • No. In fact, this troper normally prefers the ultra-cuddly McGee, but all resistance crumbles when faced with serious!mature!leader!Tony.
      • This one thinks that Tony is always incredibly hot.
  • The head slaps are enough... But when Gibbs strokes Tony's head?
  • Hollis Mann. YUM. At once hard and soft, soldier and woman... and that uniform.
    • The kind of woman that'd make you wish you were a lesbian - even if you're a guy.
    • Casting Susanna Thompson as The Boss doesn't seem at all out of place.
  • "The Bone Yard" opens with the team in the gym, and Kate is stretching. As McGee notes, Ms. Alexander is very flexible.
    • Wasn't that the scene where she nails him right in the stones? I know there are fetishists of that, I can hear them groaning!
  • "SWAK" features a mass Shower Scene. Although this is actually not for fetishy reasons ( it's part of measures against a possible anthrax/plague scare), the sight of Gibbs/McGee/Tony/Kate all naked and soapy definitely qualifies as Fetish Fuel. And the camera angles...Squee!
  • I have to admit this: not everyone likes Trent Kort but his accent and his way of moving just does things to me. I'll let the CIA do anything they want to me as long as Kort's involved...
  • Jimmy Palmer. He's just so shy and adorkably nervous, and the only one who isn't made to feel welcome in the team which makes this troper want to give him lots of cuddles...
    • Scene where he's stripping off for some naughty time with Lee. Holy crap, sexy-geek is hot under those scrubs. Rawr.
    • Incidentally, he seems to have some BDSM interest. Gibbs once used his usual Dope Slap as a reward.
    • And when he tells DiNozzo he has to do the right thing and tell the truth? Yesh please.
  • Sooo, remember that episode when Abby had hooked up shirtless McGee to a home-made polygraph machine? And then when Gibbs walked in he asked Abby why she was torturing McGee? That must have beeen Fetish Fuel for somebody.
  • Is this troper the only one who considers Ducky and his sheer brilliance hot? Not to mention the actor's previous gigs...
    • Damn it. He's such a sweet guy and this troper is probably too young for him, but...
  • Anytime Ziva fights. Anytime. This troper admits he's got a thing for scenes with a woman holding her own in hand to hand combat.
  • This Troper already lives in Baja. This makes her affection for Mike Franks (you know, the guy who first called Gibbs "probie") all the more convenient.
  • Abby doing the "Turkey Trot" in a very short (even for her) skirt.

NCIS: Los Angeles*Callen is an undercover specialist with multiple alter egos, enough of a Mysterious Past that even he doesn't know his first name, and, well...he's hot.

  • The episode "Breach" starts off sexy and eventually has Callen going undercover at a strip club. *drool*
  • And then there's the Callen/Sam Ho Yay. Kensi even asks them how long they've been married at one point.
  • On the subject of Kensi, she gets a few good undercover opportunities as well.
    • Hell, "NCIS: Undercover" was actually one of the alternate names considered for the show while it was still in production. The roleplaying possibilities would be endless...
    • Kenzi on a Motorcycle. This is all.
  • I'm surprised that we've gone this far without mentioning Nell from LA, a woman with short hair, and a brainy computer nut. Then in the episode "Free Ride", she wears a revealing elf costume, complete with pointy ears.

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