People die, for whatever reason. Some die of natural causes, some get killed, some kill themselves, but still dead is dead. However, biology does not simply stop at death. Muscles control the retention of waste material in the bladder and rectum, and these muscles relax upon death. In addition, getting killed is often (quite understandably) a rather painful and traumatic experience, and the body prioritizes control of its other functions over keeping one from soiling oneself. As a result, it is not uncommon for a dead or dying person to release their bowels in their last moments.

Girls and women are far more likely to urinate and/or defecate in death, as females typically do so using gravity, while males have to use actual muscle movement to push waste out. In addition, females generally have a lower fear and pain threshold, and are therefore more likely to void themselves due to pain and terror prior to being killed.

The aversion of this trope is what usually constitutes fetish fuel i.e. a female (usually, but in some cases males) releasing her urine and feces as she is killed.

Anime and Manga Edit

  • Averted in Blood-C, where beautiful, elegant Kanako is killed when an elder bairn tears her throat out, and her body is seen twitching and urinating as she lay on the ground dying.
  • Referenced in Samurai X when Jin-E tries to kill Kaoru by paralyzing her lungs, stating that asphyxiation was an "ugly way to go", as Kaoru would salivate and soil herself as she died.
  • Seiko in Corpse Party averts this as she is hanged to death. Naomi finds her struggling at the end of a rope and tries unsuccessfully to save her - she begins to urinate as she loses control of herself, and Naomi realizes she is too late when Seiko releases her bowels and falls still.
  • Both installments of Yoshitora's Brain Eater avert this - numerous schoolgirls are killed by giant insects which invade a girl's school, and nearly all the girls urinate as they die, with several defecating as well.

Fan Works Edit

  • Averted in chapter 88 of the fallout 2 fanfic Travels of the Chosen One. Lara is shot in the face by Lo Pan, and as she lies on the ground dying, a nearby character sees "a dark wet stain spreading on the crotch of her red shorts". At the same time, semi-solid brown liquid dribbled out the inside of her thighs.
  • In the Girls und Panzer fanfiction One Shot, the girls drive real tanks with live ammunition. As the girls are killed in battle, mentions are made of their urination and defecation as they died.

Film Edit

  • In Hong Kong film Madam City Hunter, a man shoots a group of youngsters in front of May, who urinates in fear before she is also shot dead, and her urine can still be seen flowing down her thighs as she collapses. A detective examining the scene later notes that the other girl in the group had also soiled herself in death.
  • In The Point of No Return, Maggie urinates after she is given a lethal injection.
  • Averted in the live action movie for Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl; girls who fail challenges are killed with a gun which destroys their brains, but leaves no external wounds. The gamemasters commented that though the gun didn't inflict external injuries, the girls still "made a mess" as they died as their bodies released their bowels.
  • In the Russian film Sluga Gosudarev, a young woman woman urinates as she is hanged, and her urine can be seen running down her legs and dripping off her feet as she dies.

Literature Edit

  • Averted when Junior in Under the Dome strangles Angie and Dodee to death; both girls defecate when they are killed. He later cozies up to the girls' dead bodies, calling them "beshitted".
  • In Chris Ryan's Strikeback, the Hezbollah mention that the reason they are starving their captive Kate is so that she does not defecate when she is executed.
  • In Mike Brown's Slugbait, Rachel wets herself as she is suffocated by numerous giant slugs.
  • Averted in Japanese novel Vivid Creations by sisters Asako and Saeko. The forensics team examining Asako's body stated that she had released a large amount of excrement into her panties as she died, indicative of poisoning. Saeko is later strangled to death, and her body was found with a puddle of brown-tinged urine between her splayed thighs. The morgue worker later laments that the two young women were extremely pretty, but the way they "soiled their underwear as they died" made their deaths very undignified.
  • In George Hutton's Zapotec, a young girl urinates and defecates as she is killed on an altar as a live sacrifice, greatly annoying the priests, who stop the ceremony temporarily to clean the girl's underparts so as to offer a "clean sacrifice".