Most Tropers Are Young Nerds, and well, some are downright strange. And some of the strange ones are prone to entry pimping.

Which is why, of all the actors out there, Robin Williams got his own page. Because one troper has a huge crush. And no shame.

Keep in mind, from around 1978 to the early 1990s, he was considered something of a sex symbol. Certainly enough of one to warrant a Playgirl cover◊ and gratuitous Shirtless Scenes throughout the 1980s.Incidentally, he calls it Mr. Happy.

Mork And MindyEdit

  • First of all, Mork's magic finger. Nuff said.
  • In the pilot, Mork says that it's hard to tell if males date females on Ork because "Parts are interchangable". Either Orkans are a race of futanari, or it was just a silly throwaway joke and I should really just relax.
    • Also in the pilot: Orkans get aroused by getting touched on the wrist. The writers must have forgotten that, because Mork should have been getting horny nearly every episode during a sweet, emotional scene with Mindy.
  • "Mork In Love": Mork's first love is the mannequin from the music store.
  • For the heterosexual men: "I am Mindy, Catwoman from Mars!" ("Mork Goes Public")
  • If you have a fetish for age-regression (or at least mental age-regression), "A Mommy For Morky" is the episode for you.
  • "Mork And The Immigrant": Mork wears blue, extremely tight one-piece footed pajamas. This is notable because:
    1. He only wears them in this episode.
    2. They must have made Robin keep the costume, because he is obviously wearing absolutely nothing under it.
  • The wonderfully bizarre "Mork In Wonderland", for those of you who have a fetish for people who grow/shrink. And even if you don't, he still ends up naked twice. And tied up.
  • In "Mork Gets Mindy-Itis", Mork suddenly becomes allergic to Mindy, and... well, to get to the point, he vaccinates himself by injecting one of Mindy's hairs into his arm (go along with it), and right in the middle of Nelson Flavor's political reception, he comes out of Mindy's bedroom in Mindy's clothes thinking he's her. And at the end he says he actually says "You know, your underwear really is kinda comfortable." and lifts his shirt, revealing Mindy's pink négligée. WOW.
  • Mork's striptease in "Dial 'N' For Nelson" is the only reason to watch that episode.
  • "Mork vs. The Necrotons", guest starring Raquel Welch as the Necroton leader, is probably the most infamous example of gratuitous Fanservice and Fetish Fuel ever on network television. Let's see... bondage fetish, dominating women fetish, tickling fetish, hairy man fetish... the list goes on and on.
  • "Hold That Mork": Mork becomes a Denver Broncos cheerleader. Not in a man's cheerleader outfit either. In a skirt. There's even a Panty Shot.
  • In "Mork's Vacation", Mork's brain goes on vacation (literally!) and he switches bodies with an inhabitant of the planet Merowl — in other words, a cat planet — and starts meowing and crawling on all fours. And drinking milk out a saucer. And Mindy even scratches him behind his ears (but no belly rubbing, I don't think ABC would allow that). This could only be more fetish fuel if Mork was wearing cat ears and a tail.
  • In "Mork Learns To See", Mindy (in Daisy Dukes no less) tickles Mork to stop him from being homesick for Ork.
    Mork:That was wildly creative, Mindy, but it hardly lightens the load.
    • And then there's the actual plot with Mr. Bickley's blind son. Mork decides he wants to feel the experience of being blind... by wearing a sleep mask. Which reminds this troper of bondage porn. There's something you usually don't see in a Very Special Episode.
  • The writers really loved finding excuses to turn Pam Dawber into a seductress. In the episode "Invasion Of The Mork Snatchers", Mork has a dream where all his friends are advertisement "pod people" trying to get Mork to join them. Mork finally gives in when an evil seductive "pod" Mindy fondles and kisses him.
  • In "Duelling Skates", Mork and Mindy are in a skating rink, Mork collides with Mindy from behind and grabs onto her trying not to fall, they struggle back and forth... and this lasts for about a minute. I swear, there is no way the resulting visual innuendo was unintentional. Sex on skates!
  • Mork Meets Robin Williams. Twin Threesome Fantasy, anyone? (Or slash that is a mishmash of Celebrity Paradox and Screw Yourself?)
  • The episode "Mindy Mindy Mindy" has Mork, along with the help of the Orkan elder (a cute kid), trying to create clones of Mindy while the real one is away. The first one is a way-too-studious bookworm (for those of you who think Nerds Are Sexy). The second one is way too athletic and tries to get Mork to work out. The third one is too....frisky (seductress Pam again). And in the scene with the third one, the actors are very blatantly grinding against each other. I mean, for real... I mean Robin and Pam are.... * nosebleed*
  • In-universe example from the honeymoon episode: "Would you wear the chicken head tonight?" It (almost) makes sense in context.
  • In "My Dad Can't Beat Up Anyone", there's a brief scene where Mork rubs Mindy's feet.
  • Another M&M episode is called "Cheerleaders In Chains". Really.

Other Live Action TVEdit


  • Hook: He gets captured by the pirates, and later the Lost Boys, with no bondage but definitely physical restraining. And in the scene where he's shirtless (clean-shaven too) and being covered with paint, he looks so damn fine, no wonder this troper developed a thing for him.
  • Mrs Doubtfire was this troper's first exposure to crossdressing, and she's had fetish for it ever since. Also, his bare feet in front of the camera during the "Dude Looks Like A Lady" sequence. One that this troper thankfully doesn't have a fetish for though: urination. (Eww, that part is Nightmare Fuel). The scene where he's in the bubble bath is nice though.
  • In The Survivors, he gets tied to a chair. And at the end he strips down to his underwear in the snow (that's a fetish, I just know it).
  • Bicentennial Man. Robot sex, anyone?
  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen when the King of the Moon is tickling the Queen of the Moon's feet.
  • The Foot Focus scene in Father's Day.
  • His nude scene in The Fisher King, however, is Nightmare Fuel Fan Disservice. The fact that he's very out of shape in the film, not to mention the fact that the character is 1) grungy and 2) very obviously mentally ill has everything to do with it.
    • His nude scene in Worlds Greatest Dad is neither fetish-y or Squicky, but actually rather poignant (you'll have to watch the film to know what I mean). Director Bobcat Goldthwait joked that since he was waxed for the role, they "lost the bear audience" (since Robin kept his socks on, they also lost the foot fetishist audience. But socks are probably a fetish too).
      • On second thought, scratch that "non-fetish-y" part, as I realized I now have aquaphilia. GOD DAMMIT ROBIN WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? IT'S SO WRONG AND YET IT FEELS SO RIGHT!
  • But hey, this troper would love to play doctor with him after seeing Patch Adams.
    • That makes two of us.
  • His cowboy outfit in August Rush. Very studly. (The fact that his dyed hair makes him look 20 years younger helps too).
  • In Death To Smoochy, there is another close-up of his feet.
  • Just imagine all the many uses for Flubber.
  • No love for Mr Keating from Dead Poets Society? Come on! An inspiring, unbelievably kind teacher with lovely blue eyes who likes poetry and encourages you to 'make your life extraordinary'? Yes please now.

Live ShowsEdit

  • Pick a live show. Any live show. There is always at least one routine about sex.
    • In his latest HBO special, Weapons Of Self Destruction, he imitates fingering a woman. Several times.


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