• "Down 'n' Dirty" has a few Powerpuff Bath Scenes.....
    • Season 4 has a couple of Nudey Puff moments, for example in Nano of the North when the nanobots destroy the girls' clothes
  • There's a very brief shower scene in "Just Desserts" featuring big prisoner-dudes but you'd really have to pause it if that's what floats your particular boat
  • As much as people find him ungodly freakish... Him. Stick the devil in a frilly pink skirt and give him a Voice Of The Legion that can go from mincingly high-pitched to downright threatening in a manner of seconds, and you'll have at least one viewer getting chills of a different kind. This troper can almost swear there was an episode where he licked somebody's face, although her memory's not perfect...and even if that's wrong, it's not necessarily a bad image.
    • He licked professor Utonium's face. Foe Yay ensued.
    • It may be creepy to some, but how about Him/Bubbles fanworks? You got the devilish demonic Him who's sometimes made to be perverted in fanfic paired with the innocent naive Bubbles. If only Bubbles didn't look like a baby doll we'd have some major UNF-age going on.
  • There was a scene in the movie where the Powerpuff Girls get scared by the Gangreen Gang in an alley during a thunderstorm, and even as a young girl this troper found the soaking wet Ace to be a lot more enticing than frightening.
  • Sedusa. A dark haired, pale skinned vamp in a revealing dominatrix outfit, complete with long red gloves, boots and fishnet stockings. The tentacle-like hair and wide hips are an added bonus. Plus in one episode she became a giantess.
  • Though she, like Sedusa, was a also a Parent Service, Miss Bellum may have caused a few unwitting kids to develop a liking of sexy secretaries later on down the road.
    • This troper always remembers the body-swapping episode. Blossom, upon finding she's been body-swapped with Miss Bellum, proceeds to feel herself up.
      • This troper remembers seeing Miss Bellum in Blossom's clothes.
      • Body-swapping? Maybe we aren't talking about the same episode, but this troper liked it when Sedusa had kidnapped Miss Bellum and making each other wear perfect disguises of each other, Bellum-as-Sedusa being Bound and Gagged. There's something very nice about a woman impersonating another one easily and keeping the other at her mercy... to top that, there is Latex Perfection, as Bellum tears off her Sedusa mask with effort.
        • This troper finds the catfight between Sedusa and Ms. Bellum (esp. in Sedusa's tight clothes) arousing. Notable points are when Sedusa grabs Bellum around the waist with her tightly, as Bellum lets out a grunt, then lifted in the air to be struck by another hair, and thrown to the ground; Bellum then being kicked onto a staircase, followed by being thrown onto a shelf, glass table, and window. She slowly slides down the window afterwards.
          • After their fight in the pool, Ms. Bellum proceeds to climb out of the pool and starts coughing in a strangly erotic way. All the while she is soaking wet, complete with wet hair and clothes.
    • This troper remembers a scene where Miss Bellum was wearing a see-through night dress.
    • There's that one time in "Impeach Fuzz", she was dressed like Daisy Duke, goes barefoot, and had her hair in pigtails.
    • Ms. Bellum appears to be taller than anyone in Townsville. In "Equal Fights", she's taller than Ms. Keene, who has to look up to see Bellum's face; in that scene, it looks like Keene is staring at Bellum's breasts.
  • There is also Fuzzy who is voiced by Jim Cummings. There was this one point, at least to this troper, that caused a jump into leaning to bestiality. It involved near the end of the episode, Shotgun Wedding when after Fuzzy mistook some mud for his wifey that he entered his shack, put up a "Do not Disturb" sign while chuckling and erotic howling and growling was heard. For this troper, at least, it's what got into some Bestality.
  • The girls emasculating the Rowdy Rough Boys in "The Boys are Back in Town."
  • In "The Rowdyruff Boys", Brick flew between a woman's leg, and we get a brief glimpse at her panties.
  • "Abracadaver" has a scene where Blossom is hypnotized, wrapped completely head to toe in scarves and whipped back and forth into a iron maiden. It's like some kind of hardcore bondage session.
  • In a reboot/revival episode, a princess from a fairy tale dimension kisses Buttercup, thinking she's her prince. Buttercup was disgusted that she was kissed by a zombie.

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