• Don't tell me that no one thought it was at least kind of hot when Shawn was all tied up and dirty in "Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark."
    • You weren't alone, according to the DVD commentary, Executive Producer Kelly Kulchak commented on her (and apparently a decent amount of fans writing in) squiggly feelings on "...seeing Shawn beaten up and vulnerable."
  • Also, Juliet. Blonde bombshell? Check. Handcuffs? Check. High heels? Check. Short, tight skirts? Check.
    • As an added bonus, Roller Derby.
  • Abigail Lytar. Blue lingerie. I rest my case.
  • Lassiter catching the shell casing at the end of Lassie Did A Bad Bad Thing certainly fits.
    • As does Lassie and that telescoping baton in "We'd Like to Thank the Academy."
  • Related to the first example and Firemen Are Hot, when both Gus and Shawn are covered in soot at the end of "Earth, Wind and... Wait for It," not to mention dressed as firemen. Yum.
  • Juliet teaching the boys how to dance while in her workout clothes during "American Duos."
  • From "We'd Like to Thank the Academy," Shawn and Gus in police uniform.
  • The episode "Christmas Joy" of Psych has Gus' hot sister show up. Yes, the My Sister Is Off Limits trope is applied. To help Shawn and Gus with a case, she gets a job in Santa's village. Well, take a look.Hello Nurse!
  • This troper has some sort of thing for Lassiter that she hasn't quite figured out. I don't know, maybe it's the hair. The bullet toss scene gave her pleasant shivers in the original episode. Then they went and put it in the damned opening credits.
    • Oh, the hair is definitely part of it. The eyes, too. My oh my, those eyes...
    • There is not nearly enough Lassie love here for my tastes.  Lets just talk about how cool he is, especially under pressure!  I don't know what fetish he fuels for me, but he's definitely my favorite.
  • Lassie again, this time in "The Polarizing Express." In a darker version of his Civil War uniform, with the facial hair, a monocle and on a total power trip as Chief? Yes please.
  • Same episode, Chief Vick as the faux-Dark Action Girl to Lassie's Dark Action Chief. Yeah...
  • Shawn speaking what sounds like German (although it's too brief for this inexperienced troper to tell for sure) in "Who Ya Gonna Call?". Mm, foreign languages.

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