"Holy crap, Jen. THAT'S special assignment gear for Time Force?!"

Trini definitely qualifies. A stunning, brainy Asian girl with amazing martial arts skills and flexibility to match? She was one of the reasons this troper started watching MMPR, despite being a few years older than its target demographic.

  • I was in the target demographic and had a kid-crush on her!
  • Common across all shows, the Rangers' costumes are essentially a headless styled zentai bodysuit with some kind of customized motorcycle helmet. They tend to leave little to the imagination by default although a certain amount of "hide the anatomy" usually played.
    • There's used to be walkaround and pose for photos copies of the Power Rangers at Disney World. Some of the outfits were quite revealing.
    • Likewise, the Japanese always have a live-action stunt show featuring the Rangers, and there's a few fetish sites with buttshot and spread-legs photos of the costumed actors while they were going through their usual motions.
    • Speaking of the Japanese shows, the Super Sentai stage shows, ESPECIALLY as of late, tend to very often put the heroines in very damsel-in-distress roles. 
  • This troper distinctly remembers an episode in the third season of Power Rangers where the monster magically forced the Rangers to dance, and was able to control their every move, causing odd stirrings that later turned out to be a hypnofetish.
    • Not to mention Amy Jo Johnson's original Pink Ranger, Kimberly. She was one hot master of She Fu.
  • One would think Power Rangers would be a mind control fetishist's dream: mind-altering happens multiple times per season, of every variety imaginable, from the person being zoned out and suggestible to Brainwashed And Crazy to being overtaken by one emotion, desire, or personality trait that they may or may not have had at a more sane level previously to having their perceptions altered in various ways to Easy Amnesia. Lord Zedd of seasons two and three (though the aforementioned monster wasn't one of his) was constantly doing this, and in other seasons, it happens less but is far from absent. It can happen to anyone, from heroes to helpers to mentors to civilians.
    • You forgot "King for a Day". Somehow, seeing Tommy fight his own friends made this troperette go, "Whoa, what's this feeling?"
    • For bondage fans, there's Power Rangers In Space. They get tied up about once every other episode. Sometimes they work their way out, sometimes the baddies missed a Ranger.
      • On a related note, this Troper was surprised that Astronema's mildly-tight leather catsuit would have been mentioned by now. Rawr.
      • Another note, her counterpart seem to wear customized specialy for her. Zettai Ryouiki is the biggest evidence.
      • Continuing the In Space theme, the Psycho Rangers arc introduced some odd Les Yay between Psycho Pink/Yellow and their respective rangers. Most of the time it was a creepy obsession with killing them, but it doesn't take a huge leap of the imagination...
    • And on a related note, season 9's Pink Ranger in black PVC/leather, shown above, brought some interesting images to mind, and made for a more definitive plus to the generic "bring each team back for two episodes next season" formula.
    • There's also the way that, in Dino Thunder, failing underlings were sent to the "punishment chamber." You never found out just went on down there, but it sounds pretty naughty, especially with the amount of black leather worn by the Dino Thunder villains. And then, Mesogog just seems the kinda guy who has creative tortures. He can induce extreme pain just by glaring in your general direction, so when the Mad Scientist really puts his mind to it, what must he come up with? The previous season has a villain deliver the line, "I deserved your recent, merciful punishment" to his superior. (In context, it's less bondagey: he'd gone off on his own to attack the Rangers, having grown weary of having to wait for the Big Bad's plan, which he wasn't in the loop on, to take its course. He'd gotten caught by his boss that time, and now, wanting to go after the Rangers again, is sucking up for permission. But knowing all that, it doesn't sound any better.) It's all hard to watch and not be reminded of the Super Dickery section on Wonder Woman.
    • Six words: Camille; prehensile tongue; Power Perversion Potential.
    • In the Jungle Fury episode "Pushed To The Edge", Lily gets tied up by a monster's tentacles, forcibly demorphing her, though if you're fast there are a few shots of her in the suit.
    • Doggie Kruger from SPD (even more so his Super Sentai counterpart) among the Furry Fandom crew; the way he's treated half the time by his own subordinates doesn't help those who feel (and draw...exclusively draw...and write...) his place should be shackled to their bed begging for more, If You Know What I Mean.
    • The second pink ranger, when she started out as The Mole was a cat girl who could turn into a house cat...with a sexy (Australian?) accent.
  • Then there are some notable moments in Super Sentai, from this troper's head the non Ho Yay moments would be The Dekaranger and Abaranger crossover where one of the former baddies sneak into the girls bathroom to take a peek at them bathing. And the whole Umeko always bathing bit amused this troper a bit. Boukenger had the Meido moment in one episode however that is all he can recall of fetish fuel moments. Too many nightmare Fetish Fuel for this troper to remember as well...
  • Villamax from Lost Galaxy, who wore a suit with a zipper theme that exposed differently-colored sections of the backs of his knees, backside, and so forth. And his "training" of Trakeena involved knocking and kicking her to the dirt or onto her knees, gloating as her nails broke ("Only nine more to go!"/"You still have eight left") touching her and positioning her as he coached her to squat or do push-ups, making her drag things while he drove around her on his bike, and chase him, while he drove his bike, just on foot...
  • Rita Repulsa enjoyed tickling her husband, Lord Zedd. On top of that, he wore nothing but a metal outfit that mimicked a skeletal system and covered only his most intimate regions. Granted, he had no skin to show off, but that just left fans to admire his well-defined muscles. And need we mention how he became her husband? She made him a love potion, gave it to him while he was helplessly unconscious, and cackled, "Once you say 'I do,' you won't be doing much of anything anymore!" And even once he was given the antidote, he still loved her.
  • The 'Terror Toad' creature has to have given at least one child a lifelong Vore fetish.
    • Well, he certainly hasn't helped matters, at least.
    • And the villainess in Jungle Fury ? You know the chameleon lady with a fly henchman living praticly in her belly ? How forget about her ?
  • What if I told you some of the Japanese female Super Sentai actresses were Gravure Idols, and AV stars were cast as villainesses on four occasions so far.
    • For reference: Zonnette (Rika Nanase) of Carranger (Turbo), Shibolena (Asami Jou) of Megaranger (In Space), Shelinda (Kei Mizutani) on Gingaman (Lost Galaxy) and Kegalesia (Nao Oikawa) on Go-Onger (RPM).
    • Averted for Shelinda. Kei Mizutani never done AV despite being labelled as a porn star. All her work could be defied as "Pink Film".
  • Female yellow ranger pinned to tree by female humanoid villain clad in skintight purple. The aforementioned hot blue lizard dog and the catwoman who has a crush on him. Male villain saying he "shouldn't have been so lenient" with his ranger best friend. SPD: MeeeEOW!
    • Lightspeed Rescue has Vypra with her snake inspired costume and seductive nature.
      • Except for the fact that her acting talents (or, rather, lack thereof) caused her to be so unlikeable that it would destroy any possible fettish.
  • While it has its squicky moments Tomica Rescue Force had a particular moment where the two girls came into the canteen wearing a Playboy Bunny and China Girl outfit.
  • Tommy Oliver. Slipknot Ponytail. Full stop.
    • Holy hell, seconded.
    • This troper caught some Foe Yay between him and Rita. Tommy and Goldar? Tommy and Zedd?
  • Scorpina. If you're into hot Asian women in sexy armor.
    • Who the hell isn't?
    • Add Lightspeed Rescue's Vypra to that list...
  • SPD's Bridge Carson and his gloved hands count as fetish fuel for glove fetishists.
  • Kind, gentle geekboy who couldn't use words under three syllables, who'd then change into spandex and whoop ass? This troper signed up for that one when she was 14. Nice... eyes, Billy. Yeah. Eyes.
    • This troper still gets all flustered when someone says "prodigious".
      Ninja billy step 2

      Ninjetti Billy! I think this is stage 2 of the morph.

    • How about Billy with the harem-demureness look when he's at the stage 2 form of Ninjetti?
  • It's worth updating this page again because this week's episode is the one where Rita pulls a Freaky Friday Flip on Billy and Kimberly. The Gender Bender implications to this were fetish fuel to a lot of boys, especially how in 1993 many of them would kill to be Amy Jo Johnson for just a few minutes. Whereas David Yost with a girl's personality is more Hilarious In Hindsight given the rumours that would never die about him in the fandom his coming out in 2010.
  • I was five when the show first came out, and I met someone my age who admitted that he hated Tommy just because Kimberly was his first major crush.
  • Personally, this troper is just shocked how not one fan has yet made a POV fic involving "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor" (specificly, the part with Katherine being turned evil again due to Rita and Zed's machine). Seriously... an episode with a POWER RANGER (a female one at that) subjected to an EVIL MACHINE doesn't get the fan fic treatment... wow. (And concidering the fan fiction he's stumbled upon (accidently)... double wow.)
    • This troper was pretty active in the fandom when those episodes aired, and during the period from Katherine's intro to Kim's exit, some scenes did seem inspired by fan fiction. Unfortunately, the fan fiction was the less controversial bits of Agony In Pink.
  • Can't forget the first time you accidentally looked up the Blue Ninja Storm Rangers skirt. Seriously. In Ninja Storm, the (female) Blue Ranger's suit consists of a silver/grey body suit with blue highlights which include gloves, boots, helmet and a blue skirt with a pair of like colored underpants seemingly designed to contrast with the body suit! And contrast it did...
  • Was I the only one who had a biiiig thing for Carlos as a kid, and even now? Especially right after being stung by the Barillian bug...Shirtless Ill Boy, yes please. <3
  • Trakeena's outfit screamed bondage more than anything in Power Rangers history. This in addition to being one more on the list of "hot chicks who can kill you," something Power Rangers has had in spades since the day of Scorpina.
    • Speaking of which, Morgana. They didn't let her out of the bag nearly often enough. The tattoo, the accent, and the way she made being evil look like so much fun.
  • Another bodgage outfit list: sadly, Necrolai had the distinctly "rubber suit kaijin"-y face, but... pretty much from there down, her outfit's skintight. The American producers had her almost always stand in suc a way that her arms were blocking her boobage. It was hilarious to watch them try.
  • Master Org and his vines. Death by tentacle rape.
  • Fanfiction has made me look back and realize how adorable Adam is, especially in the MMPR era. (Un)fortunately, thanks to said fanfiction, I am now convinced that he and Rocky are in a relationship with each other with quite possibly Aisha thrown in as well. And Adam always bottoms (or is in the middle).
  • How in the name of the morphing grid has no-one mentioned Tenaya 7? Genre Savvy Dark Action Chick, full stop. Plus amnesia, skintight outfit, cybernetics, shades of Firefly's Tam siblings with Dillon, and a hand that can operate independently of her? Sweet christmas.
  • Miu's (incredibly) short-shorts in Go-Onger.
  • How come no one has mentioned Tommy being able to turn invisible in Dino Thunder yet?
  • The time Kim and Billy got turned into punks by a potion back in MMPR, observe the collars:
  • MMPR punk billy and kim

    The time Billy and Kim got turned into punks by a potion, if you look this up, Jason was totally looking at Billy.

I cannot quite remember which episode it was, but I have always remembered it above all else. It was in MMPP, and I think it was Jason who got into a battle with a Monster of the Week, and somehow he got eaten. While he was inside the monster, he got fondled and caressed by some kind of glowy sphere with tentacles on it. I was four or five when I saw this episode and I think it developed in me my tentacle yaoi fetish.

There's something about Choujin Sentai Jetman's Kaori that has me being attracted to her while having a massive crush on her. Perhaps it's beacause of her timid nature, her spoiled sweet personality, her determination to do her best, and the fact that she wears one of the sexiest Super Sentai outfits to ever exist. Aside from that, there was also the episode where she had kicked her Jerkass fiancee in the groin during their wedding and that she had left the church so that she could head to the location of where the battle was taking place from while still wearing the wedding dress!

  • The merciless treatment of both female villains in Megaforce, compared to the redemption past ones got. That scene where Levira begs for mercy... almost makes you want to use the Maximizer on her out of pity. Maybe not without some... adjustments to enhance growth in... certain areas. And then there was the loyal Metal Alice, left to self-destruct.
  • And score another villain from Lost Galaxy in Hexuba. Cat Girl? Check? Big round breasts? Check beautiful jewel-studded dress and shoes? Check. And yeah, her powered-up form gives her HAREM PANTS. And while her face has that sort of "kaijin" look in both forms, maybe it's just a mask? And she can also get into your dreams... And also her Gingaman counterpart could retreat to a little soul gem you could carry around.

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