• Bless you, TYPE-MOON.
    • Shirou's right, Saber is surprisingly sexy with her hair down. Taiga's cute at times, too, and the two Greek hotties (Rider and Caster) are gorgeous...but no one (but no one) beats sexy goddess Sakura, and I stand by that.
      • This troper would place Rider higher than Sakura but otherwise I agree with everything you said.
    • Rin. And Saber looks better with her hair up...
    • Most of the ladies in FateStayNight are quite good-looking. But the first time I saw Rider in glasses, my jaw dropped. And I'm not normally a glasses man.
    • Thanks to a certain alternate-continuity manga, we briefly get to witness Illya all grown up. Whoa. Yes, please. If that's the future, then call me Hikaru Genji. Unfortunately, the Fate/stay night version of Illya will never have the chance to grow up... :(
    • Arcueid and Aoko are sexy. Akiha and Ciel are cute. Satsuki and Hisui are downright cuddly. Kohaku is all three.
    • Seeing the male cast of FateStayNight and the prequel, this troper wish they would make a "female version". And don't get me started on Tohno Shiki or Kokuto Mikiya...
    • This long without any mentions of Gilgamesh or Lancer? They don't need those Noble Phantasms to pierce my heart. Or my heavens. A Kotomine is fine too.
      • Kotomine's sexy voice. Try not to melt while you listen to it. The man himself ain't too bad ether.
  • Ilya is a delicious and playful Yangire.
    • Ilya is one of a tiny group of fictional girls who I would go lolicon for. I can't be the only one who saw the ending where she makes Shirou her slave and thought 'That's supposed to be a bad end?' (It makes me feel a little better about myself that she's in her twenties, I'll admit. And the fact that I couldn't do anything to her that she didn't force me to do).

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