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Scooby-Doo! Mystery IncorporatedEdit

  • Velma is certainly a bit — ahem — perkier in this show.
  • Daphne's "Hex Girl" outfit. Daphne tied up in her Hex Girl outfit!
  • Velma and Shaggy have also been bound and gagged.
  • Episode 11 starts with the gang hanging out in and around Daphne's pool, full swimwear, except for Velma, who is still fully clothed.
  • In the Char Gar Gothicon episode, Fred is being hazed by his increasingly homo erotic fraternity to the point of being stripped to his underwear (and ascot), tied up, and lowered into a vat of pudding. Really?
  • After Shaggy declared his preference for his (male) dog over Velma, I thought I heard Fred say the gang would help him "come out" at school.
  • A couple of episodes have featured Daphne in her bra and panties.
  • One episode has a scene where Daphne and Velma are getting their toenails painted while wearing bathrobes.


  • There's fanart of a Zombie Apocalypse AU where only Scooby and Velma survived. Velma's outfit was... nice.
  • The first live-action movie has a scene that takes place at a pool party with Sugar Ray performing. There were several interestingly-dressed hot girls dancing, which is why this troper, as a kid, developed an ongoing major fetish for bikinis.

What's New, Scooby Doo?Edit

  • In one episode Fred falls down a snowy slope after being attacked by a yeti monster and breaks his leg. This episode finally fulfilled this troper's childhood dream of Fred being injured/in pain.

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