"Psst, What'cha looking at"Edit
Tracer, Cinematic trailer

We're looking at you, Tracer. But not only.

  • Hanzo is a very attractive man wearing a shirt that show half his torso and we can see a very extensive dragon tattoo. What's not to like?
  • D'Va. Just D'Va. That outfit doesn't do much to ward somebody off.
    • Someone might give their whole gaming collection for a chance to partner with D'Va in a tournament.
    • What makes a woman who likes to play video games so attractive?
    • Who knew controlling a robot mech could be sexy?
    • Code Geass, apparently.
    • Those lips are too great, its a crime.
  • Mercy is a blonde, Swiss medic with an angel motif.
  • Mei is an adorable, nerdy girl with so many curves a thick parka can't hide them all.
  • Junkrat is oddly attractive, despite his ugly features and insane borderline-feral personality. Who doesn't like a rebel with a good sense of humour?
  • Widowmaker is a French woman in a skintight suit that enjoy stepping on people.
  • Genji with his insane flexibility and very nice butt
  • McCree's many thirsty fans have been placated with his beach skin
  • Reaper's insane hip-to-waist ratio and sexy muscly thighs make up for the edgelord persona in SPADES.

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