• Dora does so many random, sexy things, like strip in the middle of her own coffee shop, This Troper is envious of Marten.
    • In one strip, Marten has a dream about having intimate relations with a leather couch. Dora says she has a vinyl catsuit that could pass for upholstery... given that I have a pretty major PVC fetish... yeah. I'll be in my bunk.
  • Hanners as a rule is awesome. Everything about her makes me want to wrap her up in a (very clean) blanket and keep her safe... Though that may not be all I would like to do.
  • Faye has one sexy arse. See the bottom (heh) panel here. Baby Got Back indeed. Shame the art changed and gave her a more 'normal' behind.
  • And of course, you have Marten's parents, who divorced because his dad realized he was gay, and his mother is a professional Dominatrix who posed for a few magazines. Oh, and just for one step further - Dora realized she liked women because of a photo-spread of Marten's mother she'd found in her dad's "special collection".
    • More than a few; Marten's mom is basically that universe's version of Bettie Page.
  • Speaking of Marten's dad - apparently Dora is very happy with how her boyfriend might look with white/gray hair.
  • Marigold. Geeky Girl: Check! Wrench Wench: Check! Looks damn fine in a corset? CHECK! Add a dash of The Woobie? Yum.
    • Seconded, then add her tendency to make her hair into Girlish Pigtails... *swoon*
  • This (male) troper seriously got it bad when Marten complained that Steve had once frenched him on a dare, and the girls were instantly agog."RECREATE THIS. NOW."
  • Raven. Maybe it's the perky gothness, maybe it's the Anything That Moves Personality, or maybe it's because she's the only character that listens to non-indie music. This troper wanted to hurt Dora and Faye for making fun of her just because she liked The Killers.
  • This troper picked up an attraction to neurotic girls after reading Questionable Content and encountering Hanners.
    • If you asked this troper "Faye, Hannelore, Tai: Pick one", his brain would break. Faye has the curves, Hanners has the you-just-wanna-hug-her-itude, and this troper has always had this thing for androgynous peeps, ergo Tai. I'm sure that the guys are equally treated, but I don't notice (sorry!)
      • Steve and Angus. Marten is kind of bland and Sven just a womanizer, but Steve had that whole James Bond thing going for a while, and Angus clearly gets off on his verbal sparring with Faye.
    • Dora, aka "Spookybutt" — tattooed bisexual goth chick with a thing for chainsaw metal and bondage porn.
  • I once had a conversation with a friend about what my "perfect girl" was like. I described Hannelore, BEFORE I'D EVER READ THE COMIC.
  • Marten being uncharacteristicly suave. I mean, I know it was a joke and all, but dayum.
  • Hanners in her most recent outfit is friggin' ADORABLE! Just look at her in panel 3!
    • Jeph has kindly supplied us with a filler drawing that ended up not being filler.

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