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From The Wesley to Ms Fanservice

"Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon, 'cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes that make me think the wrong thing...

Just ask the Barenaked Ladies. Young girls dressed in school uniforms, lesbians, pretty bishounens, the transformation sequences and mind control...

For a manga aimed at little girls, Sailor Moon sure had a lot of fanservice.

  • Those transformation sequences had to have been a bit... interesting for more than just one person!
    • More so in the original. The shininess familiar to American fans was added as part of the attempted toning down of the series.
    • This Troper is confused as to what the one above meant. There doesn't appear to be any perceptible difference between the English and Japanese transformations—though I have heard things about the "shininess" before.
      • There are added sparkles here and there. And parts are sped up. [1]
  • One troper always thought the entire series was high octane fetish fuel for shoujo fans. And perverts. Oh, and completely on purpose.
  • Anyone remember Jamanen/Jellax from the middle of Sailor Moon R?
  • How come no one mentioned Tiger's Eye from Sailor Moon Super S (the series with the evil circus people)? Wears spandex pants, has razorblades for earrings, wields a whip, binds and gags his victims and you can't tell me that there isn't anyone here who finds that just a little Head Tiltingly Kinky?
  • As if even having the lesbian couple wasn't enough, those who caught onto the failed attempt at making the girls' relationship platonic by calling them "cousins" sure saw something else, and that's appealing to someone out there.
  • Naoko Takeuchi really had fun with some of the official art◊.
    • Why is Amy carrying Luna on a platter?
  • This troper likes it whenever Chibi-usa does that spinning thing in the Pegasus arc intro.
  • Don't forget the time Usagi used her disguise pen to turn into a groom in chapter 5 of the manga. Just how complete is that disguise, anyway?
  • Sailor Moon has something for everyone. Whether it be the Sailor Senshi, the Bishonen, the Bishoujo, the Ho Yay or Les Yay depending on the viewer's preference as well as all the fetishes such as brainwashing, punishments or various outfits.
  • By far this tropers favorite scene in this regard in that time when White Haired Pretty Boy Prince Diamond kidnapped Usagi (as Sailor Moon) and was implied to have dressed her in a white flowy dress with gold at the bust while she was sleeping. Not to mention how Diamond was trying to make her look more like her future self Neo Queen Serenity upon whom he is utterly obsessed with, especially her beautiful blue eyes. Or how hypnotizes/freezes her with a third eye (on his forehead) when attempting to kiss her. He fails to kiss her in the anime but actually succeeds in the manga. The second time he corners her in Episode 83 (original airing) or 76 (English subtitled) and hypnotizes her again, trying to kiss her and ordering her to swear her "eternal allegiance and love" to him, which she almost does by falling to her knees in front of him and kissing his hand. She manages to snap out of it though.
    • Not to mention how he spends his time gazing at a holographic projection of her.
  • Then there's Emerald who is in love with Diamond herself and jealous of Usagi for being the object of his affections, so she could qualify as a Yandere. If you look past her annoying Noblewomans Laugh she's also a rather attractive villainess. I mean Most Common Superpower, long curly hair, wears an elegant, tight-fitting dress along with opera-length gloves and knee-high stiletto boots...acts rather flirtatious and constantly holds a fan in a seductive manner in front of her face...
  • Let's not forget the tall, leggy, tomboyish and yet still somewhat feminine Makoto and the fact that she has the most "talent" compared to the other girls.
  • In the 2nd season Death Phantom captures the 10 year old Chibi-Usa and brainwashes her into becoming the evil Black Lady; meaning that she basically becomes a older, Evil Is Sexy, and well-endowed version of her former self with longer hair.
    • Don't forget Mistress 9, Hotaru's transformation in the third season that invoked all the same tropes.
  • The Doom and Gloom girls, from the end of season 1, are a team of demons in bikinis who can cause illusions and turn their arms into Combat Tentacles. How has this not been mentioned?
  • Episode 132 has the balloon Remless Pooko-chan. She pops out of Tiger-Eye's shadow, already fully inflated, and attacks. Now she's already got some popularity in the inflation community, she's got fan-art after all, but there's a little more in that episode. Pooko fights by trying to smother her prey and after trying Mini-moon she goes to attack Mamoru only for Usagi to jump in the way. I know some people like to be choked so some are bound to be smothered too right? Also Mamoru cannot pull his Tuxedo Kamen because he's pinned down by knives so there' some bondage too. Also once Pooko is deflates she doesn't become a lump of rubber but becomes a very cute and nicely proportioned woman with purple hair, yummmy! Alas she had to be defeated like all the other monsters!
  • Mimete. Round thick glasses. Golden wavy hair. Huge, mischievous golden eyes. Long legs. Lab coat. Also, the Amazoness Quartet. And Sailor Iron Mouse, so short and so White Haired Pretty Girl, and so good looking in a suit...
  • Usagi spanking Chibi Sailor Moon. Make of that what you will.
  • "In red high heels, Sailor Mars will punish you!" Yes, please...
  • In the Filler Ark at the beginning of Stars Nehelenia possesed mirrors which then brainwashed/mindcontrolled anyone looking into them.
    • And later we get Mamoru/Darien in a dark room full of mirrors, looking into one of them with Mind Control Eyes and a soulless smile, saying that (translation from german dub to english) the mirrors are "soothing" and make him feel "blithe". Then Nehelenia drags him through the mirror (It Makes Sense In Context) and he`s lying in her arms totally limp, still with this soulless, blissful smile. And after a short fight, Nehelenia mocks Sailor Moon, that her (Sailor Moon`s) beloved one is now in her arms.And at the very end of the episode there`s a still frame of Mamoru in Nehelenias grasp.
  • Castor and Pollux◊. The outfits, the skin colors, the tails... mmmm...
  • For that matter, Nekonneru◊. A semi-shapeshifting, regenerating Cat Girl with multiple extensible tails. Really popular fanart target, it seems.
  • I can't be the only one who thought Fiore hadpotential, can I? If he even gets mentioned at all, the only thing anyone remembers is the Ho Yay with Mamoru. But after he found out the rose came from Usagi, he could see girls differently...I've been entertaining a fantasy about taking care of Fiore if he came back to earth, and teaching him more about what girls can do...
  • Strange how we've come so far without any mention of the Starlights. I mean, just look at those Striperiffic black leather outfits...there's also Yaten's White Haired Pretty Girl thing, the fact that they're sort of a gender-flipped version of the Bodyguard Crush...and of course there has to be SOMEONE out there who has a thing for all that Gender Bender stuff they've got going on.
  • There was also some monster of the week that bound the Scouts with its hair. Yay.
  • This Troper Being a young kid did not really observe that the infamous transformation sequence but was more interested in the fact that there were pretty girls on the anime. This being my first anime (out of all the animes for a young boy to watch) i was clealy fascinated by the animation style more than the fanservice. Being older now, i am a little shy *blush* but fascinated by the anatomy of the sailor scouts during this tranformation scene.

  1. Note that these changes are only in Classic and R (the seasons dubbed by Di C) and not in Super and Super S (the seasons dubbed by Cloverway)

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