• Persona 3 FES allowed the change of costumes, including swimsuits, maid costumes and Red Sonja-inspired outfits. This troper has seen fanart of the main guy dressed like that (as well as 4komas implying that the cool, aloof Akihiko wears women's swimwear).
    • Even the Class President will wear whatever you give her, despite her protests how skimpy the armor is. Though the guys don't have costumes as nearly as bad as the girls, you can also force them to wear outfits they find humiliating.
      • This Troper can't get enough of watching Mitsuru kick ass in a maid outfit. Squee.
      • This troper made a bet they'd give the female protagonist's maid uniform Zettai Ryouiki. Not only did the troper win, but it's of grade A caliber when she pulls off a critical attack. I believe this along with her supposedly gung-ho nature with wearing costumes crowns her the new Miss Fanservice of Persona 3.
    • In the PSP remake, they gave even more costumes: Santa outfits for the girls (the girls "seasonal dress" alongside the males festival jinbeis) and butler outfits for the guys to match the maid uniforms. Better yet, those butler uniforms give most the guys some sort of fetish individually: glasses for Akihiko, atop hat for Junpei, and exemplifying Ken's already adorable image. The only exception is Shinjiro, but forcing him into it is probably for comedic purposes, and we officially get to see what he looks like without his hat. His response to wearing it is surprisingly moe as well.
    • Add that you got one guy going shirtless, a gothic lolita, an absurdly doll-yet-human-like robot, and don't even get me started on the Personas! (Lucifer... yum)
    • At least one NPC acknowledges Chidori's Elegant Gothic Lolita outfit being somebody's fetish.
    • Mitsuru's ultimate Persona looks like a dominatrix (it even handles a whip in a devilishly suggestive fashion when casting spells), and she is one of the only people who can outright intimidate badass boxer Akihiko through words alone. Her "execution" after she finds the boys in the hot spring is something so huiliating and traumatizing the victims swear never to speak of it again or even acknowledge it happened. And there's even a bit where Akihiko says that his elemental weakness is ice - "Mitsuru's element. I wonder what that means..." - and looks incredibly nervous all of a sudden. All of this left this troper with the strong impression that Mitsuru dominates his ass all the way to Tartaurus and back, and some very tasty mental images.
      • I think I enjoy seeing Mitsuru kick her enemies down with her high-heeled boots a little too much, so that would fit.
      • Even in-game, Mitsuru seems to provoke more than a few fetishes. Her distant admirer is particularly drawn to her intelligence, demands pictures of her in a swimsuit (and threatens you with death if you fail to produce them,) and would be delighted to be run over by Mitsuru in her motorcycle.
    • Yukari's surveillance video. She tries on the maid outfit she was going to wear for the maid cafe. And she really enjoys it. Enough that she decides to drag Fuuka into it. It ends with Yukari "helping" Fuuka out of her clothes.
    • During one full moon event, a boss separates the party and tries to mind-control the MC and a party member of the opposite sex into... ahem. They break out of it before anything actually happens, though (and the player doesn't have a choice about it). Regardless, that sequence has got to have triggered someone's mind control fetish.
    • Ken's survalence video tripped me off with Freudean imagery. A boy praticing with his spear and drinks milk in hopes that it'll make him bigger. Best part is, in the FeMC route, you can have him as a romantic love interest at that point. So...yeah.
      • Nothing however, beats the fact that in the orignal japanese, Ken's perfectly okay with taking advantage of the Female Protagonist having the hots for him. Anything to edge out older competition. So...reverse shotacon?
  • Persona 4 features plenty of stuff too. There are two pageants conducted by the school, a normal beauty pageant which the girls take part in and a cross-dressing pageant, complete with a male spectator saying "I'd hit that." upon seeing Teddy dress like Alice In Wonderland. Oh, and the girls also have to do a swimsuit competition too, much to their shock.
    • Unfortunately, Naoto refuses to participate in the swimwear part. I say unfortunately, because she apparently manages to conceal breasts which are the embodiment of the Most Common Superpower under a school uniform. I don't know if it's just me, but I for one would like to see exactly how that works, if you know what I mean.
    • This troper may or may not have made strange noises upon seeing Yosuke in glasses. She has a woobie fixation, too. The poor boy was made to be Fetish Fuel for her.
      • Rise's midnight channel was fetish fuel incarnate, we all know about Freudian Excuse here, but damn it. She proved Adachi's "Bitches and Whores" meme correct. Not to say that the other girl's shadows save Naoto was fetish fuel as well
      • "Save Naoto"? Her Shadow tried to force her into getting a genderswap!
    • Chie's shadow has some battle dialogue that...could be easily taken out of context. It doesn't help that her main weapon is a whip.
      • Out of context? It's a banana headed dominatrix talking about how she wants to control her best friend and Chie and Yukiko both talk about how much they rely on each other.
    • Four words: Bad Bad Bath House. Ho Yay awaaaaaaay!
    • Ms. Kashiwagi, the teacher who replaces Mr. Morooka after he dies.. At least 40, introduces herself in a pose that emphasizes her cleavage, and speaks in a very seductive tone.
    • How about the very scene where Teddy reveals his human form?
    • Sayoko is a Hospital Hottie who makes her introduction by shamelessly hitting on the main character. Keep in mind, this being a game in the MegaTen franchise, the main character represents you.
    • No thanks to this game, this troper has a new fetish... Stupid sexy Naoto!
    • Some of the female Personas are quite sexy. Ishtar, Leanan Sidhe, Titania, Pixie, and Scathach spring to mind.
    • I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Rio or Saori from P3P. Just look at them.

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