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As Kyle "Oancitizen" Kallgren is gaining more popularity, I feel that he deserves a page here on Fetish Fuel :3

  • I for one adore his voice, I could listen to it all day!
    • Seconded. Plus, him singing his part in "One Day More" at the end of the Nostalgia Chick's review of Les Mis was glorious.
    • His 2011 holiday video for Channel Awesome. I usually hate Christmas Carols, now I want to be serenaded with them as long as Oancitizen does the singing.
  • The Man Who Fell To Earth, oh my god his singing :D He knows exactly what we want
  • In his review of "The Doom Generation", he mimes jerking off, spills milk all over himself and then licks it up. Umm, maybe it was just the licking, but I found that bit very....interesting.
  • At the start of all of his reviews he's reading a book that somehow pertains to the movie he'll be reviewing. For Shortbus he's looking at porn. Then he sees that the camera is "watching" him and gets all flustered and embarrassed and puts the mag away. *tuggs collar* Ahem hem hem.
  • In his review of Sebastiane, he concludes that there is only one logical way to react to the film: Nudity. If you like cuddly teddy bear type figures... Squee!
  • His mussed up hair and "just got out of bed" look in the Slackers review was probably suppossed to make him look like a lazy, slobby slacker. I just want to get him back in bed and crawl in with him.
  • Trash Humpers... I never thought I'd be jealous of a trash can, but I want to be the trash can at the end of that video.
  • The mental breakdowns in both the What Is It? and the Eat the School Girl reviews involve a dishelved Oancitizen wearing black eyemakeup and acitng completely manic. Dear Lord why is this not it's own series? I would lovingly watch the hell out of that! By the way, he has no shirt on under his jacket during these.

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