"Shut up and KISS me!"

Resident EvilEdit

  • Jill Valentine is a Girl in Uniform that appealed to many.
    • Oh God Jill Valentine. Hot ass kick ass chick, authority figure, wears a badass special forces outfit...high octane fetish fuel without even trying.
  • Chris Redfield. Full stop.
  • Zombie death scenes anyone?
  • On the subject of the monsters, Plant42. It's basically a giant, writhing mass of potentially Naughty Tentacles.
  • Lisa Trevor. Though more of what nightmares are made of, this monster-girl wears more mask than anything else, is covered in potentially Naughty Tentacles, and oh, did I mention she's handcuffed?

Resident Evil 2Edit

  • Claire Redfield provides the Fan Service in Resident Evil 2. She's oddly sensibly dressed compared to her Code: Veronica outfit.
  • Lickers... 'nuff said.
  • Ada Wong: everyone knows spies are hot. Add in the red dress, and then there's that voice...
  • This troper couldn't resist the G / Birkin's third and fourth forms.

Resident Evil 3: NemesisEdit

  • Ms Fanservice Jill Valentine is dressed like she's going clubbing, rather than being stuck in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse.
    • This troper has fond memories of the bonus ripped police uniform.
    • Disco outfit ftw!
  • The titular Nemesis is a big, muscular dude (or mutant, in his case) wearing a black, tight leather outfit that has clear bondage overtones. He kills targets by impaling them through the mouth with a tentacle. [1] [2]
    • Jill: Aghh...Unghhh... *impale*
    • Nemesis: Urghhargghh *release*
  • This is the Resident Evil where we first start getting plenty of accents.
  • Let me just say, when I first encountered those special Hunters in the hospital and Carlos was picked up and devoured by the first one I met; I didn't totally hate it.

Resident Evil Code: VeronicaEdit

  • Claire Redfield's alternate outfit in the Battle Mode minigame is a "race queen"-style combination of hot pants and a tank top with go-go boots. Her standard outfit, meanwhile, is a midriff-baring leather vest and tight jeans. Still sexy, even if it's not nearly as Stripperiffic as Jill's outfit in Nemesis (and even though they toned down the midriff in Darkside Chronicles).
  • Alexia Ashford has Naughty Tentacles...
  • If you're into that sort of thing, Alfred Ashford is a Villainous Crossdresser.
  • There's implications of Brother Sister Incest between Alfred and Alexia.
  • This is the game that started really making a point of showing off that, for some reason, Tyrants tend to have full, supple buttocks.
  • This troper is surprised no one's mentioned Wesker yet. Let's just say the man knows how to wear a uniform.
  • Claire's butt is in plain sight and zoomed in when that doofus Steve focuses on it (and gets his head grabbed by a Bandersnatcher to comical effect.

Resident Evil ZeroEdit

  • Billy Coen has handcuffs that he might put to use.
    • Billy also has a shirt that reveals he is very ripped.
  • Rebecca is another Girl in Uniform, whose ass has apparently found its way into many men's hearts.
    • Her bonus outfits include a cowgirl getup and a leather top and pants, both of which bare her midriff.

Resident Evil 4Edit

  • Leon and Luis being tied up at the end of the first chapter.
  • Ashley being pinned to the wall, jiggling as she struggles. Incidentally, the jiggling was actually toned down for the Japanese version; she doesn't bounce quite as high as she does in America.
  • The scene where Leon and Ashley remove the parasites infecting them. It involves high voltage at their chest areas.
    • With the grunts and moans they make, I'm surprised that the radiation to the chest is what set you off.
      • For some, the grunts and moans would only make the chest shock more attractive.
  • Ada's back, and sexy as ever.
    • Ada's back. In black. Her side game puts her in this skin tight army outfit... forget fetish fuel, this is drool fuel.
  • Not to mention that Ashley and Ada both repeatedly get tied up by the bad guys.
  • The most. Erotic. Knife fight. EVER. yet? Sheer FoeYay/bloodplay delight!
    • Ada ruins the whole thing! I mean DAMN was that hot, and then she shows up... * sigh*
    • Speaking of the sexy, sexy Foe Yay between Leon and Jack Krauser, there is much hotness in the actual boss fight. The game developers actually encourage the players to recreate the earlier knife fight by significantly increasing the amount of damage the knife will do. Not to mention, Krauser and Leon have their little back and forths discussing their motives, and Krauser saying things like, "Now that's what I'm talking about", "Run Leon, run!" and "Good Leon" when Leon manages to temporarily best him.
      • What really takes the cake in the boss fight is that if Leon tries to run from Krauser during certain parts of the boss fight, Krauser will grab Leon from behind, lick his knife, and then cut Leon with it if the player doesn't press the right buttons in time. Oh, and it looks like Krauser is dry-humping Leon when he does this, and Krauser will say things like, "Getting a bit soft, are we?" or, "You're mine." Here is a gif of that scene for your viewing pleasure:
  • Luis himself believes "That's a little rough, don't you think?"
  • Ingrid Hunnigan is a Meganekko of the Western variety. Leon likes her better with the glasses off. Spoilsport.
  • Ashley's bra-less alternate costume...'nuff said.
    • Ashley in her regular costume. This editor can't be the only guy who wasted time looking up her skirt.
    • Am I the only one who thought Ashley's butt looked even bigger in her pop star outfit? Dat ass, indeed!
  • Luis getting impaled through the chest by Saddler's massive tentacle which came out from under his robe!
  • Leon getting the crap beat out of him. This troper admits that she and her friend spent a fair amount of time just letting Leon get hit and injured just to hear his sexy sexy pain.
    • The same applies for Ada.
  • Leon in the mobster costume. Drooooooooooooool.
    • Dear Lord, yes.
      • Seconded like no other. That, and the scene where Leon sits on the throne - did the hotness went through the roof in that one!
      • And when you combine those two together...hummina hummina hummina WOO! =D
      • Even this male troper had many, MANY Stupid Sexy Flanders moments with Leon in that mobster outfit.
  • Dr. Salvador (the chainsaw-wielding maniac) provided quite a bit of fetish fuel for the chubby-chasing RE 4 player. Thank goodness he died on his back to let his belly into the air and didn't decay; it allowed for endless ogling...
  • I'm going to admit something extremely disturbing... I get a MASSIVE turn on whenever Leon gets killed by a chainsaw... Yep, I have a decapitation fetish.
    • Thank God you have fictional outlets, then.
    • Not decapitation, but equally disturbing... The scene where the gigantic dude will pick Leon up and snap his neck if you're not quick enough to hit the dodge buttons? ...Ahem. yeah. I might as well admit that I would deliberately not dodge his attack just to watch that scene over...
    • Me thinks there's some wannabe ISIS guys here, made complaint to DHS.
  • This troper had to "replay" the level where you fight the Verdugo several times. The whole scene just plays out like a wet dream, from the stalking camera. To the spiny tail coming out of the sewer grating, to when you finally catch of the glimpse of the xenomorphesque monster, to the 'tail strike' move. I could never beat it because without a missle it's too hard to play one handed.
  • Is it just me or are Regeneradors pretty damn... slinky. Hynoptic movement too. Pity they don't have genders because one with...womanhood would keep me on that island indefinitely. Forget Ashley! This kind of creature would be incentive enough to lay down my weapons and happily submit! Eat me or play with me- I'm yours! I bet you could feel unnaturally with arms like those around you... (Now I'm beginning to understand why I used let Regeneradors feast on me every opportunity. Love the danger!)
  • This troper has a serious crush on Leon, and was always crazy jealous of Ashley. Lucky girl. Hmmph.
  • How about when Leon wears short-sleeved shirts and shows off his amazing arms?

Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

  • Carlos Oliveira jokes around with Jill about the Nemesis being an ex-boyfriend of her's, which leaves fans to wonder...

Resident Evil: The MoviesEdit

  • Mila Jovavich is largely Ms Fanservice in real life. She wakes up in the movie, naked and amnesiac in the shower.
  • There's some definite Les Yay between Alice and Rain.
  • There's some Foe Yay with Chad as well.
  • Milla later gives audiences an eyeful as she's waking up from her ordeal in the hospital.
  • A live action version of Jill Valentine's clubbing attire from Nemesis.
  • Jill's introduction in Apocalypse; it starts off with a closeup of her feet (in stilettos) walking to her apartment, as soon as she's about to change she tunes into the news. Not before we see her take her heels off of course. This troper is glad he didn't have to stand up for a while
  • Two words: Zombie Strippers.
  • Alice clones. Lots and lots of Alice clones.
    • All with psychic powers.

Resident Evil: DegenerationEdit

  • Claire Redfield is Ms Fanservice just by standing there.
  • The implications that Leon and Angela will go skinny dipping together.
    • Don't forget the intentional out takes, makes a parody of that part.
  • At the end of the movie, Angela puts on a form-fitting dress and lets her hair down, which not only makes her somewhat resemble Angelina Jolie, but reveals exactly what she had under that body-armour.

Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesEdit

  • Claire Redfield is back in her biker outfit, ladies and gentlemen!
  • Ada's redesigned outfit looks really... really nice.
    • Not to mention that this is the first time that Ada and little miss Redfield have ever been on camera together!
      • If you don't count Ada throwing Claire the rocket launcher to kill Mr X.
      • Nope. They weren't even in the same shots.
  • Was I the only one who noticed that Alexia's first T-Veronica form (which is this plant-like, insect-like, human-like mutation) that she had jiggle physics? It's perhaps most noticeable after being said form, when she falls onto her knees, there's a noticeable bounce.

Resident Evil: RevelationsEdit

  • Don't tell me I'm the only one who found Rachel sexy! Even before her death she was wearing a tight black suit barely covering her chest. After mutating, two-thirds of it is torn off and she's covered in blood and some sort of tentacle is wrapped around her right leg. And that blonde hair covering her eyes... Damn.

Resident Evil 5 Edit

  • There's a lot of potential fetish fuel in this game. To start with, the Foe Yay between Chris and Wesker is taken to an extreme level, what with Wesker screaming Chris's name as dramatically as possible at every opportunity. The final fight involves Wesker absorbing yet another crazy virus and using his tentacles to grapple and molest Chris while he delivers villainous speeches.
  • Wesker can arguably count as fetish fuel by himself, due to his villainous qualities and his preference for black leather.
  • Most of the women in the game are good-looking and can kick ass.
  • In the Mercenary mini-game, you can play as Excella. One of her meele moves is called "First Aid" which involes Excella giving a lethal injection to one of the Maijini. It's funny and I know someone has a fetish for that.
  • Chris and Sheva have some hot alternate costumes. Chris has one where he looks like a gay stripper. Sheva has her fairy tale or Little Red Ridding Hood outfit, a business outfit with glasses, and one where she wears a bikini.