Randy Orton: "Hunter, all jokes aside, I want you tonight!"
Triple H: "Easy there, cowboy. You might want me, but I'm not swinging off that side of the plate, you know what I'm saying?"
Edge: "No, no, no! That's not what he meant! He means that tonight, he wants to beat your ass!"
Triple H: "You wanna do what to my ass?!"

  • This troper admits to inappropriate thoughts (and comments) the time Kane handcuffed Shane Mc Mahon to the turnbuckle and "electrocuted" his testicles. And the time Kane kidnapped Rob Van Dam and tied him to a pole in his basement "dungeon". Kane seems to be a walking, talking, Fetish Fuel Station Attendant for the BDSM-inclined.
  • Any time a wrestler takes his own belt (or his opponent's belt) and uses it to whip his opponent (especially whenever it's Shawn Michaels or Triple H - Ho Yay ahoy).
  • You could make a good argument that wrestling itself is fetishistic. Oiled up nearly-naked musclemen or fit, big-breasted women grabbing each other and trying to force the other to be "on the bottom" spells H-O-Y-A-Y.
  • Rey Mysterio. Wrestles in leather/vinyl, wears a rather interesting sort of mask, covered in tattoos, almost abnormally tiny, frequently cosplays various superheroes, does lots of screaming and writhing around even for a wrestler, gets dominated a lot, lots of kissing and hugging with his friends, unmasked he looks pretty much like a Mexican bishounen...the little guy is a fetish MACHINE.
  • Stacy Keibler. This troper knows people who developed a foot fetish for the woman and her legs.
  • The Undertaker. With the leather, biker gloves, Tall Dark And Handsome, the Compelling Voice, penchant for tattoos, and the way he rolls his eyes back in his head. He was a big reason why this troper became a wrestling fan.
  • Vlcsnap-2012-02-05-15h11m50s102
    Vince Mcmahon is not only one Big Beautiful Man, but an arrogant tyrant. The kiss my ass Club was so hot! I would kiss his ass without hesitation. I always wondered why nobody would join any of the kiss my ass clubs, 'cause they're all done with sexy, buff guys. Triple H, Vince, Big Show, Test and Steiner!!! They're all hot, and I would kiss all those asses.
  • Molly Holly: First she was the sweet & innocent cousin to Bob & Crash Holly, before becoming a wannabe sidekick to wannabe superhero, the Hurricane. Then she became a prude, yet still wore form-fitting outfits that showed off her generous curves. Now she's BFF with Lisa "Ivory" Moretti, the possibilities of Les Yay being endless.
  • There are TONS of male wrestlers who are bound to trigger Ho Yay moments: Edge, Randy Orton, Chris Masters, Chris Jericho (when a face) - and, of course, John Morrison.
  • CM Punk, he's a Badass with Authority Equals Asskicking and is a Dark Messiah with an extremely hot (bald) female companion and a massive muscled body guard that adore him in all things. Not to mention him and Rey are trying to shave each others heads, plus he shaves the heads of everybody who joins the Straight Edge Society, I'm thinking he, or a writer at the WWE, has a Fetish for shaving.
    • I can't be the only one who'd let Punk shave my head if given the chance.
    • His short and absurdly stacked SES girlfriend (?) Serena is close to single-handedly giving this troper a bald chick fetish.
    • Oh God, look at this◊, blood, the collar, the chain, tattoos, the exhausted but satisfied look on his face, looks like somebody just had fun.
    • Punk on the 2/7/11 Raw, licking the blood he'd spilled earlier that night off his wrist tape and smiling that crazy smile. Evil Is Sexy, indeed.
  • ShoMiz, you have the cocky, attractive, and smaller leader, who's followed around by his massive second in command, they talk about how special they are too, its kinda sweet for two heels.
    • He had this with Chris Jericho prior to teaming with Miz, and DX just loved to lampshade it.
  • A note to Joshi fans. No, there is absolutely nothing abnormal about finding Mariko Yoshida using her wide, wide array of submission holds to torture younger, less experienced wrestlers who can't defend themselves against them, arousing. Just shut up and hope she doesn't find out about it.
  • Motor City Machine Guns, athletic, nerdy, handsome and energetic, not to mention extremely Ho Yay-tastic, they call themselves Heterosexual Life Partners, not to mention the leather jackets and metal studs. Just imagine them tagging in and out of...sessions.
    • They once tied Max Buck of Generation Me to a post and tortured him. On another occasion, Chris Sabin screamed impotently as Generation Me brutalized Shelley, he looked so torn up about his best friend being harmed, Ho Yay+The Woobie=Super Hot.
  • For all you tattoo fetishists out there, watch some of Ink Inc's matches.
  • Ultra Mantis Black, Insectoid Cult leader who could command you to do anything with The Eye of Tyr, has a really pretty mask, and a gorgeous Body... Yes please!
  • Batista, a big, bronze-skinned, tattooed Genre Savvy with some Deadpan Snarker tendencies, who can be both the Nice Guy/Brother Wolf, and a Magnificent Bastard heel. Oh plus he has one of the most impressive, Nightmare Fuel filled Unstoppable Rages in the business. Rowr.
  • Melina's leg splits. Imagine her doing that in the bedroom.
    • Not to mention motorboating with MNM.
    • For those who prefer looking at men, Nigel McGuinness did a similar split into the ring in ROH.
  • WWE's NXT 3 rookie Aloisia. She is 6'9" (around two meters) tall, with proportions to match. Can you say, natural breasts larger than most people's heads? And a curvy rear? Oh yeah, this woman is going to ignite some giantess and amazon fetishes.
  • The Beautiful People has Tara, an Ambiguously Brown, leather catsuit clad super dominant wrestler that slaps the ass of and kisses her partner.
    • She was pretty fetishy when she was Victoria in WWE - Psycho Lesbian, occasional dominatrix-type Screaming Yandere who did a hell of a booty-shake before dropping a standing moonsault.
  • White Haired Pretty Boy, Screaming Warrior, and Cake Eater Dolph Ziggler has all that going for him, plus he's recently taken to wearing a leather collar around his neck...yelp.
  • Daniel Bryan. Nerdy, sweet, normal-looking, with a hobo beard and scruffy hair. Yes.
    • He's a vegan, a total Unkempt Beauty, super laid back, and is a total badass, he will kill you if you mess with him, Beware The Nice Ones of that degree has to be a fetish.
  • AJ Lee, a short, somewhat petite (Well, comparatively), wrestler with a rebellious attitude, a ridiculous amount of energy and is a total tomboy surrounded by girly girls.
  • Chris Jericho full on, a Bishonen rockstar that's incredibly athletic and has a penchant for suits or sparkly vests? Combined with the sexy Jesus opening? Count me in.
    • God, Y 2 J will never not-be fetish fuel. His Belligerent Sexual Tension with Stephanie McMahon, his former sparkly ring attire, and his constant CMOF's got this troper years ago.
    • There is a good reason why one of his old titles is 'The Sexy Beast'
  • MsChif. Almost-unnaturally flexible screaming Goth chick who, as cosplay photos with Daizee Haze prove, looks even better without the makeup. There is nothing wrong with watching anything submission-related she's involved in.
  • We've gotten this far down and no one's even thought to mention Trish Stratus or Lita, with all their LesYay?
  • What do The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Batista and Dwayne Johnson have in common? Huge, well-defined, and above all else tattooed arms that make the muscles just stand out. I honestly believe Randy would be halt the star he is today without that ink.
  • Magnificent Bastard plus Audio Erotica equals Wade Barrett. And he's only increased in hotness after he started ordering a submissive John Cena around. I'd fetch his water.
    • There is a very long line of fangirls (and possibly likely definitely some fanboys) who would gladly scrub his back if ordered.
  • Take Wade Barrett and add in a little Latin Lover, you end up with Alberto Del Rio.
  • John Morrison, a longhaired Bishounen with a rockstar attitude, sparkly pants, and abs defined enough wash clothes on. Oh, and he's got pretty coats!
  • Mariko Yoshida may not be model-gorgeous (although she's not unattractive), but just watching her take the pretty younger girls down and submission hold them all over the mat... there's a running joke among Joshi fans that yes, getting turned on by Mariko Yoshida matches is entirely normal - just pray she doesn't find out.
  • DASHING Cody Rhodes. That's pretty much all that needs to be said.
  • Justin Gabriel, when he wrestled in South Africa, went by PJ Black, ran around with sunglasses, an equally limber female assistant, and did stuff like this◊. Teasing heel pretty boy? Yes, please.
  • Paul London and Brian Kendrick. First off: They were students to the great Shawn Michaels, Sexy Boy. Also, they're very nimble, are hyper and energetic, wear their hair (black and blonde respectively) long or in half-ponytails (like Shawn), wear wrestling gear that has a joker theme (which befits their personality) with lean abs. They had gorgeous smiles and had cool masks and opposite personalities (Paul is Red, Brian is Blue), and suicide dive their opponents. Paul also had a lip piercing, for a while.
  • Speaking of London and Kendrick, we also have their manager/friend Ashley Massaro. A Rocker Babe with huge breasts, wearing fishnet, colored streaks in her hair, and a short skirt accopamnied by long black boots and sometimes stockings getting into zettai ryouiki territory. Oh and she has HUGE Les Yay with Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Maria, respectively.
  • And since we're talking about Mickie James, how about her turn as General Manager, when she started wearing business suits? Her "professional" look was pretty conservative by WWE standards (especially when compared to her wrestling attire), and probably wasn't intended to be sexy, but she made it look good.
  • Before and Edge and Christian were the wrestlers today, they were vampires. No, really they were. Edge had a leather coat with no shirt, just walking around the arena as a loner, and Christian was a sweet innocent boy who didn't speak, and wore a pretty white dress shirt. There's also Gangrel, their leader, with his evil faces (and sticking his tongue out as if ready to devoure someone's blood), wicked fangs, the drinking of blood, and the hints that there might've been some D/s things going on with him, Edge and Christian if we are to believe that the three had 'history' with one another.
    • The one thing that sticks in my mind is a specific line Gangrel told Edge being, "The blood of Gangrel flows through your veins."...Hmmm....
  • Luna Vachon leading Goldust out to the ring on a leash in 2002, while Goldust wore a ball gag in his mouth!
  • I dunno why exactly but I'm quite fond of Hulk Hogan... I even used to have a plushie of him!
  • As a young kid who had gotten into wrestling back from within the mid to late '80s, I had found myself being mesmerized by the lovely Miss Elizabeth whenever she had appeared on television alongside the "Macho Man" Randy Savage. There was something about her that had completely fascinated me and that I couldn't help but feel and realized that I had a serious crush on her. Her angelic appearance, beautiful dresses, lovely legs, and sexy heels is what help contributed my infatuation towards her and as a kid, I was always hoping that one day, I would be able to finally meet her in person and tell her on how beautiful she was while getting an autograph from her.
  • People, how could we have this page without mentioning Torrie Wilson? A hot blonde who's always upbeat and cheerful while showing off her radiant beauty (wearing various dresses, gowns, and skirts, walking in a bikini or being in lingerie, having a pair of sexy legs with dainty feet) on a daily basis. The fact that she also did a couple of strong ballbusts back in WCW (whether it be punching or kicking) helps contribute to those who have a ballbust fetish.
  • This Troper found herself mesmerized by one match between Dean Ambrose (also known as indie standout Jon Moxley) and Seth Rollins (Ring of Honor champion Tyler Black), because the raspy cries and moans that Ambrose made while wrestling sounded like sex noises. Now when she watches his matches, that's all she can think of *blushes*
  • I would like to admit that I have a massive crush on Scott "Jagged" Parker of 3.0. He's just completely adorable and hilarious, with a voice I could listen to for hours on end. Plus there's :46-:50 of this promo that's just oh my freaking lord hot...
  • StephanieMcMahon◊. TotalMILF◊.

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