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The Japanese are weeeiiirrd!

Some eldritch abominations have nothing on their minds but sex. They want it, they want it in quantity, they want it now, and they want it from nubile young women (especially beautiful and cute Japanese schoolgirls). To this end, they almost always manifest in forms that have many, many tentacles - tentacles that are used to catch, hold, bond, strip, torture and violate said young women, usually in every way possible simultaneously. Naughty Tentacles are a staple of Hentai anime.

According to one essay on the subject, "Countless monstrous tentacles assaulting a woman is a powerful visual image for both male and female observers. The idea of a single male completely overwhelming a woman and driving her to an impossible height of stimulation can be an empowering image for male viewers, and a fulfilling fantasy for females." Broadcast anime typically only makes sly allusions to it, although some series have become much bolder in "tame" depictions.


  • Tentacle Grape. Yes, someone made a Tentacle Rape-themed soda. Hope nothing strange comes out when you open the bottle...
    • "As Tentacle Grape slides smoothly down your throat you'll feel refreshed and full."
    • Every six-pack of this soda has a theme-matching condom included.
  • Exactly what happened that caused John Jameson to disappear for two weeks?
    • The fact that alcohol is involved somehow makes it worse.
  • A female octopus and her tentacles in an Orangina ad.

Anime & MangaEdit

  • Urotsukidouji/Legend of the Overfiend and LaBlueGirl were the first of what is now the tentacle subgenre of Hentai.
  • Played with in GirlsBravo, when it attacked two "women" after a GenderBender body-swap.
  • The "lingerie monster" episode of Mai-HiME is a knowing wink to this trope.
  • An early episode of Mai-Otome also plays with this a little, with Erstin Ho (and several other Corals) getting attacked by a host of tentacles conjured up by Shiho during swim class (here).
  • PlayedForLaughs in Puni Puni Poemi, in a scene devoted to mocking Fanservice.
  • Lampshaded in Amaenaideyo.
  • Played with in the second season of Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan, where a set of tentacles decide to ignore the three girls in the enclosed space they are in, and rape the male character instead, to which he lampshades that this is so different from what should be happening in an anime.
  • Yamazaki from Welcome To The NHK draws hentai of his love interest being raped by tentacles. When she is less put off by this than he expects, he suggests that she is into tentacle rape, which earns him a broken nose and bruised cheek for his troubles.
  • In X1999, one character has a sentient supercomputer whose cables look and act very much like tentacles. Not to mention that it's in love with its owner.
  • Parodied (like many other things) in the first episode of The Tower Of Druaga, where the party puts off rescuing the afflicted party until just the right moment... which turns out to be...
    • 'Fatina: Hey, how long are you going to watch, you perverts?
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
    • There's a scene where the berserk Book of Darkness does this to the girls in A's, before Fate gets sealed into a special space inside the book. There is a dôjinshi which takes that scene the rest of the way. The other characters joke about letting the two finish before the rescue.
    • And when Signum was being held by the giant worm's tentacles in A's. Maybe someone at Seven Arcs had missed the memo that they weren't making hentai anymore.
    • Also, the arrangements of the bind dependent on the user's skill and imagination. WeakButSkilled + TheStoic + TentacleRope = Porno Bind. Cue the Fandom respond: " Chrono, you awesome, lucky bastard, covert pervert".
  • There is a similar scene (and resulting dôjinshi) in Digimon Tamers, where BreakTheCutie victim Juri is restrained by D-Reaper's chamber of tentacles, but (thankfully?) only her mind was raped.
  • Manga Aijin Incubus (English-licensed name Mister Mistress) has the title incubus character summoning a tentacle beast for use on his current charge. Possibly a partial subversion in that this charge happens to be male.
  • To Love Ru... where to begin with this one?
    • Haruna seems to be a tentacle magnet, being ensnared once by an octopus and once by a scheming alien. The aforementioned octopus came with a squid that served a similar purpose. Then there's Lala's TransformationSequence, which has tentacles wrap around various parts of her body while she whimpers and moans.
    • Not to mention the final episode, where the main characters barely escape the tentacle vines that suggestively bind all of the other women (and only women) on the street (while the men leer on), only to immediately afterwards get caught by a transparent blobby tentacle monster, that also happens to dissolve clothes.
    • The original manga has a scene where Mikan gets Tentacled by a sentient watermelon creature.
  • The last anime episode of ' Ah My Goddess has a rare male-target example. Keiichi goes to his room to find Peorth there in a seductive pose. He freaks out, retreats down the hall, and gets snatched up and yanked back in by her vines, leaving Skuld to wonder what the heck just happened.
  • A gender flipped variant occurs in FrankenFran with an octopus that morphs into a girl. A young man who lost his little sister took the octopus as a replacement for his sister. The results are, in a word . . . YEEESSH!
    • A young man who gained the ability to shape his own body with his thoughts thanks to Fran briefly became a tentacle monster when he saw Officer Kudou one night and found her attractive. He managed to control himself before the situation got too horrible, and realized that RealityWarpingIsNotAToy.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima
    • Spoofed early on with this "water spirits" spell that summons a dozen hands to attack the naked Asuna... and start tickling her. Negi and Setsuna arrive right after the spell dissipates, see Asuna lying exhausted on the floor, and naturally assume the worst. Although given Negimas sense of humor, it wouldn't really be strange for tickling spell to exist.
    • There's also the Extreme Graphical Representation of viruses destroying data; visualized as clothes-dissolving jellyfish.
    • The Meta Girl Chisame gets attacked by a clothes-eating octopus. She proceeds to hang lampshades all over the situation. She initially fears for the worst, but is saved by the RobotGirl, who informs her that the octopus only eats peoples' clothes, "licks them thoroughly, and leaves them naked in the jungle."
    • A much more serious example occurs later on, when Nodoka's gang of treasure hunters is attacked by bounty hunters. One of them has tentacles, and is extremely perverted. (When she reads his thoughts, it goes something like "boobiesboobiesboobiesboobies") He's beginning to molest her just as the rest of Ala Alba shows up.
    • This event turns out to be Hilarious In Hindsight in epic proportions when it's revealed the perverted tentacle bounty hunter is female. And hot. This is found out when Ala Alba runs into the same group of bounty hunters in a bath house. And the perverted female goes waaaaay beyond the acceptable boundaries of Skinship Grope.
  • Berserk
    • Played for horror during the Eclipse, when Casca is stripped naked by demons, with Guts seeing her in the clutches of a tentacled Apostle before Griffith, newly transformed into the fifth member of the Godhand, Femto, proceeds to rape her. It definitely doesn't help things that the horde of demons that just went straight to eating the male members of the Band of the Hawk decided to molest and attempt to tentacle-rape Casca with a nasty bit that had a claw at the end of it. And the dôjinshi, naturally, took things further. My God, the things this woman has gone through.
    • On a lighter note, tentacle fear was played for laughs in a later chapter with the goldfish poop gang pirates and their ship, with Magnifico exclaiming, "Oh nooo! I hate tentacles!"
  • Despite the fact that the entire show (and manga) is about a group of female warriors fighting a race of demons, many of whom seem to use tentacles as their favored weapon] Claymore is surprisingly free of any implication of tentacle rape... except for the gender-reversal of Riful and Dauf, which is probably consensual.
  • There was an episode of Tokyo Mew Mew were a bunch of trees get possessed... and proceed to ensnare the girls with their vines. And with Zakuro's skimpy outfit, it was pretty awkward for a rated PG-13 anime.
  • Ninin Ga Shinobuden lampshades this in an episode with Shinobu's giant carnivorous plant.
  • Ranma 1/2
    • Aversion with Pantyhose Tarô; after he adds octopus tentacles to his chimera body, he never does anything naughty with them but use them as actual weapons and snares. Even after catching Female!Ranma by the wrists and ankles, it was only to follow up with a punch.
    • However, in the second movie, Nihao My Concubine, there is an authentic giant tentacle plant that capture several of the girls in its tendrils. Female!Ranma gives it some "Martial Arts Ikebana" trimming. The whole movie is pretty much a parody of Hentai anyway.
  • A tame version was done in the OVA of Magic Users Club when the invading aliens examine the club members with probes that resemble thin black tentacles. In a twist on the usual victims and reactions, token Yaoi Guy Aburatsubo even seems to enjoy it.
  • Possibly referenced in the twelfth episode of the second season of Shuffle, where Sia's dad replaces the water in the swimming pool with eels. Did I mention those eels were live eels?
  • In Sazan Eyes there's a demon with an extremely long and prehensile tongue (also used as Combat Tentacles, able to bust open the head of a giant harpy). The evil cult needs a virgin girl for a sacrifice. Guess how the demon tests whether the girl is "pure" or not?
  • In one chapter of Pokemon Special, one of the members of the Pokémon Fan Club (of Vermilion City) went into the bath with her Tentacool and supposedly says she'll never bathe with it again. Yet several chapters later, she's in a bath. With her Tentacool. Some people just never learn....
  • Boys Love manga Crimson Spell has an extra chapter in one of its volumes dedicated to a tentacle monster raping one of the main characters. Bonus points for previous demon possession.
  • Hentai OVA Beat Angel Escalayer features this in episode 2.
  • Bleach
    • Subverted when Luppi appears to want to do this to Matsumoto... and then his tentacles grow spikes.
    • Parodied in the anime filler Beach Episode #228 when two female Soul Reapers are grabbed by a monster's tentacles.
    • Sort of done with Syazel's release form, which has tentacles and his "Gabriel" ability, though it doesn't require sexual contact and he apparently doesn't need the tentacles for it. The scene in which he uses Gabriel on Nemu Kurotsuchi is chock full of rape imaginery
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Chrome seems to be attacked with tentacles every time she tries to fight ANYBODY.
  • Shown in Gamble Fish with rose vines during the game against Tsukiyono.
  • One episode of Kurogane No Linebarrel features a mutated giant octopus. Hilarity ensues.
  • Subverted in H-manga Fiend Without a Face: the girl unabashedly introduces the tentacle beast as her live-in boyfriend and future husband. Given a comedic bent when, after the sexing is done, the girl has to explain this to her father, who is understandably less than pleased with the arrangement. [[spoiler:The boyfriend eventually has its way with the father offscreen while the girl is out, resulting in his approving the marriage.
  • An early example involving a princess having her clothes ripped off by a tentacle in Lupin The Third Episode 65 of the Red Jacket series.
  • Not used in the series, but referenced in Martian Successor Nadesico. The character Megumi is a former voice actress, and at one point, someone recognizes her from her voice. He asks if she was in a show apparently called "Tentacle Love", and she replies in the affirmative.
  • Keroro Gunsou has the Space Octopus, which was somehow supposed to perform CPR. Surprisingly enough, it works.
  • Shina Dark has a giant sea monster attack a bunch of girls while they're at the beach in the last chapter. But it's punished for its crimes by the strongest maid in the universe.
  • During Death the Kid's introductory story in Soul Eater Liz and Patty are attacked by a mummies naughty bandages while Kid's off being neurotic.
  • Parodied at the start of Kiss X Sis OVA 1. At the beach, a comical giant octopus molests Ako and Riko under Keita's eyes -- and a smaller octopus even fill up Keita's mouth with its tentacle. The whole thing happens to be a Dream Sequence, though.
  • Genie in Rune Soldier once had a very bad encounter with a swarm of giant slugs, causing Loui to start giggling in a very immature way. When she says it took her forever to get the slime off her stuff, he's not convinced that it was all that happened.
  • A randy giant octopus is briefly shown to be one of the Ulfan's many "training tools" in the hentai OVA Bondage Queen Kate.
  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Laganns second movie, Lagann-Hen, the scene where the Anti-Spiral deconstructs poor Nia Teppelin, which already carried some pretty rape-ish overtones in the TV series, is made even worse with the deconstruction taking the form of this, turning things into Nightmare Fuel.
  • Mentioned humorously in the (non-canon) last episode of MoonPhase. Before his grandfather goes fishing, Kouhei asks for octopus. His grandfather just has an uncomfortable reaction and leaves. Elfriede then tells Kouhei a story off-screen, prompting Kouhei to yell "An octopus did WHAT?!". It's repeated later in the episode.
  • The Hentai anime Samayou Midara na Lunatics has a double tentacle sex scene at the end of the second OVA. After a very lengthy incest- ridden threesome, the two siblings get sent into a tentacle scene, which involves snakes no less. The scene has the typical female scene, and the rare male scene (complete with penetration at that).
  • The hentai OVA series The Tower of Etruria contains a consensual tentacle sex scene in the second episode.
  • The entire Darkness Anime Series is built on this trope. A few examples:
    • Alien From The Darkness, in which the eponymous alien uses its tentacles to implant eggs in its female victims. Of course, it certainly takes its time doing so...
    • The "Sex-beast" in the hentai Spy Of Darkness begins to sprout Naughty Tentacles as a kind of rape-based power-up once he's had his way with enough women. As the story progresses, he becomes nothing more than a head atop a mass of tentacles.
  • 11eyes, right in the second episode. Poor, poor girl.
  • Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt isn't a stranger to this trope. In "If The Angels Wore Swimsuits" the Demon Sisters unleash a bunch of sea ghosts after being defeated out of spite, including a giant octopus that immediately attacks the Lovely Angels. Panty breaks out without much effort while Stocking... doesn't even try:

-->Stocking: So tight...

  • Horrifyingly used in Yami No Matsuei, when the demon that Hisoka's family has made a DealWithTheDevil with ... rapes Hisoka's dad Nagare. And said demon does it every night. For worse, he has also done so with Hisoka's mother, who has been pregnant with a devil baby for Gods know how long.

Card GamesEdit

  • The Hentai Demon in Grave Robbers From Outer Space.
  • This is the entire premise of Tentacle Bento.

Comic BooksEdit

  • Italian cartoonist Paolo Serpieri's lead character, Druuna, is beautiful, voluptuous, brave, clever and caring. She's the ideal sexy heroine. Then he draws frighteningly detailed and realistic pictures of her being raped by mutants, monsters, prehistoric throwbacks and you-don't-want-to-know-what else (and if you do, you won't find out here!). Admittedly they don't all have tentacles, but it's an example of the same sort of thing.
  • Apparently in a bid to cash in on the lucrative tentacle porn market, Marvel Comics decided in May 2007 to splash NaughtyTentacles on the cover of Heroes For Hire #13.
  • In one arc of X-Treme X-Men, Callisto is altered: her arms became highly dextrous and agile tentacles of varying lengths. Her first fight in this form was (while brainwashed) against Storm, and almost any time she grabbed Storm with them, at least one was wrapped high enough on Storm's thigh that any real person in Storm's place would likely have been concerned. It also happens once when Callisto, unbrainwashed, lifts Storm over her head when the two celebrated their victory in a mutant arena.
    • And then when the story is over, they and another female character celebrate their victory by having a hot tub session. Claremont, you so crazy...
  • Wonder Woman
    • This is just one instance of all the sexual innuendo in the comics. It falls under the trope visually, but those aren't tentacles, they're snakes.
    • This cover also certainly qualifies, especially since it doubles as Baby Got Back.
  • Played with in Batman: Harley and Ivy #2: Poison Ivy initiated such an encounter with a tangle of jungle vines; she was in complete control throughout.
  • During the "X-Cutioner's Song" X-Men arc, the villain Strife imprisons Jean Grey in a web of metal tentacles that are at least a visual homage to this trope. Which is pretty damn creepy when you consider that Jean Grey is his MOTHER. Chester the Molester here clearly has a complex. Of the Oedipal kind. To be fair, Stryfe was the clone of the baby of Jean's clone. No wait, that doesn't actually make it better -- now it's just Squick with a headache.
  • Happens frequently to Demi the Demoness.
  • Like most Sex Tropes, this one gets used at least once in Cherry Comics.
  • Parodied in Deady "Big in Japan": Deady is a teddy bear who is possessed by the galaxy's greatest evil, who so happens to possess tentacles. He finds a Hentai video, and decides to go to Japan and be in porn. He uses his tentacles to feel up several women on a train, and, when in the airport, we see his tentacles go up a women skirt, only for her to push him off saying "POREECE! NASTY TEDDEH BEAH TOUCHY MAH PEE PEE!"
  • The [BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy] Season 8 comic has Dawn having had a relationship with a Thricewise demon. In issue 25 we get to see it. Although it should be noted that it is an excellent shapeshifter, and when the above scene happens in the actual comic it looks completely human.
  • Cable and Deadpool: Deadpool travels to an alternate reality and finds that reality's Cable, who has been completely taken over by the techno organic virus, and has become a giant organic metal tentacle monster. After being attacked/picked up by them, Wade, naturally, went from "ow! ow! hey-that is incredibly personal space there-ow!!!" to "okay-hey-okay-okay-see, now I'm kinda liking it".
  • The Umbrella Academy inverted this with Ben a.k.a. The Horror, to an extent. The irony was that despite having impressive tentacles at his disposal, he was the sweetest and most innocent out of all the characters.
  • Angie Spica, the Engineer, does some pretty interesting things to Captain Atom in Captain Atom: Armageddon. You need to scroll past the other bondage pics (NSFW).
  • One of the characters in Welcome To Tranquility is Mangacide, a girl who can generate telekinetic energy tentacles. This line comes from her fight with Judge Fury, a '40s Anti Hero partially based on Adam West:

-->Fury: Keep those things away from my pooper, young lady!

Fan WorksEdit

  • There is Star Wars fanfic and art depicting interesting uses of Twi'leks' lekku (brain-tails), Nautolan head-tentacles, Quarrens' mouth limbs, the Sarlacc's grasping arms, and Jabba's tail.
    • There is a G-rated one where Aayla (Twi'lek) and Kit (Nautolan) were tired, leaned against each other, and accidentally started entwining their respective headgear, while freezing in shock and thinking along the lines of "We shouldn't be doing this -- but it feels so good, and I trust you." It was cute.
  • Played straight in a Torchwood fanfic that also includes MindlinkMates.
  • Parodied in Yu-Gi-Oh: the Abridged Movie:

-->Kaiba: And now I activate Tentacle Rape!\\ Yugi: Hey, this wasn't in my contract.

  • Subversion: The OfficialFanfictionUniversity of Redwall features the Grimblett, a monster made of pondweed from Brian Jacques' short story compilation Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales. Attempts of the students to persuade it to do anything interesting with its tentacular fronds have failed so far.
  • An Axis Powers Hetalia fan pic has a nude Japan laying contentedly in the arms of a octopus (NSFW). As one commenter says, "One could kind of look at this like the entire populous of Japan having tentacle sex".
    • There's also My Little Chicken; it's sequel features someone being tentacle raped to death.
      • [Then there's this, by the same authors, but... Let's just say that the tentacle demons are hardly the most disurbing thing in that fanfic.
  • The Ranma One Half/Mass Effect story Wild Effect has Ranma freaking out at the sight of a hanar, claiming that she "knew what (they) did to those girls in those manga Hiroshi and Daisuke had."
  • A multiple crossover lemon titled Porn World, apparently abandoned, has a semi-magical virus kill off all human males and leave all human females with extreme horniness and the constitution of Wolverine. So when a tentacle monster assaulted a young Japanese woman, she screamed at first because she didn't know what it wanted. Cut to a couple of hours later: the girl says with obvious disappointment, "Are you sure you can't do it again?" ... and the monster whimpers.
  • Any Harry Potter fanfic involving the giant squid.
  • Avatars II When Qwaritch Takes Revenge. The Avatar movie only implies that the Na'vi use their queues to have sex, but in this story? It's canonical. Very, very canonical.
  • Reconstructed in the NSFW Warcraft fic Ethereum Gladiator, where characters enjoy voice-recognition-capable artificial Naughty Tentacles invented by the Ethereals.
  • Touhou being a fandom full of Moe girls, Rule 34, and Self Fanservice, it should surprise absolutely nobody that Naughty Tentacles or the imagery thereof abound in fan works.
  • Parodied heavily in the very name of Tentacle Consensual Sex Monster, though it rarely seems to come up in the actual videos.
  • A Young Avengers -based parody of the trope here.
  • Pointedly inverted in this (very very NSFW) Warcraft fan art.
    • Played straight in this one.
  • The That Guy With The Glasses Kink Meme once had this happen to The Cinema Snob.
    • There's a few tentacle fics on there, although surprisingly (or maybe not) they mostly feature male victims.
  • There's an Avatar The Last Airbender smutfic where Katara happens upon the kami of a forest that she and the gang are resting at and is forced to abandon her friends and become the wife of the kami. They even have a child together. Which rapes her with the father's approval. You can find it here.
  • A prompt on the notoriously huge Phoenix Wright Kink Meme asked for Phoenix getting the treatment from a tentacle monster in Gourd Lake. Since then the monster has been requested several more times, shown up to a few fills that didn't ask for it, become a bizarre sort of fanon Ensemble Darkhorse, and been dubbed "Gourdy".
  • A Teen Titans Hentai flash series has both Raven and Starfire getting the Naughty Tentacles treatment.
  • Unsurprisingly, fics set in the Slender Man mythos tend have this in spades.
  • In Dungeon Keeper Ami, shrinking violet Ami hires a Tentacle monster as protection against Dark Mistresses who think her a super Deviant after she supposedly raped a Horned Reaper, the deadliest and strongest of Demons. Nobody believes her. Much later she transforms it and Jadeite into mice to get them out of prison. She teleports them home only for the transformations to wear off and her and the naked General being buried in a mound of tentacles. Of course a lot of people used their Crystal Ball to see where the prisoner went...
  • This troper has read at least one Lesbian Succubus story where the succubus' tail is used in this capacity.

Films -- Live-ActionEdit

  • An entire subset of the Japanese adult video industry these days. Live-action, hentai style. Make of that what you will.
  • The infamous "tree rape" scene in Evil Dead. The tree returns in a non-rapey form in Evil Dead 2.
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean
    • Lampshaded in Dead Man's Chest. After Davy Jones uses his nasty, slimy, tentacle-y hand to remove Jack Sparrow's black spot, Sparrow dazedly remarks that he feels "sullied and unusual."
    • Happens to Mercer in the third movie... with his face. The look of joy on Davy Jones's face.... He might have been happy about getting back the Dutchman instead. But then again, what better way to say "screw you"...?
  • Alien. The Alien kills Lambert with its sinuous tail around her ankle and back and disappears up between her legs. Cut to Ripley running to try to save her, and Lambert's death cries are similar to a violent orgasm.
    • And in Alan Dean Foster's novelization of the movie, Parker walks in on the xenomorph as it's killing Lambert and starts screaming "What are you doing to her?!" or thereabouts. That was one hell of an euphemism.
    • Interestingly, the shot of the alien's tail snaking between two legs was repurposed from an earlier scene. In reality, that's Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), not Veronica Cartwright (Lambert).
  • Christabella's death in Silent Hill was supposedly inspired by Legend Of The Overfiend, but replace Naughty Tentacles with Naughty Barbwire.
  • Subverted in Galaxy Quest, wherein the Thermians are all nice tentacle aliens, and only one (a female) actually has sex with one of the humans (a male). He didn't mind, but Guy was utterly squicked out.
  • In the 1983 comedy Bullshot (a parody of Bulldog Drummond) Hugh Crummond and Rosemary Fenton are attacked by a giant octopus whose tentacles greatly distress the damsel by reaching into some interesting places.

-->Bullshot: I can't control this thing between my legs! It's got a mind of its own!\\ Rosemary: It's so... big!\\ Bullshot: Never mind that! Beat it off!

  • Starship Troopers: Marauder has this happening to cute Holly Little. Sprawled awkwardly after getting a faceload of alien goo, a suddenly-appearing crack in the earth points directly up her skirt, then a penile like claw bursts from the ground between her legs, whereupon she and Jolene Blalock are seized by a gigantic man-eating vagina with delusions of grandeur.
  • In Jacob's Ladder, Jacob hallucinates his girlfriend suggestively dancing with a tentacled monster, which gropes and suddenly impales her.
  • In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen', Soundwave of all robots gets a tentacle scene, violating and hijacking a defense satellite. Which has led to a disturbing number of Fan Fics that reimagine the satellite as a female Autobot.
  • The Specials has a mention of a former member who had a length of stretchy flesh he could use like a tentacle. Turns out it was his scrotum.

-->Power Chick: He once tickled me with that thing!

  • Then there's this exchange in Better Off Dead:

-->Monique Junot: He keeps putting his testicles all over me.\\ Lane Myer: Excuse me?\\ Monique Junot: You know, like octopus? Testicles?\\ Lane Myer: Ohhhh. Tentacles. N-T. Big Difference.

  • The Other Wiki lists Galaxy Of Terror, a RogerCorman film (and something of an Alien rip-off), as one of the first instances of tentacle rape in Western media. There's a scene where a female crew member is beset by a hallucination of a giant maggot with a long tongue; the maggot's tongue then encircles her and tears off her clothes. It kills her, but she starts to get... excited as it does it.
  • The Robin Williams Popeye has Olive Oyl caught by an octopus, which (from Olive's reactions) gets fresh at one point.
  • In Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris, the human-sized stage of Iris gets a little too friendly with Ayana, his teenage gal pal. Ayana begins to unbutton her shirt (to uncover the amulet that's bonding her to Iris) and moans "Iris... I'm so hot..." Iris begins to encircle her with his tentacles, and the camera pans up and the scene ends.
  • Dagon uses this to avert the Mermaid Problem.
  • The 1981 arthouse horror flick Possession features a woman having sex with a tentacled creature and enjoying it.


  • In Erika Griffin's novel, The One Who Waited, the main character, Alice, is semi-raped (consentual, really, but the scene could very easily be interpreted otherwise) by the Boogeyman character, as his body can re-shape itself into whispy, "tentacle-like" appendages.
  • In Douglas Adams's novel Mostly Harmless, the offices of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy are home to a "valuable and extremely rude statue of Leda and the Octopus". This is a variation on the myth of Leda and the Swan, in which the god Zeus "took the form of a swan and raped or seduced Leda on the same night she slept with her husband, King Tyndareus".
  • Played absolutely straight in Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis/Lilith's Brood trilogy.
    • It helps that even though it is sex that happens between humans and Oankali, the tentacles are primarily used (by the ooloi, a third gender within the Oankali besides males and females) to touch the human's neck in order to connect into their nervous system. On the other hand, their optimal "situation" so to speak is 1 male Oankali, 1 female Oankali, 1 male human, 1 female human, and 1 ooloi Oankali. All together. At once.
  • The title character of C.L. Moore's critically-acclaimed Shambleau is the inspiration for the Medusa legends -- a strange, sex-crazed woman with tentacles for hair and the power to hypnotize her victims. Guess what happens to the studly male protagonist when he has to share a room with her for a night.
  • The Culture novel Excession features a race called the Affront who love cruelty in a boisterous, kind of endearing way. One way they amuse themselves is sticking their tentacles into other member's orifices when they aren't paying attention. However, the Affront are super-strong, so they'd also qualify as having Combat Tentacles (especially where non-Affront are concerned).
  • The Walker in the Cemetery, a short story by Ian Watson has Cthulhu amusing itself by capturing and torturing to death a group of tourists trapped in an Italian necropolis. The Final Girl is left alive, impregnated with its spawn -- there's a brief agony/ecstacy description of its tentacles being used to penetrate her various orifaces.
  • Spar, a 2009 Hugo-nominated short story by Kij Johnson. After the destruction of her spacecraft, a human woman is trapped in a lifeboat with a Starfish Alien survivor, and they have squick-inducing Tentacle Sex simply because there's nothing else to do.
  • Heavily implied in The Dunwich Horror by H. P. Lovecraft.
  • In the short story The Town on Blighted Sea by A.M. Dellamonica, a few million humans are taken in as refugees by their squid-like allies after they lose a decades-long cataclysmic war against The Friends of Liberation(and their off-world patrons) and are forced to flee Earth. Their humans' hosts, the Kabu, are blind and rely heavily on taste and touch to communicate. Legally they're limited to touching the hands, feet and armpits when they interact with humans, but there's a widespread underground "feel-up trade" where they (consensually) are allowed to go further; in the story an ex-commando turned purveyor of media from EarthThatWas has to protect her nephew after he kills a deviant high-ranking Kabu who went too far.
  • Subverted after what seems the perfect setup (scantily-clad priestess, mad Elder Thing, tentacles) in RogerZelazny's The Changing Land. Elder Thing Tualua is actually genuinely benevolent, and the prietess's friend and confidant.

Live-Action TVEdit

  • Babylon 5
    • Inverted with the male Centauri. They appear to have six three-meters-long tentacles, but they are actually all prehensile penises. One character, when he hears this, states that he will take a "vow of silence" about the entire conversation. Londo is later infuriated by the fact that a doll of him being sold at the B5 gift shop doesn't "accurately represent his attributes." He was symbolically cast... in a bad light. They have six of them, and the women have six slits on their back. Also, they can be used to cheat at Poker. WordOfGod. And Londo got caught on this once, when a pitcher was placed on top of it
  • Smallville has an escaped PhantomZone alien that just happens to resemble a pretty human female, yet can grow thorny(!) vines that she uses to rape men and plant her seeds inside them.
  • Stargate Atlantis has an infection in the episode "The Seed" [5.03] which exhibits naughty tentacle behaviour rather intimately to Dr. Keller, Ronon Dex and Zelenka.
  • Shows up indirectly in (of all things) Mad Men, as Bert Cooper (an ardent Japanophile) has a copy of Hokusai's The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife hanging in his office. It weirds out a fair number of visitors.
  • In an Indonesia Game Show, Penting Banget! (means: "Really Important!"), there are four challenges. In each challenge, the team who loses must have one of their members being tickled by an octopus (which are actually a bunch of hands popping out of the board).
  • In the Doctor Who episode "Daleks in Manhattan", the Dalek leader Sec has his human henchman get down on his knees so that Sec can use his tentacles to ... make a Half Human Hybrid, leaving the audience wondering how the hell this aired pre-watershed.
  • The 1st episode of Jessie has this, but PlayedForLaughs. She even said this:

--> Jessie: At least buy me dinner first!


  • DIR EN GREY's "DIFFERENT SENSE" music video contains many references to tentacles. Through blatant depictions and symbolism within the lyrics themselves. The video portrays experiments between humans and octopus gone wrong, and scenes from the hentai 'Magical Girl Ai'.
  • The song "Twisted" by rapper Gorilla Zoe contains an offhanded lyrical reference to this kind of fetishism, believe it or not (which kinda makes sense since it's a sex song, but given the fact that the rest of the song is pretty tame, it kind seems out-of-left-field.)

Myths & ReligionEdit

  • Kurupi from GuaraniMythology has a prehensile tentacle for a penis. Guess what he does with it.


  • Robert Herrick's poem "The Vine" is about the poet's erotic dream that "This part of mine" took on the structure of that plant and investigated every inch of his beloved's body. (You can read it here.)

Print MediaEdit

  • PLAY magazine's September 2009 issue cover depicts a squid getting naughty with Muramasa: The Demon Blade's' female protagonist Momohime. PLAY magazine requested a piece of exclusive artwork for the cover from the original developer. This is what they got. And they used it.

Tabletop GamesEdit

  • Warhammer and Warhammer 40000 have Slaanesh, the undisputed god of this trope, who can and will put tentacles on anything and have them do unspeakably horrible things to everything else (and if nothing is available, the tentacles' host is fine, too). Tzeentch is also frequently identified with tentacles, although that is due more to Warp-powered mutations.
  • 1st Edition Dungeons And Dragons supplement Deities and Demigods Cyclopedia. The CthulhuMythos deity Yog-Sothoth appeared on the Prime Material Plane as a gigantic mass of feelers, legs, and stalked organs. The Erol Otus illustration shows penis-like stalks coming out from under his lower lip as he drags a woman toward him.
  • The CallOfCthulhu description of the the God Himself states that his tentacles are capable of penetrating small openings. You know, in case you were wondering.

Video GamesEdit

  • Alluded to in Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines: After helping a demon hunter kill a Rokea (Werewolf The Apocalypse) wereshark, one of your dialogue choices is, "I bet you're glad that thing didn't have tentacles." It's worth mentioning that the demon hunter in question is a teenaged Japanese girl.
  • Disgaea
    • Spoofed: apparently the EDF briefed Jennifer and Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! for their Netherworld invasion with La Blue Girl and Legend of the Overfiend tapes. This leads to a rather... er, awkward first meeting with Laharl and his crew when Jennifer starts by asking if the rape-happy tentacle demons tried to anally penetrate any of them. Yes, really.
    • The fact that there is a "Tentacles" Weapon for Monster Classes with the item description of "good for groping all kinds of places." implies they're not totally off. And, somewhat ironically, the robot "Thursday" can equip said weapon, for the lulz.
    • Even more ironic, Jennifer can now equip said weapon, as of Disgaea 3 DLC she's a monster class.
  • In MegaManX: Command Mission, snobbish Mad Scientist Doctor Psyche tranforms into a huge mechanical cephalopod dubbed Mad Nautilus after being defeated and uses attacks such as "Penetration" and "Mad Ecstasy". Kind of adds another level of urgency to rescuing Cinnamon, doesn't it?
  • Subier from Romancing Sa Ga 2 in his first form; half human, half octopus, in his second form, his hair is the tentacles while he has a human torso and a whale like lower body. Even one of his attacks are called Tentacles, and it does do some serious damage to the unlucky sap hit by it.
  • Space Channel 5
    • Ulala is getting caught by a tentacled boss's tongue in the first game. It's not so much the situation that makes it naughty as her comment. "It's slimy... incredibly slimy!"
    • Which then continues in the second game, where she's caught by a giant plant's vines and responds, "Oh~, not there..."
  • Final Fantasy
    • From Final Fantasy VI we have Ultros, a purple talking octopus. During the first fight, he immediately uses his special Tentacle attack on poor Terra after saying "Oh, that one's a tasty morsel! I'd love to get my tentacles around her... *sluuuuurp*!".
    • He makes a return in Final Fantasy XI', but he only appears if you have a party composed entirely of women.
    • And appears yet again in Final Fantasy Tactics A 2 as one of the bonus bosses in the Bonus Dungeon. Its monster info says it has a fondness towards females.
    • He also appears inFinal Fantasy XIII-2, where he compliments Serah and says he likes pretty girls like her. Then he sees Noel, who he says is even prettier than her.
    • And for all the Final Fantasies put together... well, the Power Perversion Potential of the Malboro is pretty much a staple of fanart. It is used in a lot of Final Fantasy Rule Thirty Four. Maybe that's why there's someone (usually a woman) who always has a pet Malboro named Carrot... and why it always tries to run away.
  • In the manual for Dissidia Final Fantasy, Penelo comments that she thinks Cloud of Darkness' darkness tendrils are "cute", and wishes she had some of her own...
  • Implicit, dubiously consensual tentacle sex is common in StarControl fanart featuring Admiral ZEX. (Well, there is a precedent, to quote another Starconner) Tentacle monsters do go after men sometimes.
  • SuikodenII plays with this with a combination attack using everyone's favorite teleporter and the giant octopus monsters.
  • The creators of the web MMORPG Kingdom Of Loathing gave the final boss an attack that is described as her "cooking you up a spaghetti breakfast". It was revealed at some point that "Spaghetti Breakfast" is an entendre from Jick & Co to reference tentacle sex. What makes this particularly bad is it's the "Schoolgirl" giving you the tentacles. This character has a second form where she becomes an animated mass of writhing tentacles after you beat her first form!
  • For Crimbo 2008, you can bio-engineer all sorts of mutant appendages. Including a Wriggling Tentacle, which the item descriptor says, "This is the kind of thing you'd probably be pretty excited about if you were a fan of those really thick comic books that have the stories printed backwards."
  • Arguably the only reason that Gadget Drone was included in the dôjin game Magical Battle Arena was to allow this kind of Fanservice.
  • The opening animation of the Ghost In The Shell Playstation game shows the Major wrapped in computer cables and her chest heaving... suggestively...
  • Dwarf Fortress contains Tentacle Demons. When they show up on engravings and the like, they are sometimes described as "commiting a depraved act" on another creature. Further, their spheres are Depravity and Thralldom, and are all male. Some Dwarves like them "for their corrupt intentions".
  • Super Mario
    • While not overtly shown, Super Mario RPGs fight with King Kalimari sees the enormous Blooper to pull one of your characters off screen... and then return them sometime later terrified and shaking violently.
    • Not to mention in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, there's the Blooper issue, and a few of the Shadow Queen's attacks involve either having hands with long, tentacle-like fingers drag down a character into the "shadows", and when they resurface, the character suffers serious damage, or when she has Peach trapped in her, ahem, chest (made of tentacles).... Why did I go there? Kill me.
  • It's been Word of God-stated that Tales Series girls all have a fear of the "Roper", which is a type of monster that is essentially a blob with tentacles, that appears in every game. For reference, here is a sprite of the Green Roper. * One of the more obscure games on the Dreamcast, a depressing little number called d.2, features little girls melting, grandfathers sprouting giant erect phallic appendages and even full frontal nudity. Oh yeah, also tentacle rape within the first 5 minutes of gameplay.
  • Silent Hill
    • Silent Hill 2 has an arguable example of reverse Naught Tentacles, where one monster attacks James (the player character) by wrapping one of its tentacles around his neck and pulling him towards its mouth to swallow him whole, a mouth that happens to heavily resemble a vagina, effectively using James to penetrate itself (FreudWasRight doesn't even begin to cover this game). And let's not forget Pyramid Head's tongue (oh, my, would you look at the time)
    • Some people think that the Sewer Monster from Silent Hill 3 fits this trope
    • Also seen in the final area of the first game, if the Ring of Phaleg is not placed on the cupboard door.
  • Pokemon + Rule 34 = a bottomless pit of this trope. It began in the first generation of games with the vine whip attack and the jellyfish-based Pokémon Tentacool and Tentacruel, and just went from there.
  • Phantasy Star: Zero's wetland boss is a giant tentacle monster. In the human story, it introduces itself by hiding underwater, sticking out one of its large harpoon-like tentacles, and "tickling" Sarisa with it. While this is going on, you can choose to save her immediately or wish that you had popcorn. Regardless of your decision, you have to fight it. The freed but irritated Sarisa, who is covered in the monster's sticky goo, yells out that it needs to stop taking advantage of girls like herself. After you, Kai, and Sarisa defeat the monster, Sarisa wishes to return to the city because of the swamp's humidity and her own emotional trauma. Made funnier that the game was created by Sonic Team, and that Sarisa was a prepubescent newman.
  • Resident Evil has both an abundance of tentacles and spunky, good-looking female leads. Fanfic takes this in predictable directions.
    • Resident Evil 5: The final battle pretty much consists of a shirtless, sweaty Wesker who uses his tentacles to grab ahold of Chris and... look, it just really looks like he was trying to tentacle rape him, okay? In fact, every time he gets Chris and holds him up with his tentacles, he transforms his other arm into an extremely phallic tentacle drill that... will impale Chris, if Chris doesn't break free.
  • Obviously, whenever one opens a magical cookbook in Tears To Tiara tentacles have to appear to try and rape the local elf women in order to tenderize them. Yep, makes sense to me.
  • C'thun and Yogg'saron of World Of Warcraft fame have a LOT of tentacles. While no rape of any kind is explicitly shown, the fact that they are Eldritch Abominations with all the associated MindRape allows players to imagine a LOT of things. Each one of them drops an item that allows the player to summon an Old God tentacle to his aid. Cue the jokes about these items having a "bonus to damage against Japanese Hentai girls". One of the tentacles summoned by the Vanquished Clutches of Yogg'saron can fire, uhm, "acid" at the opponent.
  • The Jelly Neocoustic Noise in The World Ends With You. One of its attacks involves swinging its large tentacle at Neku or his partner, and then sucking HP out of them whilst Neku or his partner is bent over... underneath... it. A couple of Fox Noise also copy its form and do this, and as for its description...

"Let this jelly violate your space, and that obscene tentacle may start violating your HP!"

  • From the depths of the TeamFortress2 fandom rises a creature known either as the "Octospy" or "Tentaspy", as if Spies weren't enough of a Memetic Molester already.
  • Left4Dead features the Smoker, a zombie with a long tongue capable of binding opponents. It also features Zoey, the college student, and Rochelle, the news producer. To quote Yahtzee, "Guy with long tongue + Hot college girl = IdeaBulb". And yes, there was a pornographic parody of L4D.
  • One of the many sexualized deaths in Demonophobia is this.
  • In Evil Genius, one possible "interrogation" you can have your minions inflict on enemy agents is to toss them into a greenhouse, which is filled with many living plantlike creatures that... handle... the unfortunate agent with long vines.
  • Octo Diablo has these, as it is an octopus. In various cutscenes during Ozette quests, Sarisa may occasionally get a tentacle on her and react accordingly. Either monsters develop a taste for loli or someone at Sega has a fetish they're not willing to admit. Gray even comments at one point when you return on one of the missions, "Whoa, did you like... get frisky with the Octopus?"
  • Bayonetta. Has this as an achievement name and she even references Indiana Jones as well in one scene with one. "Tentacles, WHY did it have to be Tentacles." Also functions as a pun, given the title character's dominatrix-like tendencies (i.e. Bayonetta is punishing the tentacles for being naughty, rather than the other way around) and that the tentacles themselves are purely of the combat variety.
  • Infocom's Leather Goddesses Of Phobos has a scene with some random woman being undressed by a tentacle alien in zero-G.
  • Mass Effect
    • "Those asari/hanar porn games they sell in Shin Akiba are really nasty."
    • Yeoman Kelly Chambers loves humans. She also loves asari, turians, salarians and hanar.
    • The human xenophilia porn magazine Fornax features a hanar on the cover, though the actual description never mentions hanar, just every other alien race. Yes, even thekrogan and elcor.
    • And Blasto has a lover in every port.
    • Matriarch Aethyta mentions that she was romantically involved with a hanar in the past.
  • In the Discworld adventure game, one puzzle involves a LovePotion and an octopus.
  • Any battle with a squid boss in the Epic Battle Fantasy series will invariably have one of the boss's attacks be this. Naturally, the character this is done to will get a [CENSORED] bar on him or her as the attack is executed.
  • The Sims Medieval: Implied with The Pit Beast. While sounds of fierce battle with the a few brief sightings of tentacles flailing about are common when a Sim is thrown into the pit to be executed, occasionally the pit remains eerily quiet with a few small hearts floating upwards, punctuated by a giant heart shape floating up into the air when the (possibly injured) Sim eventually climbs out.
  • One of the optional bosses in Muramasa The Demon Blade is a giant octopus that -- of course -- attacks with its tentacles. One of the characters you can play as is female. While there isn't anything overtly sexual ingame during the battle, this artwork that comes with the soundtrack certainly does. Also includes Foot Focus.

Visual NovelsEdit

  • It's common theme in eroge with fantasy or sci-fi setting. Major examples including Saya No Uta and Demonbane.
  • Several scenes in Shikkoku No Sharnoth seem to involve this. However, despite the way the scenes are described, it appears that the tentacles are being more psychologically naughty than physically so, if that makes sense.

Web AnimationEdit

  • Parodied in a WeeblAndBob short.
  • Played straight in these two Newgrounds animations. (VERY NSFW! VERY VERY NSFW!) - YAY!
  • Played for a gag in this other animation on Newgrounds.

Web ComicsEdit

  • Subverting this trope was the original premise of the ecchi webcomic Ghastlys Ghastly Comic, and remained a common topic through its run.
  • SexyLosers and similar not safe for work' webcomics love nothing more than subverting this trope. (noted as being Ghastly's Ghastly's inspiration)
  • Infamously alluded to in this MegaTokyo guest strip.
    • Although true credit should go to Poe from Exploitation Now (and later Errant Story) since he did that particular guest strip. It is also worth nothing that Lord Naughtius makes an actual appearance in Exploitation Now. As do Cthulhu far back in the archives when the strip had little plot to speak of. Which leads to a lampshading of this trope.
  • The webcomic Mind Flayed has an illithid (a.k.a. a mind-flayer) who, after reading the mind of the party's female halfling ("Hot tentacle sex!"), get disgusted. (With good reason, as illithid tentacles are covered with the potent acid that allows them to dissolve your cranium and get at the sweet, juicy center.)
  • Something Positive
    • While not tentacles per se, this trope is taken to a whole new level of Squickfulness with the Redneck Trees, which can be described as a cross between the Rape Trees of Evil Dead and the hillbilly rapists of Deliverance. These were originally used [1] to put Mike (one of the players) in his place for disrupting a TabletopGames game for OOC reasons, but they would become a running gag in the series. This eventually spread throughout gaming as a whole, and a version of them even appeared in a Munchkin game supplement.
    • Also, while overhearing Jhim and PeeJee wondering why tentacle monsters never seem to rape men, Aubrey gets it in her head to make a live-action Iron Chef-themed gay tentacle porn, that would have been pulled off were it not for a mishap with baby oil.
  • Exploitation Now
    • In this strip, there's a sequence where a whole bus full of Japanese schoolgirls is attacked by a tentacle monster (although he spits out the single non-Asian passenger). It also parodies the Magical Girl genre as well.
    • Happens to one of the protagonists near the beginning of the comic. The other one helpfully runs to get a video camera.
  • Order Of The Stick gives us a naughty version of the Dungeons And Dragons spell "Evard's Black Tentacles" -- the terrifying spell "Evan's Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion!"

-->"Wait, what?"

  • College Roomies From Hell
    • Referenced more than once, due to Mike's arm-tentacle. The most notable of these was when Mike and April are being forced to shoot a porn: on noticing that his former star (Mike) now had a tentacle, the director had April dressed in fuku for the scene.
    • In the strip previous to this one Marsha mistook the invasive tentacle for Mike's, but here proves herself to be Genre Savvy.
  • Errant Story has the filler character Rape-kun -- a tiny green octopus. Despite his name, his "adult mode" is locked out. Well, was in that flashback. Bani's an adult now...
  • Exterminatu sNow plays with this trope in this strip. Was mentioned or alluded to time and again.
  • Subverted oh so much in Okashina Okashi.

-->"This is awesome! I wonder why all those girls whine so much in the movies."

  • Seems to show up in this cartoon of The KAMics.
  • Delightfully subverted in Girls Next Door.
  • Grim Tales From Down Below hung a lampshade on this by having a page titled "Naughty Tentacles". It even goes so far as to have a PantyShot of the decidedly young] Minimandy in the last panel.
  • Menage A3
    • Gary's DreamSequence in this strip (NSFW).
    • Now a hilarious subplot as well. Yuki's father is a hentai artist, traumatizing her from a young age. She's not gay, she just can't see male genitalia without freaking out and thinking tentacles are trying to rape her. Later, Yuki has a dream where she sees Gary as a female tentacle monster.
  • The female tentacle monster Frida, from Love and Tentacles, is obviously using her's as naughty tentacles on her boyfriend, Tom.
  • Alluded to in the Dork Tower web comic.
  • The Unspeakable Vault Of Doom
    • This webcomic, which features the Eldritch Abominations from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos as comedic characters (with slightly modified names), plays with this trope here. Cthulhoo does not do Naughty Tentacles at all....
    • But the statistics never lie...
  • Lampshaded in a filler in The Noob Comic, where a beaten-up tentacle moster at a film set complains that he should rather have gone into porn like his cousin.
  • VG Cats Super Effective has Green. She's very happy with her Bulbasaur's tentacles. She and Oak's assistant helpfully lampshade.
  • Subverted in the first story arc of The Inexplicable Adventures Of Bob, in that tentacled Starfish Alien Ahem is being forced into an Arranged Marriage to Green Skinned Space Babe Princess Voluptua, but both of them desperately want out of it.
  • Girl Genius
    • Fraulein Snaug is sent to fetch parts guarded by "electrified squid clanks". A.I. controlling them was ordered to not harm her, but later she mentioned an "impertinent mechanical squid".
    • Later still we see how Agatha quite happily uses as a stepladder one of these things... controlled by her suitors.
  • Parodied in this chainsawsuit, with a a tentacle monster OB/GYN.
  • QuestionableContent: Inverted by Pintsize here.
    • This (possibly NSFW) guest strip features a tentacle-shaped dildo.
  • This NerfNow strip depicts Samus of Metroid fame facing a tentacle monster with a taste for Japanese schoolgirls... and running away.
    • Also, the AuthorAvatar is some beret-wearing squid monster. In September 2001 mini-arc his female staff made him pose (held in Zerg's pincers) for drawing Yaoi despite his screams "Tentacles don't work that way!!"
  • Lampshaded in this Bob And George strip: The Helmeted Author absorbs Nate, a shape-shifting yellow demon, and soon after, yellow tentacles appear out of the author's back, as Nate tries to escape, but the author subdues him, and then says "Suddenly, I have an urge to go find myself a Japanese schoolgirl..."
  • Sluggy Freelance has an attempted analysis of this trope here, where researchers dress a coworker as a Japanese School Girl and expose a small mouse to a "Freeform Mutagen Ooze" while in her presence. As they flee (partially for unrelated reasons), large tentacles are seen chasing them, prompting the first researcher to exclaim, "Tentacles! I knew it!"
  • Problem Sleuth: "The tickling tendrils probe curiously for every nook and cranny they can find. It is beyond embarrassing."
  • This Curvy strip introduces Nian, a Tentacle Monster who is also a Sexy French Maid.
  • Tricia of Indefensible Positions, whose magic grows as she violates more and more social taboos, is at one point shown summoning a Lovecraftian beast for this purpose. "Now remember, the safeword is 'Nylarathotep'."
  • Subverted in this segement in Exiern.
  • Blade Bunny appears to have a phobia related to this.
  • In Northern Edge, a spin-off to Fred Perry's Gold Digger, the protagonists run into trouble with a giant frawg protecting its tadpoles, and its mouth full of tentacles. There's a few lampshades of this trope through the narration, although the monster just want to give them a good spanking: NSFW link.

-->Hopes that stray tentacles isn't where he THINKS it's going!\\ Hopes she DIDN'T just run into a swarm of tentacles with just a bathing suit on!

  • In Tales Of Gnosis College, Howard the Tentacle Beast manages to develop a remarkably close relationship with coed Moira Weir. After Moira gives him some encouragement, that is.
  • Subverted in SchlockMercenary here. If an alien that looks like a pile of poo said it wanted to have sex with you, what would you think it wanted to do?

Web OriginalEdit

  • Carmilla (Sara Waite) in the Whateley Universe. Not too surprising given that her father is Gothmog, demon of lust, while his mother is Shub-Niggurath -- and Carmilla is related to Cthulhu on her mother's side. She can launch tentacles out of any part of her body, and those tentacles may then have mouths or eyes or worse if she wants. She has used them as Naughty Tentacles: at least one side character is now pregnant from this, and several others have had tentacle sex with her (or gotten really, really close). She has also killed several people (and a LOT of animals) by thrusting her tentacles into them and eating their souls, so they're Combat Tentacles too. Oh, by the way, she's one of the good guys in this universe.
  • This trope is one of many aspects of the failed forum RPG Hot Wet Planet to which RPGnet members took offense. It raised quite a brouhaha, as you can see.
  • Lampshaded and parodied in the last episode of Sanity Not Included, season 1.
  • Given the setting, you'll not be suprised that Mortasheen has a monster that can do this. Oddly enough it is also somewhat subverted in that they can be friendly and non-rapey, with one even being a marriage councelor.
  • There was a story on an NSFW Imageboard somewhere, wherein a girl was depicted sneaking onto a spacecraft piloted by some aliens with tentacles. She frightens the relatively peaceful aliens with some knowledge of Earth's most terrifying weapons, and threatens to get people to sic those weapons on them unless they use their tentacles on her in that way. Role-reversed Tentacle Rape?
  • Innocent Key recently released a humorous new music video for one of their latest albums of Touhou remixes/arranges. In it, the Three Mischievous Fairies (Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire) not only steal part of the swimsuits of Reimu and Tenshi, but also make use of Sunny's power to manipulate light to attract some non-stinging jellyfish and set them upon the poor girls. Given the ecchi humor of a lot of the lyrics they use, Innocent Key's group name is very ironic.
    • Luna Child gets caught by those same jellyfish as the fairies are about to leave. After brief debilitation, Sunny Milk and Star Sapphire decide that they'd just get themselves caught as well if they tried to rescue her, and leave her there apologetically.
    • Also a preferred method of catching a rape victim for Arisukkiri.
  • Web novella Three Worlds Collide has these come in in a most unusual way.
  • In the same vein as the "Banhammer" used by mods on various fora out there, Open Blue features Kukulu, a mod parody of Cthulhu, who threatens "Bantacle Rape" on anybody who violates the rules one too many times.
  • Tentacle monsters in the proper sense are rare on Literotica, but there are a lot of stories where some poor sap discovers an unusual vine plant that wants to eat her in a different way than usual.
  • The Monster Girl Encyclopedia
    • There are monsters known as Ropers, which are this trope combined with The Virus. They mate with men, produce seeds from the man's semen, plant those seeds in a girl, whose body is then taken over by the seeds once they grow up, causing her to sprout several tentacles-which are used to bind men while they mate with them, starting the cycle over.
    • Dark Matter, the embodiment of dark energy, is composed of two bodies -- a girl and a black orb. The orb can do this trope to the girl when they're idle.
  • The Demon Realm has a location known as the Forest of Tentacles. It is, predictably enough, a forest made out of Naughty Tentacles. Succubi and other monsters often bring their husbands to the outskirts to use them as marital aids, though they are wary of going deep into the forest where the trees are more aggressive. A human woman who wanders inside will be raped until she's either turned into a Roper by the forest or a Succubus by the Demon Realm's natural energy, and she'll probably want to come back as often as possible even after she's released.
  • While not present in the mythos proper (as far as we know), you can expect any Slender Man fan works to have this in spades.

Western AnimationEdit

  • Teen Titans
    • The first season features Starfire being attacked by tentacles in nearly every other episode. The first episode involves Starfire being pursued by robot octopi, followed up by Starfire being attacked by a mud monster complete with tentacles....
    • Raven (in a fit of demonic rage) snagged hapless supervillain Dr. Light with tentacles of pure darkness and yanked him under her cloak... We know Dr. Light certainly can't forget it, no matter how much he may want to.
  • Futurama
    • The Beast with a Billion Backs has a tentacle monster intending to do this with the entire universe.
    • In "A Head in the Polls", Nixon is staying in a room with a bed that has magic tentacles which are thought activated. Fry activates them twice. Of course, all they do is beat him up.
  • Code Lyoko
    • Starting with Season 2, Aelita is attacked a lot by the Scyphozoa, a giant jellyfish-like monster. Its tentacles never quite touch her, though, rather using some short-range telekinesis and "draining her memories".
    • And of course, there is the Season 3 episode "Sabotage", in which XANA-possessed tree roots attack Yumi, including one crawling under her shirt. Granted, the rape didn't actually happened, as the vines were used as Grabbing Tentacle most of the episode.
  • The studio heavyweight Preston of Sealab 2021. The trope is averted, with Debbie trying to commit fellatio on Prestons' "Potty Tentacle". He is so put off by the event, that he says he's gay just to get away from her.
  • Robot Chicken did a joke about this in "Love, Maurice".
  • Drawn Together's Princess Clara has a tentacle monster in her vagina. It turns out to not be such a bad tentacle monster. When Clara has it removed in a later episode, it settles down in the suburbs with a nice woman.
  • Squidbillies: Somewhat expected, since the main character is both an anthropomorphic squid and an admitted rapist.

-->Early: It warn't nuthin but a back rub!\\ Sheriff: Back rubs happen on the OUTSIDE, Early. With hands!

  • Courtney of Total Drama Action once had to subdue both a giant octopus and a large jellyfish as part of a challenge. Not so bad on its own, but given that the rest of the episode resembled The Theme Park Version of anime...
  • In Adventure Time, Tree Trunks tries to seduce a tentacle beast with her "womanly charms".
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series episode "The Survivor". "Carter Winston" asks his beloved if she can love someone who is secretly a shapeshifted tentacle monster. It's implied he plans on staying human.
  • The two part pilot of Godzilla The Series has giant squid that attack humans on several occasions. The first three victims we actually see directly assaulted by the squids are all attractive women.

Real LifeEdit

  • Cephalopods do this frequently, but mainly with each other. Seriously, it's how they reproduce. It gets a little weirder when the males of species will actually detach and embed an arm inside the female. When first discovered, scientists thought it was a parasitic worm and gave it its own genera.
  • Attempts to imitate this trope either in pornography or for personal use have... well, let's just say they haven't ended well. Octopi have no bones, therefore they can fit through any hole larger than their beak, the only hard part of their body. Their beak's about the size of a quarter. You do the math.
  • Elephants have long, prehensile penises. Apparently this is necessary because of the difficulty such large creatures have getting into the right position. Not quite tentacles, but still close enough to deserve mention here.
  • Ducks also have long, tentacle-like penises; in some species the erect organ being longer than the body. They have those oddly shaped penises because the female reproductive organs have twists turns and dead ends. The females have such complex reproductive organs because male ducks are fond of rape. If the fact that rape is built into their very genetics makes you hate and fear evolution and/or God, this is normal.
  • Dolphins are another group of critters with a fairly long prehensile penis and slightly too much eagerness to use it. Dolphins have been known to attempt to rape turtles, other sealife, and most disturbingly, humans. Have fun at Sea World next time! A cetacean penis is also known as a "dork."
  • Barnacles have the longest penis in proportion to their body. This is mostly because they are immobile, and mate by slapping their way-longer-than-the-rest-of-their-body phalli all over the general rock face until they find another barnacle to mate with. Barnacles are hermaphrodites, when they want to act as the female they release pheromones that indicate that and the interested Barnacles have an idea of where to look.
  • There is more than one story floating out there involving Jimmy Page and octopi. While it's possible that these are simply spiced up versions of the infamous Mud Shark Incident, either way, the less said about these, the better.
  • It got a good dosis of Defictionalization... well, kind of: 1

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