These ladies take "Panty Fighter" as literally as possible.

Some shows are a naked appeal at pandering to people who like fanservice.

And some of those just take nudity to as much of a logical extreme without turning into outright pornography.

This media (almost always anime and manga specific) is called "Panty Fighters", since action based shows with heavily female casts provide great excuses for Clothing Damage and let's face it, two or more women trying to beat the crap out of each other is kinda hot in a masochistic sort of way, and watching them fight in their underwear just makes it that much hotter in many ways.

Examples Edit

  • The page picture is from the anime and manga Freezing, where it is not uncommon for the ladies of the show (called Pandoras), to beat the crap out of each other in their underwear, and for added fetish fuel sexy undergarments seem to be a rule amongst pretty much every single Pandora.
  • Agent Aika is probably one of the best definers of this trope, being an anime which features young women (or high school age girls, depending on which series you're watching) fighting each other wearing extremely short skirts, which obviously leads to an abundance of white panty shots. In addition, the girls who are killed tend to collapse and lie down in (unlikely, but nevertheless amusing) positions which clearly show off their panty-clad crotches and groins to the camera, with some shots zooming in so close that the shape of the girl's labia is visible on the fabric of her panties (the close-up of Kana's body after she is shot by Aika is a prime example).
  • Queens Blade is basically Soul Calibur, only get rid of the men and have the fanservice get so close to porn it's absurd, with only creative camera angling hiding the naughty bits being the only thing between the audience and something you'd have to be over 18 to watch. The anime has included ridiculously large breasts, naked oil wrestling, tentacle molestation, lesbianism out the wazoo, and practically every other fetish the creators could find an excuse to shove into the story.

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