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  • He might not be the best known contributor to the site, but I've always found Paw the most adorkable male on the site. I think it's the headphones, and the puppy-dog eyes, and the extensive knowledge of electronica.
    • There's a moment in the Dragonball: Evolution where Paw has a giddy little grin on his face, and it's wonderfully cute.
      • Similarly, any time he mentions Sarah Brightman in his Repo The Genetic Opera review.
      • And again at the end of his The Joy of Vinyl video. His dancing around to the end song is the cutest, most adorable thing this troper has seen in a looooong time.
    • Paw fans! See this and squee!
      • "Pardon the attire"? I think you mean "You're Welcome". Sigh..
    • He has tattoos. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
      • Oh lordie, YES. Especially since he's the last person you'd expect to have them.
    • Paw's Epilation video. In which he is tied up, has his trousers cut off at the knee, and covered in blood. Then there's his smirk...
      • Not to mention his moaning when he gets teased with scissors. What, CargoEnvy, me?
  • Anyone else in love with his voice?
    • He absolutely has the sexiest voice on the TGWTG website. Raaawwwrrr.
    • Especially during the Lyrical Poetry videos.
  • He is stupidly good at editing, and that makes him uber sexy. Gotta love a smart, sexy man!
  • Is Evil Sexy? DARK PAW. We only really saw him having the body in one short scene, but... want.
    • Oh god yes. That voice, and how, as he talks about how Paw's body is his, he actually runs his hands down it. Do want.
  • This troper has a thing for men who're comfortable enough to crack sexual jokes in front of women. So you can imagine what it's like to hear his constant banter with Pushing Up Roses during their Let's Play vids.
    • Well, he should feel comfortable joking like that around her: they used to be a couple.
  • One of this Troper's Geeky Turn On's? Music nerds, especially men. You might can see why I like the reviewer....
  • Paw getting progressively more exhausted and disheveled through his review of the Sound of Music, Part 1. He's being worn out from all the songs, but it's fun to imagine him being worn out from something else, if you know what I mean ...
    • On that note, in his Let's Play LIVE: King's Quest 5 NES VERSION he occasionally groans because of how bad the game is. It sounds ... like something else. I think the best example is in the second part, around 33:05.
  • The end of the Total Distortion review. The sunglasses, the leather jacket, the badass pose with the all looks wonderful on him.
  • He dresses up in his Music Movies episode for The Blues Brothers. Jacket, sunglasses, tie, hat ... *purrs* It doesn't help that when he gets inside he tosses off the jacket, complaining that "It's way too hot out for this stuff!" You're tellin' me, Paw! *fans self and cranks up the air conditioner*
  • For me, he is the absolute epitome of When She Smiles .
  • The beginning of his Oklahoma! video is pure fanservice. Paw, dressed in a tank top, doing pushups? Situps? Bicep curls? And it doesn't help that the bicep curls that get zoomed in on display that he is surprisingly well-built! Definitely something to keep this troper warm at night. Observe!

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