Oh gee, what a "big shock" that Phelous is on here! I bet even his sarcasm turns you on.

  1. Phelan cut
    Please tell me that I'm not the only one turned on by Phelous's psychotic laugh in his Cabin Fever 2 review...
    • And he also looks hot in a ninja outfit.
      • Thank you! I thought I was the only one who who had it bad for Phelous. He's so quiet and deadpan that when he loses it it's really fucking sexy. Like in the fridge slamming scene at the end of Kickassia. Not to mention that he has a rather cute accent.
      • I never noticed an accent (though if this page is to believed, he's from the Maritimes, so I'd likely have the same one) but during the Night of the Lepus review I couldn't get over how adorable he looked in that hoodie. And I love his off-beat style to reviewing.
  • Anyone else got this squiggly feelings while he was slightly touching Benzaie's neck in their Humains review?
  • I think it's kinda freaking adorable that in Midnight Screenings he's much more quiet than his onscreen persona, and kinda awkward. It fills me with so much squee.
  • Phelous D1, just Phelous D1...
  • In his Pulse 2 review, he was decked in a Ghostbuster's uniform.
  • Phelous giving a bloody kiss to himself...
  • He gets tied up in the Hostel reviews.
  • This troper has a big thing for Phelous's droll delivery and Maritime accent.
  • The end of the Silent Hill: Homecoming review. Sweet Jesus, the end of the Silent Hill: Homecoming review. I never thought a demonic nurse with a beard could be so hot...
    • Dude's got surprisingly nice legs.
  • His awkwardness really turns me on. He's also really dorky and seems so vulnerable; that turns me on more.
  • His character dies and comes back to life repeatably. Um ... let's leave it at that, shall we?
  • Phelous' vlog is insanely adorable, from Phelous acting sugar high to his cloudcuckoolandery running commentary, to all his interactions with various people. He's just so incredibly sweet and adorkable all the way through it<3
  • Phelous in a tuxedo. Phelous in a tuxedo. PHELOUS IN A TUXEDO!!! (Also the title card for the video has him in the Eight Doctor's Edwardian suit. Phelous, you are too good to those of us with suit fetishes.)
  • The Dead Snow review. Mainly when he trips at the end and gets some snow in his bangs.
  • No one else's mind went into the gutter at the beginning of La Horde, where Welshy is passed out of Phelous' bed? Anyone?
  • I love his hair! It looks so soft, I just wanna play with it!
  • Silent Night. All of it. His Santa hat combined with the button-down shirt and tie, the little half-smirk after the "Santa contest" comment, him constantly leaning into the camera to give us a good look at his pretty brown eyes...
  • "El Tango de Pretense" from NC's Moulin Rouge review. If the costume weren't enough, his snarling singing voice is ungodly sexy
  • Thanks to the new Bootleg Zone episodes, we no longer have a Phelous writhing in misery and loathing over terrible horror movies and dying regularly, but one who plays with toys, uses even more goofy voices and gives the most adorable small-child giggles known to mankind. Nothin' wrong with that, viewers...nothin' wrong with that.