Atia of the Julii, THE Hot Mom of all of Rome.

HBO's Fanservus Maximus which only lasted two seasons, but fit a lot of hotness into those two seasons.

  • Very attractive men running around as Roman soldiers. And sometimes running around naked.
  • The scene where Polly Walker has just had sex with James Purefoy's Mark Anthony. Not only do we see her magnificent tits, but she's absolutely drenched with sweat!
    • Her standing up from her bath, all dripping wet...Also, that voice...
    • She's no slouch from behind either. Polly Walker's a full-bodied woman all around, but the woman's got a butt like a Venus Callipygos statue.
    • And can we talk about how amazingly Dominant this woman is? She answers to "Domina" for Christ's sake! We even get to see her personally whipping a servant in one episode (we never find out what he did to deserve it—that may well just be what Attia does for fun). Attia's scenes are fetish heaven for any submissive male.
      • ​Also, for submissive males: the way that Castor just meekly asks, "Will that be all, Domina?" after Attia finishes whipping him. Brrr...
  • Then there's the show's version of Cleopatra, who is pretty much sex given human form.
  • Gaia; shapely, half-black(?) Hot Amazon with an amazing rack.
  • This heterosexual male troper admits that even he was turned on by Pullo and Vorenus' evolving bromance in this show. A stoic professional soldier (who's really a sweet family man under it all) and a Loveable Rogue/Boisterous Bruiser who are always at each other's throats, but would secretly die for each other? I just wanted to hug both of them after the arena scene at the climax of the first Season.
  • Seven words from Servilia: "Shall I be merciful? (beat) I think not." Shivers every time. Every time.

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