The series is already loaded with straight Fetish. Now to drown in Fetish Fuel.


  • Every time Panty and Stocking take their homonyms clothing items off.
  • That coqeuttish smile of Stocking during her Art Shift. It's an explosive combination with her curvier shifted body.
  • Scanty and Kneesocks are Evil Is Sexy personified. Especially their Hell Bent For Leather transformation.
  • To some extent, Kneesock's white thigh-high socks.
  • Brief. OH MY GOD, Brief.
  • Pantscada and Juice from the OST could definitely be fuel. Pantscada has some suspect moans thrown into the beat, but Juice...well...
    • The whole OST. Just because.
  • Panty has the whole My Girl Is A Slut thing going for her as well.
    • Seconded. This troper can't even watch most anime, due to them glorifying virgin girls and the My Girl Is Not A Slut thing. The fact that Panty wants to sleep with every single man, makes her more attractive.
  • Stocking is a goldmine for anyone with sitophilia
  • Call this troper crazy, but she thinks Scanty's underbite is adorable.
    • You are not alone.
    • And in the same bend, Kneesock's snaggletooth.
  • Is this troper the only person turned on by Corset? Being specific would take too long, but there's something so oddly appealing about him.
    • Not at all, this troper is turned on by him as well.
    • This troper as well. The guy is Sexy Evil and BDSM personified

Excretion Without Honor and HumanityEdit

  • It's basically a scat episode. This has an audience.

Death Race 2010Edit

  • When Stocking's bangs are blown back, revealing her huge eyes and pink colored hair under.
  • Stocking's plushie cat, Konekoneko, generally echoes Stocking's mood of the moment. So why, at the end of the episode, is it licking the crotch of Panty's underwear?

The Buzz of the BeehiveEdit

  • Stocking being forcefully summoned while on the toilet.
  • Panty in her school uniform, especially during the Art Shift.
  • Stocking wearing the form-fitting gym uniform. It's probably the only time she wore any kind of shorts.

Sex and the Daten CityEdit

  • Stocking's donut outfit inspire a different sort of fetish with people suddenly getting a craving for donuts.
  • How about Panty persuading Stocking to help her collect the tapes by nuzzling her head on Stocking's shoulder, hugging her and kissing her repeatedly?
  • The bit where they get the last porno tape from the space station, and Panty says to Stocking "We can watch it together sometime". The look on their faces says EVERYTHING.

Catfight ClubEdit

  • Panty licking Stocking's cheek, while telling her to lighten up. There's enough subtext there for a dozen Rule 34 theories.
  • Stocking getting tied up. Her moans really drive it in.
    • Especially in one scene where she's drawn in a semi-realistic style and part of the rope in between her breasts. Hot damn.
    • Corset can definitely agree with you (see "D.C. Confidential" below).

Pulp AddictionEdit

  • The angels spend their first scene splattered in varying amounts of spit (from a throughly enraged Garterbelt) and clam chowder. That's probably a turn-on for somebody.
  • The sheer amount of innuendo (massive even for this series) might appeal to some.

The Diet SyndromeEdit

  • Inflationists loved it when Stocking got super-sized.
    • Stocking's earlier Balloon Belly probably turned guys on until they realized it wasn't weight gain. Her belly was just swollen from starvation and went out so far she couldn't read the scale.

High School NudicalEdit

  • Everybody is in their underwear for most of the episode-and most of the characters are pretty good-looking, too. Special mention goes to Stocking, whose blue-striped bra really seems to accentuate her bust.
  • The Erotic Eating-mostly used with Stocking, but Panty gets in on it too by the time Master G consults his monitors.
  • The ghost in the episode ate used underwear... need I say more?

The RunnyEdit

  • The nose-picking craze strongly parallels sex (and not just in the infamous mutual nose-picking scene, either).
  • Panty asking Stocking to slice off her shorts so that she can access her gun.
  • Fans of ultra-flexible types will like watching Panty picking her nose with her foot at the end of the episode.

Vomiting PointEdit

Les DiaboliquesEdit


The StrippingEdit

  • The uniforms Panty and Stocking wear while trying to do their jobs. Especially the hot accident-causing traffic uniforms.
  • Kneesocks getting craned away. It's hooked on her mini-skirt, so she's in a bottom-up position and you can see a slip of her underwear. Additionally, her disguise suit in general may appeal to some.
  • Brief in a playboy bunny outfit.

...of the DeadEdit

  • Panty and Stocking are wearing police uniforms for the whole episode.
  • The main characters' only option is to kill zombies with earthly weapons. What are their weapons? Dildos.
  • Zombie!Panty and Stocking at the end. They're basically Cute Monster Girls

1 Angry GhostEdit

  • Panty humping against a pole, then showing her butt.
  • Kneesocks and Scanty's Clothing Damage.
  • The stuff leaking out of Stocking's cage after she was shocked..

If the Angels Wore SwimsuitsEdit

Ghost: The Phantom of Daten CityEdit

  • Stocking's apparent filth fetish.
  • During the Art Shift, when Stocking was running in this pink dress, acting all cute and stuff.
  • Panty in Stocking's clothes.
  • Stocking's exercise "outfit".

Inner BriefEdit

  • This episode has, of all things, a scene for mpreg lovers.
    • Or if you look at it the way it was presented, vore.
  • Not to mention the episode as a whole was pretty much a field day for Garter/Brief fans.

Chuck to the FutureEdit

We are AngelsEdit

  • The "video" more or less consists of taking the angels and cramming them into as many outfits and cultural reference poses as physically possible. Some of them come out as downright adorable. Ninja!Stocking, I'm looking at you.

Once Upon a Time, in GarterbeltEdit

Nothing to RoomEdit

  • Similar to The Diet Syndrome, the girls suffer another Balloon Belly incident. This time, it's on a much smaller scale, though still cartoony.
  • There's also that bit where Panty gets her hand stuck in the chip bag and starts making very suggestive noises when she struggles to pull it out.
  • And the part leading up to the Balloon Belly scene involves both girls becoming extremely irritable and suffering from other effects due to hunger, complete with growling stomachs. Hunger and starvation fetishists, this is your episode!

D.C. ConfidentialEdit

Panty and BriefEdit

  • Kneesocks looked pretty cute in that suit, too.
  • You have to admit, Panty's outfit for the party was friggin' adorable.
  • Also, Panty blushing was waaaay cuter than one would expect.

Bitch GirlsEdit