• Pandora Hearts: The outfits, for one, which are gorgeous. But for this troper, Gilbert's subservience, obsessiveness and somewhat yandere attitude in regards to Oz is just... ohh. And he has Eyes Of Gold. It also reminded me that the idea of serving someone very important to me is a major fetish of mine. Also, dammit, it just dawned on my that I can't follow through my plan to crossplay as Gil for a cosplay duo with a Jack crossplayer (recursive Ho Yay on top of it all, even) because of this. Stupid fetish. The idea of doing a pose like this, well, I'm sure you can imagine.
  • Gilbert and Vincent. Hnnnnnnngggh.
    • Hell, Lotti and Vincent.
    • This troper agrees with the very second troper. B-but... I don't even like pairings with incest!
  • Nobody mentioned Alice and her chains? Seriously?!
    • For that matter, the Chains that can materialize their own... chains, in general. Notable for those kinds of chains are the five black-feathered Chains of Glen Baskerville.
  • This troper, while watching the anime for the first time, found nothing wrong with Gil attacking Oz when being (semi-?)manipulated by Doldrum, and didn't see anything in the manga, either. When she later saw it in an AMV, however, it resembled something straight from a porno. She also very much agrees with the all of the above posts, and would like to add Cheshire and his adorable cat-like adoration of his master, and... hell, ALL of episode 20. Especially crying Gil. She was so disappointed when she thought he wasn't going to cry in the anime adaption.
  • Vincent and Echo's Master-Servant relationship. Come on, it speaks for itself.
  • There's one panel where dashing, cheerful Jack breaks down in anguish. It's hot.
  • The series' Ho Yay is abundant enough to warrant its own page. Really .
  • Actually, a good many people from this series will definitely be at least someone's cup of tea! We have Oz, with both Cute Shotaro Boy and Magnificent Bastard tendencies, Tsundere Alice who has amnesia and Innocent Fanservice Girl moments, the aforementioned Tall Dark and Handsome, as well as incredibly devoted, Gilbert, nicely-dressed Lady Of War Sharon Reinsworth and her eccentric but badass albino servant Xerxes Break... and the list goes on. It's also worth noting that many of them have Dark And Troubled Pasts.
  • There's also Leo. See that messy-haired kid with huge glasses? Adorkable, no? Well, Of course it doesn't end there. Not at all.
  • This troper has a possession fetish. And is definitely turned on anytime Jack takes over Oz. And was turned on when Alice took over Oz for some time very early in the series.
  • There's this antidote that one can only give to people by frenching them, apparently. The anime had poison that works the same way. Demonstrated by Lotti to Ada.
  • A nice percantage of the ladies of Pandora Hearts are quite... well-endowed, I must say.
  • Everyone in Pandora Hearts is quite beautiful, guys and girls a like. And then there's all those lovely elaborate outfits or all the Ho Yay or clumsy/blushing Gil, or how obsessive Vincent is over his brother Gil, or Oz's numerous shirtless scenes.

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