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Exactly what the label says.

A specific variety of Fanservice, the Panty Shot is exactly what it sounds like: a gratuitous exposure of a female character's panties. With a pedigree dating (at least) back to the Kinetoscope, panty shots are most commonly associated with attractive young girls, appearing in variety of media around the world. While once considered absolutely shocking by polite society, the trope now leans more towards the risque than the pornographic. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, the details of which will be discussed at length in the text below.

Within British Culture, the panty-shot has always been a major source of Fetish Fuel, reaching its zenith during the 1960s. The well-documented English obsession with young women's underwear was probably the result of a long-standing ban on nudity. Since hard-core representations of the female body were forbidden, artists and film-makers often relied on the next best thing; a tight-fitting pair of satin knickers, complete with suspenders and stockings. It should be noted, however, that the pants weren't always that tight, and that the focus seemed to be on the panties themselves as an object of desire. After all, according to the Theiss Titillation Theory, hiding it just a little bit makes it more exciting than showing it out.

In the present day, this form of Fanservice tends to cause extreme discomfort in Conservatives, Moral Guardians and other whining hypocrites, particularly when the image happens to depict a loli. Due to Executive Meddling and Parental Outrage, the trope was often averted in Western animation (and some Japanese) by using a Magic Skirt and similar forms of Totally Gratuitous Censorship.

Closely related to the Lingerie Scene, it sometimes overlaps with Black Bra And Panties, but should NEVER be confused with the Scotsman's Secret under any circumstances. See also Innocent Pantiesfor shots of panties that aren't intended to be sexy or comedic, but to highlight the fact that the character is young, naive and innocent. {C

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Advertising Edit

  • A 1980s Japanese commercial featuring a tape player/CD player/radio/stereo combo by the brand, Pioneer, also features a white teen guy doing a handstand in topsy-turvy position while listening to music. A white teen girl, wearing a pink, puffy, pleated skirt enters the house and the guy gets an upside down view of her white unmentionables before he tilts forward and lies on his back.
  • A 2015, Christmas-themed, Pizza Hut ad features hosed white panty shots of the Rockettes wearing Santa outfits and doing their kick-step dance.

Anime and mangaEdit

Main article: Panchira.

  • Agent Aika takes it up to eleven where in almost every scene there is always panty shot flying all over the place.
  • Uran from AstroBoy was arguably the TropeMaker in Japan, possessing a gravity defying hemline and occasionally undressing for no apparent reason. The trope appears to have become increasingly common with the advent of the magical girl in 1966, although (hopefully) no explicit Fanservice connotations were attached to it until Cutey Honey came along. Pretty much any series filmed prior to 1970 falls under the Innocent Panties category.
  • Air Master, which features a heroine who fights with a highly acrobatic fighting style while wearing a skirt she is entirely too big for, understandably has several panty shots per episode. Amazingly enough, not a one of them feels fanservicey at all.
  • Azumanga Daioh, for being a high school series heavy on sailor fuku, has exactly one panty shot in each version (manga and anime), in a setting where it's at least likely to be done -- but even then, the focus is on the cat print, such that one can't tell it's a panty shot by looking at the frame in question.
  • Happens quite a lot to the lead character of Shonen Maid Curo-kun.
  • Inu Yasha's Kagome averts this entirely, despite wearing an extremely short skirt while running around feudal Japan, because Takahashi herself added a note to the animators never to show Kagome's panties.
  • Shugo Chara. An innocent children's show with innocent thematics, innocent main-characters, innocent music, and three panty shots from amulet heart in the third op sequence! (While the chorus is singing "What you want to be, what you want to say." I don't wanna guess, WHAT she wants to be or say...)
  • Older episodes of Doraemon feature these happening to Shizuka and sometimes other girls for various reasons. There was also an episode where Nobita uses the Moshimo Phonebox to become a girl named Nobiko where he/she falls down the stairs and gets one.
◦ Shizuka panty-shots were also very common in the manga, particularly after the Great Panchira Explosion of the mid 70s. While earlier examples were mainly "accidental" in nature, later stories played upon the boys' growing curiosity, with Nobita using Doraemon's gadgets to peek under Shizuka's skirt.
◦ Both the episode's title card the series' end credits features one each respectively.
◦ The titular alien pet provides Eri with numerous cool gadgets apparently designed to raise her hemline.
◦ Various storylines involve an invisible skirt-flipper bent on embarrassing Eri in public.
◦ Eri's panties are usually visible during extended flight scenes (much like Shizuka in Doraemon).
◦ The girls at Eri's school often spend their free time "hanging out" on the jungle gym.
◦ Housekeeping scenes always include a shot of Eri polishing the floor with her white cotton panties on display.
◦ The show's numerous alien pests always seem fascinated by Eri's underpants for some inexplicable reason.
◦ Really, the Fujiko Fujio duo loved this trope. It'll probably be shorter to include a list of their works that DOESN'T contain a panty shot.
  • Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally used this a lot. While it never really comes across as fanservice except for a few occasions, it seems seems like there isn't a single chapter that goes by without a decent look at the panties of one of the female characters. This can get a little unnerving considering that more than a few of the central characters are young girls age 14 at most.
◦ As for the CodeGeass anime, R2 had a scant few: one scene with C.C. disguised as a student, and possibly (depending on what version you're watching) the fight between Jeremiah and Sayoko.
Code Geass: Oz the Reflection uses this as well. However, it should be noted that EVERY female character in this manga has had at least one Fanservice moment.
  • Reading the Internet Movie Database's discussion forum for Kikis Delivery Service, one would get the definite impression that it is American society that has an obsession with panties -- and that the few brief glimpses we get of Kiki's knee-length bloomers filled the entire movie.
◦ To be fair, the "bloomers" are 40s-style girls' briefs, and they occupy a prominent role in a fair number of scenes.
◦ But that first picture has her legs completely spread.
◦ On the other hand, My Neighbor Totoro, also made by Miyazaki, has panty shots during an estimated twenty percent of the movie length.
◦Non-FanService, however, as the girls are too young, even though a few camera angles seem to suggest otherwise.
◦ On the subject of Miyazaki, his affinity for lolipantsu seems to have begun with Panda kopanda! (1971), in which diminutive heroine Mimiko performs handstands to demonstrate her enthusiasm. The two Panda movies probably chalked up more panty shots per scene than even Agent Aika.
  • Hayate the Combat butler uses this sometimes - with Nagi, who wears short skirts a lot, other short skirt wearers, and explicitly for fanservice with Maria.
  • Subverted in Saki. The girls are often viewed from angles that would normally result in a glimpse of panties... but only bare flesh is shown instead. This creates the illusion that no one in the show actually wears panties.
  • Lala the humanoid demon from the Devilman anime wears a very short skirt and her panties are exposed every now and then especially if she's exposed to wind and sometimes another demon will purposely flip her skirt to humilate her.
  • Haruko Akagi has one in the very first episode of the basketball-themed Slam Dunk. There's a glimpse of her white panties when she stumbles and falls on the court as she shows off her moves

Comic booksEdit

  • Little Lulu. In literally every story. To the ninth degree. Probably not the Trope Maker in the artform, but certainly set the precedent for practically every kiddie strip that followed over the next forty years.
  • Panty shots were disturbingly abundant in most of the girls in the Harvey Comics universe. Even the company's proto-feminist powerhouse Little Lotta managed to get a southern exposure in every now and then.
  • Li'l Jinx, the blonde tyke in Archie Comics, was a prolific panty flasher, as were Betty and Veronica from time to time. Mostly in the "Little Archie" series, but not uncommon in the digest comics.
  • The late 80s one-shot Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem had an offbeat story with Kitty Pryde assisted by (among others) a miniature version of Nightcrawler. Kitty goes about the first half of the story in a shirt and panties and then (after getting the "I see London, I see France" treatment) gets a long skirt. However it is so high cut that her panties still show throughout the remainder of the story.
  • Subverted in Empowered with the arrival of Maid Man.


  • Karen Black, Trilogy of Terror, fighting the Zuni Doll while on the floor kicking her legs wearing a dress.. Also, Five Easy Pieces, applying make-up while sitting on a sink in a mini-skirt.
  • Nine year-old Sybil Jason has her silky white panties displayed during an extremely public (and possibly quite painful) spanking scene in "The Captain's Kid (1936)".
  • Disney's The Parent Trap (1961 version) has Hayley Mills in a dual role as identical twins at a summer camp -- one girl is proper, the other a tomboy. The tomboy secretly cuts a gap in the back of the proper's skirt, giving everyone at the dance party a good look at her panties.
  • In Disney's "The Kid" there is a scene where there's a little girl on the monkey bars and as soon as she swings left her purple panties are shown, plus there's a boy under her looking up her skirt to see what she showed us.
  • In Disney's 1995 Gordy, Kristy Young playing the young country singer Jinni Sue, is wearing a long plaid skirt at the side of a pool when a little boy fall into the water. None of them can swim, so she runs to get help turning around quickly, maneuver that makes her skirt fly, revealing white cotton panties.
  • In Grease (1978), the goody-goody Patty Simcox tries to out dance everyone at her school, while she is dancing in front of everyone (even the live television cameras), she has her blue dress pulled up at the school dance exposing her matching blue cotton panties, she screams and is forced to dance in a circle with her dress over her head, giving everyone a good look at her underpants. 
  • We also see the dancer Cha Cha keep lifting up her own dress in the same scene, showing off her super sexy black panties. 
  • One of the teachers has two upskirt moments aswell, showing her gold coloured panties.
    • Almost any dance choreography in that movie shows lots of panties shots.
  • In 1994's Corrina Corrina, Tina Majorino does a series of cartwheels in a dress, showing off her matching bloomers (which fall to her ankles earlier while hula-hooping). Later, her white panties can just be seen as Whoopi Goldberg tries to pull her from the grip of a car door handle.
  • Liesl Von Trapp twirls her skirt up and has it billow up as she suddenly sits in the gazebo dance scene from The Sound Of Music.
  • The Our Gang shorts subjects "Time Out For Lessons" and "Melodies Old And New" featured numerous panty shots such as this one.
  • Charles Bronson 1970 movie Cold Sweat: Joe Martin (Bronson) carries his short-skirted stepdaughter Michelle; her panties are seen for a good couple of minutes.
    • Seeing how skimpy her skirt was, it is no surprise that there were a scene conceived only to show her panties. She spends all of the movie using an ultra-short skirt. All the chase scene in the last act where a goon is pursuing her and Bronson's wife across a mountain is a sequence only to give the viewer a panty/leg show of the girl. And it's a damn fine show.
  • Averted in Singing in the Rain]], in the musical number "Good Morning, Good Morning!" at the Lockwood home after midnight. A few frames are clipped to avoid a panty shot of Debbie Reynolds.
  • Natalie Portman flashes a little peek as she rolls off a bed in V For Vendetta (trying to avoid the now-enraged perverted bishop).
  • Pia Zadora has one in Santa Claus Conquers The Martians when she is told to get on her sleep platform.
  • Hammer Productions' These are the Damned features a squad of soldiers carrying a group of school kids into an underground prison; one of the girls has her skirt scrunched high up over her waist for around eight seconds.
  • Veruca Salt during her song in the 1971 Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
  • A panty shot was averted in the print ad for the 1989 movie Parenthood. In the ad, the little girl dangling by one foot is wearing pink tights and has the front of her skirt between her legs.
  • Raquel Welch's eponymous character in the 1967 spy comedy Fathom. At one point, while she's being chased by a bull, she trips and her red-mini dress hikes up revealing white panties.
  • Raquel Welch (as Det. Eileen McHenry) has another up-skirt shot of her panties (due to her wearing a dress split at the front) in the 1972 action/crime/comedy Fuzz, when her chase of a suspect comes to a stop.
  • In the 1973 film, Harry In Your Pocket, Sandy's (Trish Van Devere) white undies are exposed as she bends over and stands back up while carrying boxes on an escalator.
  • A wasted Jilly (Particia Arquette) from 1988's Far North tumbles out of a convertible car as it drives off and when she falls on the ground, her skirt rides up, revealing her white undies.
  • A wasted Mercedes (Heather Graham), from 1987's License to Drive hoists up her pink skirt at one point, flashing matching panties.
  • In 1985's The Coca-Cola Kid, Terri's (Greta Scacchi) dress flips over,revealing white undies, while she's struggling with her ex and they fall over to the floor.
  • In the period/war comedy 1941 (1979), after Betty Douglas (Dianne Kay) and Maxine Dexheimer (Wendy Jo Sperber) fall into a pit set up by three boys, the former gives a view of her white panties under her matching outfit as she struggles to get up and out of the hole. Later, her undies are also displayed when she's swing dancing at the club.
  • In 1965's Doctor Who and the Daleks eleven year-old Roberta Tovey, who plays Susan, a much younger version than her TV counterpart on the Doctor Who episodes the films were adapted from, wore a very short dress . In Dr. Who and the Daleks, after being scared by a Thal she gets caught by Ian, thinking it's something else, she struggles, allowing her dress to ride up, revealing her white panties.  Her panties are seen too in Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. after escaping the Dalek saucer with Wyler. She's shielded by Wyler as their van explodes, but as they get up, we get another peek under her skirt. There were many more minor panty-shots from our young Susan in both movies due to the shortness of her dresses, but all are very hard to spot unless you're really looking.
  • In 2006's A Good Year, Marine Casto plays a young (9/10 year-old) Fanny towards the end of the movie in one of Max's flashbacks. She is seen rocking on a hammock, near a pool where young Max is reading a book and drinking a soda. She is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. She stands up and proceeds to remove her shorts and jumps to the pool, swimming to the other side where she emerges from the water to kiss Max.
  • In 1986's infamous Troll, Wendy, played by eleven-year-old Jenny Beck is sitting at the table, wearing a blue plaid skirt and being a brat (she's the titular Troll, who asumed her form), spilling juice all over the floor, when her father grabs her from behind and picks her up lifting her from her chair. He puts her down but she is to close to his chest and her skirt rolls up as she is slinding, revealing white cotton panties.
  • Maladolescenza, the infamous 1977 movie, has, amongst "other things" panty-shots of 12 year-old Laura Wendel.
  • My Queen Karo (1977) has lots of pantyshots from girls of all ages.
  • The Perfect Score (2004) has a pretty hot panty shot from 19 year-old Scarlett Johansson.
  • The plot in Hick (2011) is only a excuse to get Chlöe Moretz in ruffled panties, ultra-tight micro-shorts and bondage. Relative to this trope is the scene where she's practicing with a revolver wearing nothing but somemulticolored ruffled panties and quoting Dirty Harry as a man comes to her house looking for her mom (Juliette Lewis).
  • Babes in Toyland from 1986 had everything: giant Teddy Bears, Keanu Reeves' wedding, go-karts, Mr Miyagi-Claus and a young Drew Barrymore flashing her panties across the screen. She's sitting at the back of Miyagi-Claus' sled and then she climbs to reach her seat, her skirt scrunches high up over her waist and her yellow panties are shown. Very ironic, since she was wearing a skirt that reached down to her ankle and was a very modest outfit.
  • Hoo boy, almost anything related to the 70's Pippi Longstoking. She was a walking panty-shot, mostly due to the fact that they changed the dress she sported in the books, for some kind of... t-shirt? and not even along one. Also her little friend Annika had her share of showing off her panties as well.  As in this scene

    bannister fun

  • In The Poker House, Cammie (Chloe Moretz) is filmed from above lying on her side asleep wearing at-shirt and panties. Another girl wakes her up and she turns onto her back and stretches.
  • In Alien, we have have a Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, giving us a brief glimpse of why she was a sex symbol. Man, she knows how to undress in a terror movie. Teens could learn something from that scene for the next slasher movie they get into.
  • Let's not forget Kelly LeBrock in 1985's Weird Science. She models the hell outta those panties and that 80's hair has something that just fits too well and the lack of a bra is helping for sure.
  • Kelly LeBrock's red satin panties are exposed in the Gene Wilder film The Woman In Red.
  • In 2001's movie Tart, we have a movie full of schoolgirls, pervert adults, teen sex and a dog licking a girl's parts, but we also have the first appearance of Bijou Phillips as Delilah in sexy black-tight panties.
  • In the movie Saving Silverman (2001), there is a scene at the beginning were we see a young Judith pulling a prank on Darren at the school's caffeteria. Wayne confronts her and she lifts her legs to pass the bench at the table she's sitting. She's wearing a cute skirt that rolls up to her waist, letting us see a pair of black panties, and underneath a pair of white ones. It seems that the scene was made specifically to give us the upskirt but the director sugested the use of some kind of "shorts" under her skirt, but they didn't cover her panties when the scene was filmed.
  • In My Girl, Vada (Anna Chlumsky) is sitting on her bed having her hair brushed by her stepmother (Jamie Lee Curtis). As she gets up onto her knees to crawl to the head of the bed, her T-shirt top has ridden up to reveal a pantied behind, a view she develops as she turns to sit and tuck herself in.
  • In the 1995 Bollywood film Raja, there's a shot of Madhu Garewal's (Madhuri Dixit) white panties under her matching mini skirt as she's walking up some stairs.
  • Near the end of the sci-fi/musical/comedy Earth Girls Are Easy (1988), a breeze blows up the back of Valerie Gail's (Geena Davis) white skirt, revealing her matching panties, as she climbs into the Mac's (Jeff Goldblum) spaceship while it's launching into the air.
  • In the comical horror flick The Rise of Vernon Leslie: Behind the Mask (2006), Lauren (Krissy Carlson) has a white panty shot as she climbs up a ladder, attempting to flee the titular villain before she's captured and attacked when she reaches the second level of the barn. This is seen in a scenario first, then as it actually takes place.
  • In the movie Pinnocchio's Revenge (1996), Zoe (Brittany Alyse Smith) is being bullied at the school by other three girls. One of them pushes her to the ground and she falls spreading her legs and showing her panties.
  • The 1984 sci-fi romance film, Starman, has Jenny Hayden (Karen Allen) wearing a red shirt/white undershirt, the latter shirt with matching panties.
  • The 1989 slasher-horror film, Cutting Class, features Paula Carson (Jill Schoelen) bending over in a mini-skirt and flashing her white panties.
  • In the 2003 horror spoof, Scary Movie 3, there's a reflection of Cindy Campbell's (Anna Faris) white panties on a knife, which a couple of aliens slip under a door.
  • The 1987 thriller, No Way Out, has Susan Atwell (Sean Young) lift her red skirt and show off her white panties to Lt. Com. Tom Farrell (Kevin Costner).
  • The 1993 erotic thriller parody, Fatal Instinct, includes Lola Cain (Sean Young) lifting her white skirt as she puts on a pair of pop-up panties.
  • In the movie The Little Rascals Save the Day (2014), at the talent show, when Darla is singing and dancing with Waldo before the Little Rascals' turn, Waldo spins her and her dress twirls up, revealing her cute briefs for a moment.
  • In the movie Moonrise Kingdom (2012) due to her childish mini-dress, that barely covered her panties, Suzy (13yo Kara Hayward) shows her panties in a rather sexy/cute scene when she and Sam are spending time together in the woods. She enters in the tent they assembled and she goes all fours, then the camera takes a shot from her rear and we (Sam included) see how her dress lifts giving us a nice view of her panties and rear.
  • The 1999 dramedy, The Suburbans, includes Cate (Jennifer Love Hewitt) lifting her light grey dress up to her bosom to show a tattoo on her lower back to another female character and wearing purple panties. A male character walks in on that moment, catching her in her unmentionables, and she hurriedly pulls it back down when she notices him there.
  • In the 1946 movie Rolling Home the 9 year old girl gets taken off her horse wearing a very short dress.Her panties are exposed.
  • In the movie Cruel Intentions (1999), when the young and naive Cecile (Selma Blair) is being interviewed by Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar), she is wearing a tight mini-skirt and opens her legs, showing her white panties.
  • In the horror film The Possession (2012) 12 year old Em (Natasha Calis) is being exorcised in a hospital. She's wearing only her panties and a hospital robe. When she jumps over the Rabi doing the exorcism and lands on the floor, she opens wide her legs, causing her robe to twirl up showing up her purple panties. She's still possessed but it does still counts as fuel.
  • In the comedy The Pacifier (2005), as they are being held hostage, 11yo Lulu and Zoe, the daughters of the Plummer family, switch possitions while tied and on the floor (some more fuel) to try and escape. They are wearing mini-skirts, so when they lift their legs to move, they show their panties in the process.
  • In the movie The Nutcracker in 3D (2009), Mary (10yo Elle Fanning) is held hostage in the mecha/helicopter of the sadist Rat King (yeah, is that kind of movie). She's thrown away with her brother and as she is wearing a very vaporous dress, it lifts as she's sitting on the floor of the machine, revealing very nice and kinda elegant garter panties.
  • In Big Momma's House 2 (2006), we have Chloe Moretz as a pre-teen cheerleader and doing some questionable dancing, but if that's not enough, the movie has a weird fixation to focus the girls' rears as they are doing their routine at the ending of the movie. The funny part is that they are NOT wearing shorts under their skirts but normal panties.
  • In the mexican movie Poison fo the Fairies (1984) there are several from Flavia along the movie. One when she and Veronica are exploring a graveyard, another one when they areriding a boat going to catch frogs and one from Veronica as they climb down a ladder in a barn.
  • In 1988's The In-Crowd, Gail's (Wendy Gazelle) white panties can be seen briefly, as she hurriedly hides them with a pillow when Del Green (Donovan Leitch) enters her room without knocking first.
  • The 2009 Robin Williams dark comedy, World's Greatest Dad, contains a couple of panty shot moments: One with Lance Clayton's (Williams) son, Kyle (Daryl Sabara), going under a table to sneak a peek at Claire's (Alexie Gilmore) panties, then takes a picture of them with a camera phone; the other with Claire flashing her panties from the back to Lance as she teases him.
  • In the Czech movie Alice (Neco z Alenky) from 1988, there are a couple of scenes where Alice (Kristýna Kohoutová) eats cookies that make her grow. She's inside a room, so she needs to sit with her knees on her chest and her dress rolls over her tights and she shows a pair of cute white panties with golden lacing.
  • In the 1970 comedy/satire/musical/melodrama/sexploitation film, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, during the struggle when Pet (Marcia McBroom), Kelly, Harris, and Emmerson attempt to stop Z-Man's killing spree, as Pet bends over and falls back as she loses her balance, her white panties show under her green mini skirt for a moment.
  • In the 2014 remake of the 1981 romance film, Endless Love, Jade (Gabriella Wilde) pretends to skate and demostrates for David (Alex Pettyfer). As she twirls, this causes her red party dress to billow up, revealing powder blue panties.
  • There are a couple of these moments in the 2001 horror movie, Christina's House. One when the titular character (Allison Lange) is seen in a dark bluish gray shirt and red panties when she's about to enter the attic; the other in a white undershirt and gray panties when she's confronting her brother about her missing diary.
  • In the reboot/revamp of the "St Trinian's" franchise, the titular movie from 2007 has some of these, but a strange one happens when the twin girls, played by Chloe and Hollie Mackie (10 years old at the time) get trapped inside a museum. They are sitting on the floor sobbing (faking it, since they were robbing a painting), then a security guard comes and picks them up, lifting them. The camera is positioned on the floor too, pointing upwards so the audience peeks under their dresses and the shot shows their cute white panties. This is a movie that is about 70% fanservice with girls dressed as catholic schoolgirls, but it seems weird when they use little girls for fanservice too (not that I'm complaining).
  • In the 1990 western/horror film Tremors, Rhonda (Finn Carter) is revealed to be wearing white panties in her jeans, after she removes them to get free and escape from one tremor's grasp.
  • There are some views of Maggie's (Kerri Green) white panties under her matching pleated skirt while she's playing tennis in slow motion in the 1986 coming-of-age, high school, teen, tragicomedy Lucas and she's being checked out by the title character (Corey Feldman).
  • This also occurs similarly with Andrea (Kerri Green) in the 1985 adventure comedy, The Goonies.
  • The 1997 romantic comedy, She's So Lovely, features Maureen's (Robin Wright Penn) white panties exposed, due to her black mini dress riding up when she bends over while getting the daughters away from a fight between Eddie (Sean Penn) and Joey (John Travolta).
  • Marianna Graves (Goldie Hawn) has a few panty shots in the 1990 action comedy Bird on a Wire. The color of panties and what kind of underwear vary in different moments: She's seen wearing a white pair, when she's lying upside down in a car with her legs up in the air in one chase scene; they're seen again from the rear in another scene, due to wind blowing in up, while riding behind Rick Jarmin (Mel Gibson) on a motorcycle. They're the same color as her dress (purple) in the scene, when she and Rick are in the animal enclosures of a zoo and she's climbing a rope ladder. At another point, in those scenes, she's wearing a black thong as it billows while climbing and Rick gets a view up it.
  • This is common in anything featuring can-can dancing, such as the white, frilly panties under the skirts of the dancers in the romantic comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest (2002).
  • In the comedy Enid Is Sleeping (1991), Jane's (Elizabeth Perkins) white panties are shown under her rose-patterned dress, in spread-eagle position, as she desperately tries to prevent herself from falling over a cliff.
  • There are a couple in the 1999 drama/remake of Gloria. One with Angela (Sarita Choudhury), whose wearing a black split skirt, there's a peek of her white panties when she turns from one side to the other as she's gathering and packing clothes; the other with the titular character (Sharon Stone) when she kicks open a door, her white panties are seen briefly under her maroon skirt.
  • In the thriller Lisa (1990), the titular character (Staci Keanan) has a couple. Seen when she exits the phone booth and runs across the street, from behind, there are glimpses of her white panties with black dots as the blue and white plaid skirt of her school uniform moves up and down.
  • In the 1987 action/comedy/sci-fi/buddy flick Real Men, a Soviet or Russian female top negotiator known as Dolly (Isa Anderson) is wearing a black trench-coat dress. As she's seen getting out of a car below headshot and before standing up, her legs are open and there are white panties underneath her dress.
  • A scene in the 1998 French crime/drama/romance film, In All Innocence, shows Cecile Maudet (Virginie Ledoyen) lifting her gray skirt and showing off her white panties as a seduction method and she offers herself to her lawyer.
  • Linda (Tawny Kitaen) has a white panty shot in the 1986 American/British horror film, Witchboard. This is shown under her blue, buttoned shirt when Jim (Todd Allen) picks her up and carries her to bed, after she falls unconscious due to David's spirit thrashing her around.
  • The titular character (Elisabeth Shue) of the 1999 romantic comedy-drama, Molly, has a white panty shot seen under her dress, as she widens her legs and she steps up off of a stair step.
  • The 1965 comedy Harvey Middleman, Fireman features this when the titular character (Gene Troobnick) picks up his daughter for a piggyback ride. Her powder blue panties are seen from behind and under her matching baby doll dress.
  • Freya Carlson (the late Sharon Tate) in the 1968 comedy spy-fi flick, The Wrecking Crew. Freya gives a wide open view and flashes her white knickers under her navy blue skirt after accidentally running and bumping into Matt Helm (Dean Martin) and she clumsily falls over a couple of suitcases as she lifts up one leg.
  • Rhoda Penmark (Patty McCormack) in the 1956 black and white horror film, The Bad Seed. Her panties are seen under her baby doll dress from behind twice. Once when she jumps off the steps to the front door of her house; once when she jumps again while confronting Leroy (Henry Jones). She also has another when she's putting on her skates.
  • Featured with Melinda (Nicole Eggert) in the 1992 straight-to-video spy teen comedy, The Double 0 Kid. Her white panties can be seen when she turns and her multi-colored skirt flips up from the back as she and Lance Elliot (the late Corey Haim) attempt to keep one of the villains at bay.
  • Nicole Arnel (Katherine Heigl) in the 1994 romantic comedy remake, My Father The Hero. The moment happens while she and Ben (Dalton James) are kissing on the beach, a draft lifts up her skirt, showing off purple panties.
  • Louise (Jessica Lange) in the 1980 heist comedy, How To Beat The High Cost Of Living. After she and Albert (Richard Benjamin) briefly make out on a couch, as Louise sits up and gets up off of it, her hosed white panties under her black dress are exposed. Elaine (Jane Curtin) later has one as well, after stripping down to her salmon bra and panties on stage in a mall as a diversion while Louise and Jane (Susan Saint James) are underground attempting to suck money from the money ball with a vacuum cleaner.
  • A cheerleader in a mainly blue uniform has a shot of her white panties from behind as she crawls backwards while a shootout is going on in a restaurant in the 2001 straight-to-video comedy-drama, Double Whammy. There are also panty shots of three cheerleaders (each wearing different colored panties) in a T.V. ad that Ray Pluto (Dennis Leary) watches.
  • In the 1963 cold war drama, Ladybug Ladybug, Jill (Dianne Higgins) has a white panty shot, as her dress rides up while climbing down from a top bunk bed.
  • In the 1990 romantic comedy Where The Heart Is, after her parents won't allow her to return home, Daphne McBain (Uma Thurman) flashes her white cotton undies twice: When she runs to a car as her tri-colored skirt blows up from behind and when she jumps on the car hood, and hoists her skirt from the back while shaking her rear/hips.
  • In Edward Scissorhands (1990), Kim (Winona Ryder) is picked up and her blue cheer briefs are shown.
  • Adrian Forrester (Alicia Silverstone) has one in the 1993 thriller, The Crush. Her powder blue panties are seen under her matching, pleated jean skirt when she's swinging back and forth on a swing set.


  • In the novel Fight Club there is a scene where The Narrator accidentally rips off Marla's skirt. The book explains her appearance and how she hardly reacts to her clothing being nothing but a shirt and her panties. But this is certainly an atypical panty shot, if it truly counts at all. Let me assure anyone who hasn't read the novel that there is nothing sexy about a women standing in her underwear while her lover is rolling on the floor covered in human fat.
  • In the book The Enchanter, Vladimir Nabokov describes the main character being hypnotized by the little girl he is lusting for, on a bed candidly showing her panties.

Live action TVEdit

  • Although Lazy Town character Stephanie's underpants are revealed almost constantly in the early episodes, it doesn't appear to be fanservice, just the result of an active little girl wearing a skirt that is short enough to dance in. By the second season, all new items in Stephanie's wardrobe appear to have been chosen to prevent panty shots, a rather ugly red tracksuit being a disturbingly frequent replacement for her signature pink dress, which has itself gone from just covering her rear to knee-length. If that wasn't enough, in the final episodes of the second season, Stephanie's seen wearing a pair of shorts under her skirt instead of panties.
  • This one's actually from a live show that many people may be familiar with: Dancing With The Stars. This happens several times actually, most are accidental. However in some dances, most notably Cody and Julianne's jitterbug dance, there seemed to be a flashy display of rather lacy panties covering the girls' butts... several times in the same dance.
  • Has happened on more than one occasion in Power Rangers thanks to short skirts + high kicks. Presumably unintentional in these cases though.
Power Rangers Ninja Storm (and its original counterpart Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger) is a notable in-costume example
  • There was one in an episode of Mork and Mindy...from Mork himself. Near the end of "Hold That Mork", where Mork becomes a Denver Broncos Cheerleader, Mork comes out from hiding in a locker and momentarily flips up his skirt, revealing his white panties. Knowing Robin Williams, this was probably intentional. Sadly for normal people, Mindy never once had one.
  • In her debut episode in Family Matters, Myrtle Urkel at one point collapses onto the floor, briefly revealing her panties under her frilly skirt. The odd thing about it? She is played by the male Jaleel White, who also played Steve Urkel.
  • The Brady Bunch. A small triangle of Jan Brady's panties can be seen for a few frames in the episode Her Sister's Shadow" (she's wearing a very short dress and sitting with her hands in her lap; she brings her hands up gesturing as she kvetches to her mother about Marcia).
    • Cindy had a tendency to flash the viewers due to the extra-short dresses she used along the series. As an example, in the episode The Big Sprain from the first season, we have this scenewhere she lifts her leg to clib onto a bed and shows her pearl/yellowish panties.
    • In the later seasons, as Maureen McCormick explains in her book Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, this trope became some kind of "game" between she and the actress playing Jan, in where both would try to wear the shortest skirt possible.
    • Also, this happened a lot due to that time's fashion. Girls used to wear those really short miniskirts, leading to some expected results as in the episode Brace Yourself
  • In the PBS series "Kidsongs," one of the girls in a song sequence twirls her sun dress up quickly.
  • The Nashville Network's "Club Dance" had many female dancers twirling their skirts up.
  • America's Funniest Home Videos has a number of panty shots, ranging from skirts getting pulled up to cheerleaders getting knocked over on their backs.
  • Marie Osmond has had a couple. In the 1975 ABC special leading up to the 1976 Donny & Marie series, Marie twirls up her ice skating skirt. In 2008, she lets it ride wearing a little girl outfit on Dancing With The Stars.
  • Any number of variety shows of the past that either featured dancers or acrobatic acts had female members in skirts providing many panty shots (even if their panties were part of their costumes).
  • On Mystery Science Theater 3000, the guys gave nicknames such as "Buffalo Shot" and "Boy Cameltoe" to the male version, which popped up distressingly often. The film Devilfish even had an up-pantsleg shot of one male character, which was thankfully censored out.
  • In one of the first episodes of The Cosby Show, the family is dressed formally for the toilet bowl funeral of Rudy's (Keisha Knight-Pulliam) dead goldfish. During the "ceremony," Rudy nervously pulls her dress up.
  • On the old Banana Splits show on Saturday morning, the Splits would be confronted with a soiree of girls called the Sour Grapes Bunch, all clad in purple mini-miniskirts and lavender tights. On several of the girls, their panties could be seen through their tights when they did their dance routine.
  • Whitney Cummings showed her white panties when she was getting up for her segment on "The Roast of David Hasselhoff"
  • In an episode of Hannah Montana, Tracy says she's going to marry Jake Ryan, even though they are teenagers. (So much for getting Crap Past The Radar.) When Lily and Miley grab onto Tracy's bridal train, they don't let go and end up tearing it, so we can see Tracy's pink frilly heart pantaloons. They then remain like that for the whole REST of the episode!
  • In an episode of the short-lived, British sci-fi series, Ghostbusters of East Finchley, Jan Francis' character Grace is wearing a blue and white candy-striper maid or nurse's uniform. Her white, hosed panties are flashed (being that the skirt is well above the knees) when she leans forward and bends over a crib.
  • Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) in the Full House episode "Leap of Faith". When she uncrosses her legs and gets up, there's a glimpse of her white undies under her black suspenders skirt.
  • In the That '70s Show episode, "Eric's Birthday", Laurie (played originally by the late Lisa Robin Kelly) lifts her long, red t-shirt to display white panties to Eric's (Topher Grace) friends.
  • In the Mom episode, "Forged Resumes and the Recommended Dosage", Bonnie (Allison Janey) hikes up her skirt, revealing purple panties, before climbing out of a window.
  • A segment from the British sketch comedy series, Dogface, is set in a classroom and features a teacher (Catherine Shepherd) teaching mostly young male students about gravity. After asking them if they'd like to see her pants (panties), as an example, she lifts her gray dress and shows off her white panties with barely visible, horizontal lines and a green outline.
  • In the episode, "The Psychic", from the third season of Starsky and Hutch, Joanna Haymes (Diane Kay) has a front view of a white panty shot under her plaid skirt as she is being carried into a van by one of the kidnappers.
  • This trope occurred with SNL's Mary Catherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon) regularly, whether intentionally or accidentally.
  • Sara Rush (Lydia Cornell) from Too Close For Comfort has this in "Que Sara, Sara". She wears a skimpy waitress uniform, complete with a full, lime green mini-skirt with no back to cover her ruffly white panties for everyone to see.
° Sara has another in "Your Guest Is as Good as Mine". When she's seated, there's a peek of her pink panties seen under her pink sport shirt with a double zero on the shirt's front.
  • Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) from Two Broke Girls has an oops moment with this. Prior to the intro, in "And The Inside-Outside Situation", as she's waiting tables, she keeps getting paid more by the male customers than usual. However, that's because unbeknownst to her, she's oblivious to the fact the skirt of her waitress outfit is bunched up in the back and tucked into her lacy, shocking pink panties. So everyone in the diner gets an eyeful of her undies-clad derriere. Max Black (Kat Dennings) is urged to tell her, but she decides not to do so at the moment.
  • After winning on an episode of the '70s game show, Match Game, an overjoyed, blonde contestant runs toward a male contestant to give him a hug. As she does this, she's seen from behind with her red mini dress riding up and her white granny panties showing. She's oblivious and doesn't realize the oops moment she had until the host, Gene Rayburn, mentions his being glad she wore underwear, much to her embarrassment.
  • The Last Man Standing episode, Buffalo Bill Day, features this with Mandy Baxter (Molly Ephraim) as Annie Oakley in a play about the cowboy. She gives a white panty view as she struggles to get out the window of a stagecoach, but gets stuck for a moment.

Music Edit

  • The cover of the punk-pop/punk revival band The Skirts' "Look Up" EP. A young lady, seen from the back and the shoulders down is walking up some stairs within one scene of a filmstrip, and her white panties are showing under her pink mini skirt.
  • The videoclip of the song "Mama Luba" by the group Serebro (the one of the 3 Russian chicks in a car) has panty shot of Elena (the one at the left) all the time. There is a much more difficult to catch panty shot of the one in the back seat either.
  • The duo "Chico & Roberta" from brazil, had the titular 11 year old girl, Roberta de Brito dancing in all of their videoclips and presentations, with ultra short skirts wearing A THONG!!!.

Newspaper stripsEdit

  • Zoe, from BabyBlues, who in one strip is walking down the street with her dad Darryl. Zoe has her skirt raised so she can show off her cartoon panties.
  • Holly Stone from ComicStrip/StoneSoup. A strip several years back had her going a whole day of school with the back of her skirt tucked in her panties.
  • In the early days of the Peanuts comic strip, Lucy, Violet and Patty were known to have shown their panties.
  • Margaret in Dennis The Menace used to have the lace (and occasionally the seat) of her panties show until in later years her skirt was lengthened.
  • The BBC's Wimbledon coverage used to feature gratitous use of these -- between games, a front on camera angle of the players sitting down between games was the norm until a few years ago, when it was specifically "phased out" because of the panty shots. We now get loads of stats and Hawkeye instead.
  • Figure skating is rife with panty shots, even if the skaters are wearing skirts attached to leotards. Every time a photo of Michelle Kwan was seen in the newspaper sports section, her skirt was up.

Video gamesEdit

  • The 3-D Sonic the Hedgehog games: if Amy or Cream jump at the right angle, you can actually see their underwear. This happens quite a lot in Sonic Heroes thanks to the vast amount of jumping you're always doing. For that matter, Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog gets one in pretty much every game since SonicAdventure.
  • In the Dreamcast version at least, one cutscene in SonicAdventure features a camera angle right up her skirt.
  • It's even worse in Phantasy Star Universe. During the Christmas holiday season, a giant statue of Amy from Sonic is seen in a number of the lobby areas. The camera, unfortunately, makes it all but impossible to avoid inadvertent flashing cases any time you're within 500' of her statue. Amy's skirt is so ridiculous that often times she'll be flashing her panties even if she's just standing around.
  • In Sonic Heroes, there's a way to look up both Amy and Creams dresses at the same time. Firstly, play any challenge or story with team rose, go into power formation and then group the team together. Then turn the camera up and left & right and then you can see up Amy and Creams dresses as long as you want.
  • Aoi Kanda from Osu Tatakae Ouendan really shouldn't be wearing such a short skirt considering she'll be jumping a lot.
  • Chrono Cross had a feature in the status menu that allowed you to view your character and look at them from different angles and different poses. The game allowed you to zoom in and out, pan the camera, but not move the camera all the way so that it goes underneath character's feet. If you viewed a character that was wearing a skirt or a mini-dress and let them do a pose that made them run, you may see panty shots from behind.
  • Also during battle, a character named Marcy shows her panties upon executing certain element magics in battle. This can be commonly seen by using one the green element aeroblaster. According to, "The Earth Dragon likes making the camera show Marcy's panties. What a pervert."
  • In the game Crash Twinsanity, when you first play as Nina Cortex, you can change the camera so that you can see up Nina's skirt, although I think you have to try to keep the camera angle like that all the time, and sometimes she even does ballet to see it easier. You can also jump and see her underwear.
  • In the Tinker Bell DS games, you can put your fairy in short skirts and dresses. Well, she also can pose and bend down a lot, so you can see her orange underwear. I've noticed in the 3rd game, the creators tried to cover any obvious panty shots since EVERY single dress is skimpy, but there are some certain spots in the game, like during the action stages, were if you have good eyes you can see it. Plus, it has different colors, too. I've seen red, orange, purple, blue, and white so far. You can actually make some dresses and skirts longer or shorter then they already are. You are practically asking for one! This Troper is just surprised that they let you look that far up a skirt in a game that's rated E.
  • In super smash bros melee and Brawl, you can see peach and zelda panties, and if you play with peach in icilce mountain in melee and make the taunt, her skirt blows up.
  • Ashley Graham of Resident Evil 4 is the master of this. If you do however, manage to look up her skirt while she's on a higher ledgem she'll call you a pervert. This isn't a problem however as for some reason, the developers allowed the camera to go to an angle where you can see her entire buttocks.
    • Then there's Ada Wong. She manages to flash the player (mayber even the characters) in almost all of her appearance. Even in the sequel to Degeneration. They're all black though.
    • And Even before that was Jill Valentine in Resident Evil Remake. After completing the game twice on her game, it'll unlock her RE3 outfit. But.....Justtakealookatthis!.
    • Sheva and Excella from 5 counts as well.
  • In a rare male example, Bass from the Mega Man series gets a panty shot whenever he kicks. See Mega Man 7 and Mega Man: The Power Fighters. Even then, his panties are pretty easy to see. So it's more like his privates are exposed. (He is a robot, and he is already extremely hot.)
  • Dance Dance Revolution has Yuni, who gets her panties exposed frequently due to her short skirt combined with the random camera angles.

Web comicsEdit

  • In Style Savvy, the girls often wear micro-minis, so when they move a certain way, it'll flash. Example here. Seems Angels in this universe don't count modesty amongst the cardinal virtues.
  • Agatha from Girl Genius jumps for joy when Gil survives a dangerous ploy. From one comment about decorum and the looks on the faces of several men, her leap was high enough that her skirt proved less than modest. And then there's the comments of the short plumber at the far right of each panel when they all see a huge projection of Agatha.
  • A "throwback" comic of a mischievous little girl named Glory Bee has her constantly doing something that prompts her being turned over someone's knee, her skirt lifted and spanked. Other "instances" have her and her friends in awkward positions that make their skirts flip over and they seem to be oblivious to the exposure of their panties.
  • Wedinator documents plenty of (one assumes) unintentional bridal panty shots. Shown here and here, and a couple where the presence of any underwear at all is debatable. Hoop skirts in general seem to be a dangerous idea.

Western AnimationEdit

  • Stickin' Around episode Do the hooky pokey, When Stacy gets on bradley, Stacy gets a first pantyshot
  • The original titles for Kim Possible (very briefly; light blue, if you're curious), taken from the episode. Until the beginning of Season 4, this was Kim's ONLY Panty Shot, in direct contrast to Ron's I See London habitual trouser problems. In another episode, Kim is participating in a cheerleader pyramid routine and her friend Crystal is on top of the pyramid doing a handstand. Every stitch of Crystal's purple bloomers are shown.
  • Played for comedic effect at various times in Tiny Toon Adventures (Babs Bunny (when she's wearing underwear on Friday) and Elmyra), Animaniacs (Dot Warner), and by Minnie Mouse in many of the old Disney short cartoons Animaniacs Dot Warner did these pretty much as a matter of course, due to the length of her skirt. She's also one of the few female cartoon characters I can think of that regularly went topless without the risk of drawing down the wrath of the Moral Guardians.
◦ Not done for fanservice, though, as she's an underage species-indeterminate cartoon critter.
  • Batman: The Animated Series villain Baby Doll provides a particularly disturbing example -- her frilly panties are very visible, but she's an adult with a child's body. Um, yeah.
  • A male example appears in the narmful animated Lord of the Rings when Aragorn trips and falls over from exhaustion. He's wearing brown briefs under his tunic.
  • The first episode of Dungeons & Dragons, of all things, has a brief panty-shot from Sheila as she jumps onto a horse. And another during a dream sequence in "The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow".
  • In the episode of the animated Punky Brewster series "Any Wish Way You Can", we see Margaux Kramer's panties after she slips on a throw rug. In Louvre Affair, Margaux jumps out of a plane's cockpit; her skirt billows up as she descends, just barely showing anything
  • Rainbow Brite had a panty shot in "The Mighty Monstromurk Menace Part 2" when she nearly fell off a rainbow while escaping from the evil Pits.
  • There were so many panty shots of Velma and Daphne on Scooby Doo
◦ In "Decoy for a Dognapper", while warding off a flock of bats, Velma kicks her knees up high enough to show her panties, but they are colored the same as her skirt.
◦ In "Scooby's Night With A Frozen Fright", she, Shaggy and Scooby get startled at the door slamming behind them and you can see her panties which are the same color as her dress.
◦ In "The Spooky Fog", a scene where Velma jumps back after being scared by a small animal, causing her skirt to flip up briefly, was unused during the first season of The New Scooby Doo Movies. It was added in season 2; it has not resurfaced since going into syndication and subsequent Cartoon Network and Boomerang airings.
◦ In "A Good Medium Is Rare", Velma's skirt rides up as she, Daphne and Fred react at a mysterious figure behind them.Details here.
◦ In the "Mystery of Haunted Island," one occurs when the gang meets the Harlem Globetrotters. A mishap with the door leads to the gang being pulled into a pile with the Globetrotters, where Daphne ends up face-down with her skirt flipped up, exposing her panties underneath her trademark pink tights. And here's the shot. She's on the left.
◦ In the episode "The Babysitter from Beyond" (A Pup Named Scooby Doo), the kids are wedged in a doorway and from behind we can see Velma's and Daphne's white panties. Curiously, Daphne is wearing her panties on the outside of her tights. Wearing a second pair of panties over one's tights is an old trick to help stop them falling down.[1]
◦ In "A Bicycle Built For Boo," Velma's skirt flips up after Scooby drops her from the reach of the episode's monster.[2]
◦ In "Wanted Cheddar Alive," the gang is chasing the guy in the blue suit until Daphne's skirt flips up to show her panties.[3] Meanwhile Daphne and Fred jump up higher then fall down to show Daphne's pink panties.[4]
◦ In the episode "For Letter or Worse" When Daphne finished filing her nails we see a small peek of her panties and she uncrossed her legs when she was telling Shaggy and Scooby "This is a Game Show, Not a Cooking Show".[5] Scooby runs back and knocked causing Brainy Bunch twins Betsy dress to exposed her bloomers.
◦ In "Mayhem Of The Moving Mollusk," the gang has been thrown into dumpster causing Daphne's dress to get dirty. She calls her butler Jenkins; as [6].
◦ In "It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine" from What's New, Scooby-Doo? when the Mystery Machine is chasing the gang and Velma falls over, flipping up her skirt in the process to show her white panties.[7]
◦ In The 1976 episode "Mamba Wamba And The Voodoo Hoodoo" Fred and Velma set the trap On Mamba Wamba causing Velma's Skirt to get flipped up and exposing her red solid panties.[8]
◦ In the 1976 episode "Scooby Doo, Where's The Crew?", on Prof. Poisson's ship, Velma stands on tiptoe to look into the radio room porthole. Her skirt rides up high enough to show her red lace-trimmed panties.[9]
◦ In The 1976 episode "There's A Demon Shark In The Foggy Dark", The Gang headed toward Aqualand when they see the demon shark chasing them. They headed to the pool riding on a dolphins' tail and landed in the trampoline to show Velma's red panties and Daphne's black panties.[10]
◦ In 1978 episode "Creepy Creature Of Vulture's Claw the gang heads to the old aaretaker's cabin to open the door to save Daphne; in the process it showed her black panties.
◦ In 1984 episode "Scooby's Peephole Pandemonium" after the gang heads to Norman Deathman's bedroom Daphne and Scrappy hide under the bed to show her upskirt of her panties.[11]
◦ "Monsters Unleashed" has Velma jumping into a ship vent funnel, back to the camera. Her orange panties can be seen for a couple of frames.
◦ Daphne gets one in Curse of the Lake Monster. Wearing a pleated-skirt tennis outfit, she (as well as Fred and Shaggy) gets knocked backwards by the lake monster.
  • The animators gave one to Lisa on The Simpsons. It may have just been that they inadvertently forgot to color it in, but you can see a flash of white under Lisa's skirt as she's climbing over the dividing wall between the "Boy" and "Girl" halves of the school, in the episode where she dresses like a guy to get into the better classes.
◦ Another one occurs during a Treehouse of Horrors skit about Principal Skinner killing and eating the students. It happens due to a "camera angle" just as she and Bart fall into a giant blender.
  • Several times in Muppet Babies, Baby Piggy, chief panty-flashing perpatrator.
  • The Chipettes get a few of these especially during "The Girls of Rock and Roll" number in The Chipmunk Adventure.
  • Pistol from Goof Troop has a number of these during the series
  • In one episode of Winx Club, the Trix were at a beauty pageant casting spells at the contestants and laughing at them. During one of the times this happened, Stormy laid down on Icy's lap laughing and accidentally exposed her purple panties. And of course, 4Kids edited the picture when that happened. However, this panty shot is still retained in the French edition of Winx Club that can be found on YouTube:
  • In The Amazing Chan And The Chan Clan episode "The White Elephant", Suzie Chan's skirt billows up as she, Tom, Alan and Anne fall feet first through a trap door. Her panties -- same color as her dress except for some lace trim and floral pattern -- can be seen for a couple of frames.
◦ Anne gets a variation of one in the comic adaptation of episode 3. She wears her t-shirt over her bathing suit, and when the four youngest kids come barreling into her, Alan, Tom and Suzie her shirt flies up, flashing the bottom half of her black swimsuit.
◦ So do Suzie and Mimi. They have on single-piece suits with an attached skirt which in two panels you can see up.
  • Ed, Edd & Eddy episodes "Boom Boom, Out Goes The Ed" and "A Town Called Ed" has series cutie Nazz in T-shirt, slippers and panties for extended time in each. In "Smile For The Ed," Ed's obnoxious sister Sarah is wearing a frilly dress (waiting line for her class photo) which rides up to show frilly panties.
  • Starfire has a quick panty shot at the beginning of the Teen Titans episode "Sisters" as she turns to return fire at her chasers.
  • In Courage the Cowardly Dog, there is an upskirt of any skirt wearing female character in every episode -- you'll have to be blind not to notice them.
  • Nutsy of Blinky Bill fame, is a repeat offender in this category, which is common due to her being a koala and frequently climbing trees.
  • In the PBS show Super Why, the character Little Red Riding Hood only has a skirt long enough to cover her crotch area, so when ever she moves a little her white panties can be shown, especially in the "Cinderella" episode.
  • An episode of the 1972 cartoon The Roman Holidays has Precocia Holiday in her panties for a scant couple of seconds as her mother puts a formal toga on her.
  • On the 1988 cartoon series Fantastic Max, Max's big sister Zoey shows her panties on a regular basis.
  • The Wild Thornberrys has the main character Eliza; basically any time she's wearing her yellow dress she can easily notch up about 5 an episode (partly due to being quite short and having little legs)...
  • Happy the Hare from Tabaluga will infrequently show hers when climbing or falling, they vary from Pink to purple.
  • In Disney's animated short subject Pecos Bill, Calamity Jane comes riding in on a buffalo. As the buffalo bucks up and down, Jane's rather short skirt flips up and shows white panties....and you thought the craze for panty shots started in Japan...
  • In the Rugrats episode "Tricycle Thief", Susie holds a kangaroo trial against Angelica for stealing her tricycle. She ties the string of her mylar balloon to the left foot of Cynthia, Angelica's doll, and dangles it upside down. Cynthia's skirt falls over to show her panties. When Susie lets go of the balloon, the string is now tied to Cynthia's right foot, and her skirt is back in its proper position.
◦ In another Rugrats episode "America's Wackiest Home Videos", Angelica's skirt flies up a number of times and reveals her pink panties when she is skating for Drew's video.
◦ In the episode "Mirror Land" when Didi realizes that she's wearing a ballerina outfit you can see her panties right before she covers them up out of embarrassment.
◦ Another episode had Angelica on the monkey bar hanging by her knees. Her skirt is flipped over showing the leg band lines of her panties through her purple tights. Yet another showed her wearing white panties over her tights.
  • Hey Arnold has one in the episode "Phoebe Skips" and another in the episode "Hall Monitor" where Phoebe gets knocked over and gives a shot of her white panties.
° Helga, wearing a milk carton costume for a school musical play, has one in "Downtown as Fruits". In the scene which has her letting the audience know what's up with the missing cast members, there's an upskirt shot of her lacy, white undies.
  • Little Audrey showed herpantiesa lot in her theatrical cartoons in the 40s and 50s, yet in the end titles of the anthology TV show she appeared in, Matty's Funday Funnies (ABC, 1959-61) she gets a Magic Skirt. Casper the Friendly Ghost, swinging on a trapeze by his knees, holds Audrey upside down by her feet, and her skirt doesn't budge.
  • Jerry's alien girl friend in Tom and Jerry: Blast Off To Mars has a couple of panty shots late in the feature.
  • 1995's Itsy Bitsy Spider episode "State Fair Itsy" has a scene where Itsy's human pal Leslie plummeting down a long slide feet first. Her skirt flies up all the way to her face.
  • In Phineas and Ferb the girls had magic skirts throughout the series no matter what they did, but in the episode "Ain't No Kiddie Ride" during the song Candace is spinning around a rocket and she has a panty shot, 8 times. Her panties are white just like her skirt but whiter.
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Harold Smith's daughter Susan wears a dress so short the crotch of her panties can be seen. Bubbles is seen in camisole and panties in "Mommy Fearest," and Buttercup's panties are seen in the Powerpuff Girls movie just before the Professor puts her nightie on her.
  • Mona The Vampire has a few.
  • In Disney's The Rescuers (1977), the character Penny is held upside down by her panties by the villainess Medusa's crocodile twice. Later she is in her panties pulling her nightgown over her head getting ready for bed. She also lifts her nightgown to show Bianca and Bernard the tooth holes in her panties. There's a few in the cave scenes too, such as when she turns to call to Medusa and the back of her dress raises slightly and when she picks up the diamond and her dress slides up to her waist.
  • Mighty Mouse cartoon "The Perils Of Pearl Pureheart" (1949): As in "Sunny Italy" of two years later, it starts off showing Pearl dangling by one foot. Unlike "Sunny Italy," Pearl's lengthy dress and petticoats flip over to expose her frilly, ankle-length pantaloons.
  • Olive Oyl is a cartoon female nobody has really clamored for to have a panty shot but in the Paramount-Famous Studio Popeye shorts, she has a couple. In "Abusement Park," Olive has a rope tied to one foot and is being towed full speed from Bluto's car on a roller coaster track. Her dress billows up partially, but in a front shot, she is coming towards the camera and her lacy panties are shown. In another, Olive looks out the window of a rocket ship going full tilt and she gets dragged out, hanging out by her legs. Her dress gets pulled over all the way, showing thigh-length pantaloons.
  • Alice from Disney's Alice In Wonderland gets a lot of shots of her white knee-length pantalettes throughout the film. There's even a part where she's shrunken in the flower garden and a flower proceeds to pull her skirt up to see her "stems".
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, in the episode "Nigel Planter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets" when Nigel, Grim, Billy and Mandy go through Dean Toadblatt's bookshelf, Mandy turns around causing a quick flash. Then when the scene returns to Nigel, Grim, Billy and Mandy, Mandy's panties are showing.
  • From Robotboy: In the episode "Traffic Slam", Tommy's pal Lola sat with her legs apart and the animators forgot her panties. Later in the episode, Lola's panties do get shown as she sits the same way. In "The Donnienator," Tommy's obnoxious big brother Donnie uses the bionic arm Dr. Kamikazi gave him to hang little boys and girls up on flagpoles by their underwear.
  • Little Red Riding Rabbit (1943): The Wolf gives the Bobby-soxer Red Riding Hood the bum's rush out the door three times, yanking her skirt up as he does. It starts at 2:48 in the Youtube video.
  • American Dragon Jake Long has one. In the episode "Dragon Breath" during the part when Jake spins Hailey away before he goes to the school dance. :◦She has yet another one in the episode "Switcheroo". During the part when she's break dancing and spinning on one arm, if you pause at the right time you can see her gray panties. Stop at 3:57 on this Youtube clip
  • The Proud Family has 4 in "Puff's Magical Adventure" when Penny hangs down a ladder to catch Puff, there is a full view upskirt. Also in "Penny's Got Game", after the cheerleader fall from their pyramid, there are 3 upskirts.
  • Little Ogee on Magilla Gorilla. In every episode she appears.
  • Darla Dimple has several in Cats Dont Dance.
  • Magic School Bus has two: In "Goes to Seed" When Ms. Frizzle's Class lumped to the pollen hole, it caused Dorothy Ann's skirt to flip up and show her white panties. Dorothy Ann gets another one in "Cracks a Yolk" when Liz used The Bus to send Ms. Frizzle's class inside a chicken with a whirlwind tornado you can see Dorothy Ann's skirt flipped up to show white panties. (Dorothy Ann would eventually display not so much of a magic skirt as being the recipient of animator's license in the show's open. As the kids fall into the bus, Dorothy Ann's skirt goes up but we do not see any panties.
  • Olivia Flaversham from Disney's The Great Mouse Detective has several.
  • Wench Bench: Waxonator calls it on LeFou.
  • Ma Gorg, from the animated version of FraggleRock.
  • Zig-zagged in the Sym-bionic Titan episode "Showdown at Sherman High." A bunch of cheerleaders fall into the school's gym pool. Their skirts become buoyant and rise up, but they're wearing short-shorts bloomers.
  • Similar to the newspaper comics, Margaret Wade in Dennis the Menace regularly showed her white lace panties under her too-short black skirt.
  • In Winx Club, they often show off the underwear they wear under their fairy suits. Of course, it could just be just that-little shorts, but they sometimes do it in their normal form, too. And, in the first episode, Bloom was rushing to get dressed, and one part has her tugging her jeans on, so we can see her sky blue panties AND bra.
  • In the 2005 Krypto The Superdog cartoon, you can see Andrea dancing in the backyard wearing just her shirt and slippers, showing her black panties. It starts at 2:05 of this video.
  • Contrast to the comics version, the animated version of WITCH barely has panty shots. Though there was that one episode with an invisible boar, which got a Panty Shot out of untransformed Hay Lin
  • Sometimes happens to Patti in the Nickelodeon version of Doug (She wore pants in the Disney series).
° Also happened to Beebe Bluff a couple of times in the former version of that same show.
° Judy Funnie had one in the Nick's Doug episode, "Doug's Mail Order Mania".
° Loretta Lequigly had a couple in the Nick's Doug episode, "Doug Throws A Party".
  • There have been a few of these in Quack Pack:
° In "Pardon My Molecules", after Donald, Daisy and the nephews first arrive in a desert to set up camp, when Daisy moves as she marvels and takes in the sights while talking about getting the next story break for her and Donald's news show, the hem of her pink dress lifts slightly in a breezy draft caused by her movement, partly or slightly revealing her white, frilly unmentionables.
° In the same episode, a flashback involving Dr. Emile Crocker's past includes scenes in which some people in the street become horrified and faint at the sight of his face from a ray that distorted his normal face into one designed in an abstract art style. Then a young lady with long, brown hair, wearing a blue beret with matching, loose-fitting, knee-length dress who is passing by notices him. She jumps with a frightened look on her face, her beret flies up (suspended in mid-air for a few seconds), her hair stands up and her dress flips up, revealing white, frilly panties before the dress flips back down, and she too faints.
° In "The Boy Who Cried Ghost", the female viking ghost's undies are shown from behind, as she jostles against the blue ghost and vampire to escape a room.
° In "Heavy Dental", Huey is watching three cheerleaders from a stadium entrance to the field and they're seen waving their pompoms and jumping, which causes their close-fitted mini-skirts to lift slightly, revealing peeks of their blue panties. Huey then uses his dental head gear to control the cheerleaders.
  • Princess Toadstool in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode "Two Plumbers and a Baby". When she's fleeing, she trips and as she falls into the Fountain of Youth, there's a glimpse of her white pantalettes. In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Up, Up and a Koopa", Her undies are shown for a brief moment when her castle shakes.
  • The blonde moth from the Silly Symphonies short, "The Moth and the Flame", has her light blue undies revealed several times, due to her wearing a bubble skirt. Such as in the cases of bending over and lifting her skirt while doing the can-can, as she flirts with the flame.
  • The twin girls from the Nightmare Ned episode, "A Doll's House". Because in Ned's nightmare in this episode, he gets shrunken to the size of a doll, gets views up the girls' skirts and can see their frilly aqua undies.
  • Land of the Midnight Fun (1939): The Eskimoan ice skater's pink panties are shown when she's skating in circles and twirling in place.
  • Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears (1944): The former titular character's white panties are revealed when she's bouncing on one of the bears' beds, when she's being chased by the wolf and when she's jitterbugging with the wolf. Also, the Little Red Riding Hood in the same short, also seen with white panties exposed when she jumps up in a frightened reaction upon realizing her grandma is really the wolf.
  • Kansas City Kitty from We, the Animals Squeak! (1941): When Porky presents her with a gift that turns out to be a mouse, she has an Eek-A-Mouse moment, jumping back onto a stool, grabbing the fur on the lower half of her body which turns into a skirt as she lifts it. Her white, frilly unmentionables are revealed and wanting the mouse away from her, she attempts to shoo it.
  • In the episode "Stunt Bike Sniz" of the Sniz and Fondue segment from Nickelodeon's Kablam!, Bianca's white panties are shown momentarily when she does a front flip.
  • In Disney's Peter Pan (1953) Tinker Bell shows her panties and shakes her butt  when she's trapped in a door's keyhole, in what can only be described as blatant fanservice.
  • In Disney's Oliver and Company, there's a glimpse of Jenny's red panties under her matching birthday dress as she readies to leap towards Fagin and gives him a thank you-hug.
  • Luanne Hill has some in the King of the Hill episode, "Luanne Virgin 2.0", as her red skirt billows up a few times, revealing pink panties, while doing the jitterbug with her partner at a dance.
  • There have been a few of D.W. Reed from Arthur:
° In "D.W. the Copycat", after Arthur tells D.W. she acts like a baby, she does a headstand, and her short pink dress flips over, exposing her light pink panties with matching tights.
° Jenna Morgan has one in "Popular Girls", after Muffy Crosswire steps on some marbles, causing her to back into Jenna and Brain and as they fall to the floor, there's a frontal shot of Jenna's white panties.
  • The titular protagonist of the Hanna-Barbera animated musical, Heidi's Song (1982), has one when her powder blue panties are shown under her dress as she skips or jumps around after returning to her grandfather's cabin.
  • Jill Smith from the My Pet Monster series has one in "Little Bigfoot". As Jill, her brother Max, Chuckie, and the titular monster form a human/monster chain from a tree branch to help Little Bigfoot out of the river, her navy blue skirt is seen flipped over briefly, showing off her heart-printed white panties with lacy trimming.
  • The All The Cats Join In segment from the 1946 musical package film, Make Mine Music, showcases some white, lace-trimmed panty shots of a red-headed teen girl, as her teal skirt lifts when she's running and jumping around as she prepares to get ready for her date. Her blond, little sister has a few of these shots of the same color under her blue mini dress, as well as a couple of teen girls in the jitterbug dance sequence.
  • Dot in The Oz Kids Collection movie, Virtual Oz. Her white undies are seen from behind as she climbs onto the top of a pillar or column, after most of the other squares or panels that made up a path in the computer game are also revealed to be pillars or columns and they sink.
  • Rosie and Keiko from Midnight Patrol: Adventures In The Dream Zone (a.k.a. Pottsworth and Co.). Both have their pink panties with lacy trimming on display in the intro and throughout the series.
  • In the "France" episode of the historical/musical/comedy Histeria, there's a quick flash of white panties by Pepper Mills (dressed in a tennis outfit) as she throws herself at Joseph Guillotin and gives him a hug (she confuses him with John McEnroe).
  • In the Care Bears episode The Wrath of Shreaky, Ann is thrown headfirst into a patch of mud, revealing her white panties in the process.
  • Happens to Patsy the mongoose in the Camp Lazlo episode, "Squirrel Seats", This happens when she is in the middle of sitting down next to Raj.

Real lifeEdit

◦ Twirling their skirts up
◦ Any upside down position (cartwheel, handstand, etc.)
◦ Sitting with their legs spread apart
◦ Kicking (e.g. a ball) or kneeing their skirts up
◦ Bending forward (provided the dress is short enough)
◦ Voluntarily lifting their skirts
◦ Involuntarily having their skirts lifted (or forced flipped over by being held upside down)
◦ Girls wearing dresses can usually avert this by wearing tights, but depending on how sheer they are, it doesn't always work.

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