Overlord II Mistresses

"Did I ever show you my hunting scars?"

  • (SPOILER ALERT) In Overlord II you end up with 3 mistresses;
    • Kelda, girl-next door, redhead, childhood freind, grew up to fill out nicely.
    • Juno, large breasts, Sexy (but knows it), looks and sounds a bit like AnjalinaJolie, upperclass, always in a toga
    • Dark Fey; EvilIsSexy, CorruptTheCutie, and best of all, she constantly seems to have wind blowing up her dress no matter how little sense that makes.
      • Magic eminating from her legs maybe?
    • Did I mention you actually win achievements by seducing each one and/or all three?
  • When you hypnotize some ladies in the second game, they sound very willing to obey you.