• 200px-Pushinguproses
    Roses is still fairly new to the TGWTG scene, but she has quickly become the most attractive girl on the site for me. There is something about her personality that makes her stand out from the rest.
    • ADORKABLE TO THE EXTREME. She is so gosh darn geeky and smart. She tutors people on computer related technologies in real life. She can tutor me anyday.
  • She has a knack for wearing low cut shirts to accentuate her rather large and lovely.... birds.
    • I never liked a tattoo'd gal until I saw Roses' tattoos. She rocks it with impressive confidence.
  • Who doesn't like a girl with glasses?
  • Her knowledge of 60s and 70s music is beyond compare, going as far as to use the Billboard 100 as her personal bible. Music nerd = hawt.
  • She knows nearly everything about point and click adventure games. Game girls = hawt.
  • Her quirky sense of humour, which borders on the macabre, is SO Ooo cute! Don't tell her this, or she will stab you with corn.
    • She is eccentric! Have you seen her artwork? Crazy, but brilliant.
  • She is both flattered by and frightened by this page
  • From her twitter: "Just did some of the most advanced spreadsheet formulas I've ever done. I'm sweatin'." .......That's hot.
  • This Troper had the pleasure of meeting her in real life. She is just as goofy and sweet in real life.
  • The smile, the hair, the birds, not to mention her pretty nice behind. Add to this a quirky attitude, severe geekness, extremely friendliness..etc
  • The growl/purr that she does when Paw makes a double entendre sends shivers down my spine.
    • Oh yes,
  • In this review of a small purse designed to be carried in the bra, the focus is inevitably on her boobs. While that is in itself enough to send most of us to the bunk, she then writes this: "And I also must admit that I kind of feel like a temptress and sexy with money against my boob. That might be just me." ... No, no, I'm pretty sure that's not just you, Roses. You certainly feel like a temptress to me right now ... and I'm certainly not complaining ...
  • That beautiful nose of hers.
  • The Jungle Book video; she's lying on her back, and you get an idea of how, uh, endowed she is, because it looks like they're trying to throttle her.
  • She's like if regular Willow and Vampire Willow merged.

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