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The local Fetish Fuel Station Attendant.

Aren't you a little old to be getting turned on by Phineas And Ferb?

  • The Phineas And Ferb episode "Gaming the System" has Candace in nothing but a Modesty Towel for most of it.
    • And at the end of the episode, the implication seems to be that she's gone off on her date without any underwear on.
  • Stacy as Candace's secretary in "She's The Mayor". If she's not hot, nothing is.
    • While were on the subject of Stacy, there's there outfit in this song. And her bikini in "Lawn Gnome Beach Party Of Terror".
  • Speaking of Bikini's Candace's in "Hawaii Vacation" didn't look too bad either.
    •  Her bikini in "The Mom Attractor" made this troper realise that he found Candace attractive. The fact that in some shots in this and the above episodes show her looking... bustier than usual certainly help.
    • Speaking of Hawaii vacation, Linda in swimsuit.
  • Stacy's cousins! School uniform! HOT!
  • And Vanessa. Just...Vanessa.
    • Looking at this video, you can see that she's pret-ty damn flexible. Quite the Action Girl with a good singing voice to boot.
    • The fact that her body figure's more realistic than Candace really does justice. And they're both the same age! Those full lips, short neck, plump breasts, curved hips, and long legs... The first time this viewer saw that brown-haired girl, instantly, I knew that she was attractive. Can't blame Ferb for developing a crush on her.
    • Vanessa fans went wild once she was shown in a bikini.
    • In "Tree to get Ready", she does a little kickline while sitting down with her arms crossed and a deadpan expression, during "My Goody Two-Shoes Brother" musical number. Too bad there weren't any dancing girls for her to do it with.
  • Candace's accidental dancing in the Squirrels in my Pants scene in "Comet Kermillian". Even more so in the extended version in "Phineas and Ferb's Musical Cliptastic Countdown".
    • Speaking of which, there is a surprising amount of, um, booty shaking in this show. Usually by Candace and at one point, by Vanessa.
      • Particularly in their duet in "Busted", with plenty of dancing and in which they don police hats and nightsticks.
      • Vanessa also does a fair amount in "I'm Me". Stacy gets to do her share in "Disco Minature Golfing Queen" and even the Fireside Girls do some hip shaking in "Gitchee Gitchee Goo".
      • Even Isabella got her own suggestive dance act in "Izzy's Got the Frizzies". She's probably supposed to look like a 70's soul/funk diva, but some of the moves makes her look as if she's doing a strip tease act.
        • The Fireside Girls did some hip shaking in other songs as well. "Go Phineas!", Isabella's "What'cha doin?" song and the Waddle Dance song come to mind.
  • Vanessa in Candace's clothes. My, oh my.
    • Not to mention Candace in Vanessa's clothes. There should be mixups like that at the dry cleaner's more often.
    • During her Lady of the Puddle appearance in "Exaliferb," I just couldn't take my eyes off her chest. Screenshot
  • In "Spa Day" Candace and Stacy have their backs walked on by barefoot Isabella and the Fireside Girls.
    • You're also treated to a close up of Holly's feet walking on the backs of Candace and Stacy, who are also barefoot.
  • In this ad◊for "Summer Belongs To You", Vanessa can be seen in a short skirt. *Drools*
  • Speaking of "Summer Belongs To You" we have this fetish-tastic video
  • Love Handel has a pretty decent-sized following of yaoi fangirls on deviantART, probably stemming from the fact that they're a trio of leather-clad rock-stars, at least one of whom is Ambiguously Gay. Young!Swampy in particular practically looks like a character from a Boys Love manga, with his big eyes and Anime Hair.
  • Pretty much all the main teenage girls turn this guy on. Especially Candace and Vanessa...and Stacy.
    • Agreed, especially Stacy...
  • Ferb's voice, combined with that accent, is pure, freshly-made Audio Erotica, even more so because of how few lines he has. Because of this, a certain scene in which gives a 44-second-long-Rousing Speech is nearly Fanservice.
  • What? Nothing about Perry and Doofinshmirtz? Someone's gotta be turned on by the implied homo-interspecies romance
  • This troper almost had an orgasm listening to Vanessa's version of this song
    • Vanessa can roast my chestnuts any day.
  • She may not be quite as stacked up as Vanessa, but Candace isn't exactly lacking in the Fetish Fuel department either. Let's see, we got Pettanko, Modesty Towel, Meganekko (in Robot Rodeo, albeit they were fake glasses but still), being split into two, a Woobie side (especially in Nerds of a Feather), Zettai Ryouiki, dressed in a Fireside Girl uniform, not to mention her share of hip-shaking on the show. Her singing voice isn't too bad either.
  • The video for "What Does He Want" features Stacy and Jenny in Santa outfits.
    • Then we have them in 60's outifts (And cop outfits) in "Your Going Down".
    • And one must not forget Doofenshmirtz's backup dancers in similar outfits in 'I Really Don't Hate Christmas'.
  • If the "Hawaii Vacation" ep has taught us anything it's that the animators don't quite know how to draw weedy guys. Seriously, Doof looked kinda ripped.
  • In "Not Phineas and Ferb" Perry shrinks Doofenshmirtz down, picks him up and puts him under his hat. Hem hem ...
  • In later episodes the interactions between Perry and Doof resemble a hero and villain less and less and a bizarre weekly D/s relationship more and more. Perry willingly steps into traps and listens to Doof rant, Doof berates him for being too late ...
    • Well in It's about Time, Doofenshmirtz DOES promise to hurt Perry "in the right way".
    • It's gotten to the point that, in "Brain Drain," while being controlled by Phineas and friends, Doofenshmirtz is actually shocked that Perry started attacking him.
      • Well, thats probably because Doof up to that point had Perry under mind control.
    • "Thwart me, Perry the Platypus!"
  • Partially due to Diedrich Bader, this troper can't help but feel Albert to be slightly hot. She'll be delivering herself to hell before you can complain.
  • Phineas to me is Tails in human form. NOTHING SEXUAL! REALLY!
  • Somehow, Isabella's more cute in her Fireside Girls uniform than her regular outfit. Must be the sash she wears with it. Actually, the Fireside Girls are quite cute NOTHING SEXUAL EITHER, SO DON'T GET ANY IDEAS!, and possibly hopes Candace is still a Fireside Girl just to see her in that Fireside Girl uniform again.
  • In "Candace Gets Busted" Stacy tells a story about how she once made a game out of cleaning her room using only her bare feet. Sadly, they don't show it, so it's left to the viewers' imaginations.
  • Candace and Stacy in Sailor Suits in "The Belly of the Beast"
  • In Dance, Baby!, the lyrics quite turn people on ("Sweat, baby! Sweat, baby!"). Not to mention that in one scene, Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry were circling around, raising their legs.
    • The exercise instructor, with her constant smiling, not blinking, and tying up another woman with her jump rope at the end.
  • Ok, I'll be the one to say it: I think Doofenshmirtz is really attractive. And that accent, oh my God... *hangs curtains of shame*
  • 2D Doofenshmirtz; a sadistic genius decked head to toe in black leather. Plus, that scar/beard/eyepatch combo is reminescent of a sexy pirate.
  • Candace and Stacy in "The Bully Code" when they're wearing Slushy Dog uniforms, complete with phallic weiner hats.
  • Across the 2nd Dimension has Candace-2. Just...candace-2.
    • At least one person has noticed that she seems to be curvier than 1D Candace, which might explain her things.
  • This troper finds Eliza Fletcher from "My Fair Goalie" to be quite cute. Especially her incredibly British voice.
  • I have a thing for Carl, Major Monogram's Intern. He's the PERFECT Uke, as well as being a ginger AND a nerd. And in Across the Second Dimension, when he took his glasses off, his eyes were gorgeous.
  • "Where's Perry? Part 2" has Candace dressed as a barefoot jungle girl while living with monkeys.  Now that's hot.
  • Those who love barefoot girls will love the Tri-Stone Area as you see Candace, Isabella and the Fireside Girls as cavegirls in this episode.
  • At the end of "Phineas and Ferb Interuppted", Linda got hit by the Dynamic-inator which turns her into a dancing girl with a top hat, tuxedo leotard and stockings.
  • Speaking of dancing girls, Doofenshmirtz hires them for his musical numbers.

SHE'S SIXTEEN! *shoots people with Away-inator*

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